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Sebastian's page

Bella Sara Charter Superscriber. Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 9,514 posts (9,710 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 23 aliases.


Lawful Good (with Chaotic Evil tendencies)


Deluded as to Existence of


San Diego (generally)


Corporate Lawyer (alledgedly)

About Sebastian

Enemies List (starting with the most hated, updated as of 4/3/12)


  • IronDave (playing an elk/elf druid and bringing chaos in his wake)
  • Marex (playing a second elk/elf druid and furthering the chaos brought by IronDave)
  • Studpuffin (engaging in cannibalism, beastiality, Glee-fan fiction writing, and other assorted acts of terrorism, all without inviting me, and, worst of all, leaving chat before I could show him this garbled parenthetical bit of nonsense)
  • Treppa (refusing to take me seriously)
  • Jeremiziah (disbelief in the awesome power of atomatically configuring the interwebz)
  • Justin Franklin (chat related crimes against humanity)
  • Crimson Jester ("it's the bard")
  • The PMG (don't ask)
  • Emperor7 ("What's a henwey")
  • Mr.Fishy (failing to close)
  • Moorluck (general bad-assery)
  • Solnes (extreme bad-assery)
  • Woodraven (bringing the love to the FAWTL table)
  • Cosmo's moustache ("itsa me! Mario!")
  • 0gre (never saying hi to me at PaizoCon)
  • Sara Marie (inducing diabetic shock)
  • Justin Sluder (blackmail related reasons)
  • Yasha (chatroom cloning gone wrong)
  • Ross (deleting the good posts before I get to read them and smelling like cabbage (unverified))
  • Nerrat Dei (calling me out in a thread and being the spawn of Tarren Dei)
  • My Clones
  • Urizen (the result of his aggregate postings on the FATWL threads)
  • Moff Rimmer (remaining civil at all times and yet doubting that he is doing so)
  • Heathansson
  • Celestial Healer (engaging in a limited military skirmish and labeling it as a war)
  • Lord Fyre (going off-topic on the "Forums are Way Too Long!!!" thread)
  • Jeremy Mcgillan (Robot Unicorn)
  • TriOmegaZero (robbing me of $10 on a rigged bet)
  • Trey (impersonating a person of great importance, making slanderous comments about one of the worst movies of all times, and stealing someone else's joke to get on my enemies list)
  • Cosmo
  • Mac Boyle ("Shizzle to the Hizzle")
  • Slaad-Barr (aka Ambrosia Slaad) ("Beware Uni. Some say he still lives: lurking on messageboards, indiscriminately using Smite with Snark, and collecting Bella Sara cards from the corpses.")
  • Karelzarath
  • Tarren Dei
  • The Jade
  • Daigle
  • Theran the Damned (for use of the word "impactful")
  • Aberzombie
  • DoveArrow (upon request(and for not being Kobold Cleaver))
  • Hungry Jack (he makes me hungry!)
  • Empathic Jack
  • Friendly Jack
  • Jack's Spleen
  • Callous Jack
  • Dragnmoon (for not giving me an excuse to fight with him)
  • VedicDragon (for posting about breaking the 100 post mark)
  • [your name here!]
  • [your name here!]
  • Yappy dogs other than CourtFool
  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • CourtFool

Admired and Respected List (starting with the most admired and respected, updated as of 4/3/12)


  • Mike, the Badger and Winner of RPG Superstar 2012, Welham (his name says it all)
  • David Wickham (if you had ever been in the chat, you would understand why)
  • Fatespinner (for providing suggestions on how to kill the characters in my 4e campaign, citing me in his profile, and creating house rules for applying eyeliner)

Exiled from All Lists due to Rarified Stature (starting with the most admired and respected, updated as of 4/3/12)


  • Sharoth (exile requested by more important personage)
  • Kobolds and their leader, Kobold Cleaver (exile requested by more important personage)

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