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*sneak attacks Matt Damon puppet*



*Claims new page*

*vanishes again*

*sits and bawls at the ninjato sticking out of its head right next to the recently added arrow*

So now we're hitting the puppet?
*Kicks it with her pinecone*
Bah, it wasn't as rewarding as I thought it would be.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Try hitting him with this.

* hands Kileanna a flaming vorpal saber *

Or try this Sausage of Puppet Bane

I'll take the sausage of puppet bane.

Noooooo! The sausage is miiiineeeee!

*Hands Kileanna the sausage*

*Sits back and begins to brew some tea*
Anyone want some orange pekoe?

Why yes, a cup would be nice.

Would anyone care for some scones with your tea? I just baked up a batch.

*Pokes the puppet with the sausage and waits*

*Is bored of being at work*

*Pokes him some more*

Corooa, mah neeko pahsoog? PAHSOOG!

Oo... I understood nothing.

Oooh! Are we poking people with our sausages?

We are. You're not.

That restraining order is still in place, I'm afraid.

No, we're not.
We're poking puppets with Pulg's sausage.


Toh banana?

* tosses Hungry Minion a banana *

Bananas...Sausages... You can really feel GT's presence here.

*strokes chin meaningfully*

Grandpa Wonderbra wrote:

Why yes, a cup would be nice.

Would anyone care for some scones with your tea? I just baked up a batch.

I'll take a scone, if you please.

*pours the tea*

* hands The Game Hamster a warm scone *

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Schadenfreudian wrote:
*strokes chin meaningfully*

:strokes chin* meaningfully:

*not his chin.

Kileanna wrote:
Bananas...Sausages... You can really feel GT's presence** here.

**not his presence

*Backs away slowly*

I'm... uh... getting back to work... Yes... These petri dishes are waiting for me...


Yep that is probably the smartest decision she has made today...
But, I bet it is difficult to run with a pine foot.

*sips tea tranquilly*

I'm more clever than that!!!
I've replaced my other foot for another pine so I didn't have uneven feet!

*falls on her face*

Oh dear, poor girl.

* casts Regenerate so her feet grow back and Burst of Speed so she can run away faster on Kileanna *

*eats the scone*

Grandpa Wonderbra wrote:

Oh dear, poor girl.

* casts Regenerate so her feet grow back and Burst of Speed so she can run away faster on Kileanna *


Thank you! Take this puppetbane sausage as a token of my gratitude!

Wow... I feel like a NPC.

Oh no! She's learnt the truth about her true role! Quick brainwash her!

We're all, like, somebody's NPCs, man...

Think about it.

If she really is an NPC though, then she is probably one of the luckiest NPC anywhere... Hanging out with GHs, Grandpa Wonderbra, and everyone here, quite a feat to sneak into this party as an NPC, don't you think?

*Sips tea some more*

Also, she has apparently had pine cones for feet before this! Amazing isn't it? She may have started as an NPC, but she has at least become... Well an essential NPC at the very least...

Edit: Go home Bongo, your stoned.

I had pinecones as feet and now I have Gram-possitive hands... I've dyed them purple while cleaning the tincture machine.

Pinecone feet may penalise your Dex, but give a mighty bonus to Cha because they smell so fresh and lovely.

Also, if you stand in some dirt for long enough, they will grow into trees and you will never need to buy stilts again.

You won't really need to buy anything anymore.

Photosynthesis is really easy on the wallet.

Are you trying to make me miss my pinecone feet?

By the way, I'm going to sleep again... I hope my feet are still my feet when I wake up.

Sovereign Court

*A portal opens up and a couple of wolf-like creatures step out, one of which (who is clearly female) is carrying three little babes wrapped in swaddling cloths, sports a red hood.*

Hi everyone, my wife and I are back from our holiday on Castrovel! And guess what? She's given me three beautiful early birthday presents!

*Points to each of the baby worgen, going left to right (right to left, from Lady Hood's point of view).*

This is my oldest child and first daughter: Kessidarra (named after Grandpa Wonderbra himself). The second one is my son: Theodore 'Ted' (named after Uncle Teddy) and finally we have my youngest daughter who has yet to receive a first name, but we both know that we want to honour the woman that is Grandpa Wonderbra's wife, with my second daughter definitely having Frederica (in honour ​of Fred the bear) as her middle name.

Sovereign Court

So, just to make it clear, you have:

Svenrir Bloodmoon (me, it's the name I gave myself)

Lady Red Bloodmoon (my wife, riding hood)

Kessidarra Maria Bloodmoon (1st child, oldest daughter)

Theodore 'Ted' Bloodmoon (2nd child, only son)

And __________ Frederica Bloodmoon (3rd child, youngest daughter)

Yes, I'm aware that technically they​are triplets.

Scarab Sages

*succeeds on a Knowledge (Engineering) check*

My word! Esteemed sir, I must inform you that those are not worgen pups...those are BOMBS! EVERYBODY RUN!!!!!

Whoa, hey, somebody say "bongos" man?


*finishes drinking the tea*

Hey... I wake up and what do I find?

GH still drinking his tea!

This must be the biggest cup of tea ever.

*burps after eating all the new posts notifications*

*falls asleep*

Bleached Otyugh wrote:

*burps after eating all the new posts notifications*

*falls asleep*

none of mine are showing up today. did you eat mine too?

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It is a very hungry Otyugh. It ate all the notifications for everybody.
I can understand it. I usually wake up hungry too.

now no one will notice this is up so I can finally win.

I have several eyes, I can see everything!


I have several curses too. I'm a Witch, after all.

I was thinking devil blooded sorcerer myself.

Because I have the picture of Shiyara as my avatar.
But the character after which my main Alias is named is a Changeling Witch with elven blood.
I created this account to solve a couple of doubts about this character so naming myself after her sounded logic back in the day. But when I became an active poster I was stuck as a Witch forever xD
That's not something that bothers me anyway, I like this character. But it gets a bit confusing because I make both in character and out of character posts with this Alias.

Funny thing, I've played an adaptation of Tower of the Last Baron with my elven cleric and met the «real» Shiyara.

I just picked the avatar because it was the one she resembled my character the most.

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