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I still having a problem calling that goblin “mini”, but fair enough. And I’m excited to finish up the Darklands Rising previews soon!

When is the first minis preview (of 2021)?

The Drow Priestess looks fantastic.

I see the renders have black bases. I was under the impression the entire set would be on clear bases. Do you know which is true?

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It took 19 sets to finally get a Jabberwocky, but it was worth the wait.

Thank you. I hope that the decision to go clear gets reversed, because I do enjoy the miniatures associated with Pathfinder.

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Customer Support -

I am saddened that it has come to this, but I will no longer be collecting minis with clear bases. Please feel free to give feedback to Wizkids about this, but in the meantime I would like my subscription to be cancelled. Thank you.

Wow, a late early arrival...

Any chance we can get some previews soon?

I’m excited about what the theme of Darklands Rising might be. And what premium figure(s) would be offered.

BTW, if my math is correct, this will be the 19th set of Pathfinder Battles minis. An attestant to the quality of the minis line and of the Pathfinder line in general.

I’ve heard rumor that the City of Lost Omens repaints have been making appearances in some recent orders. Will any be available eventually in the Paizo store? I’d really like to get the variant watch cadet and autumn leshy, and I’m afraid my ordering habits (I’m strictly a Pathfinder Battles subscriber) don’t make me a candidate to get them via other means.

I’ve been quite all right with the way dungeon dressing has been included in the Pathfinder Battles sets. Having them in sets allows for them to match the theme of the set. I don’t think we would have got a star stone otherwise.

Is it safe to,assume that we will see many more space goblins in future sets? The rest are terrific minis as well, and a welcome departure from the mostly Star Wars and Star Trek themed minis currently available.

Wizkids has this set release date a June 2020. Since we’re into June now, is there a more accurate date available? Even if it is just for the Paizo site?


What a great finish to the set. The Chu’ulothi take a little getting used to only having three legs, but it certainly distinguishes it more from other more mundane crustaceans. I really like the Crocodile Eater. And even though we have soooo many Minotaurs, this dual axe wielding one is different enough I need to add him to my warband.

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The clear and intentionally wrong sized bases are going to be show stoppers for me as well. It saddens me that this is the direction of the future, because I will miss out otherwise fantastic miniatures.

Lots to like in here. I can’t wait. Mark, there is some confusion over the release date for this set. might you have up to date info on when we can expect to get this goodness?

The Adult Red and Black Dragons come together as a pair in a single box.

As many dragons as I already have, these two will gladly be added to the pile.

I do miss the brown ridge of spikes the 1st edition red dragons developed as they got older, but both sculpts are still very nice.

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I just realized how much I want a Duergar Slaver riding a giant stag beetle!*

*On a black base, of course.

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Great preview, and much more exciting with some great humanoid races that got a lot of love.

Even in the renders, I dislike the clear bases. I really wish this direction had not been taken, but Wizkids seems committed to it. This may well be the move that taps me out. I’ll try this set where only the larges have it, but so far my reaction is not a good one to them.

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Perhaps a brick (eight boosters) is the way for you to go. You should get at least one of each common, one of almost each uncommon and about a fourth of the rares (barring any collation errors). You can fill out what you need more of (or didn’t get) with singles purchases. If you do go this route, make sure it is a sealed brick. Any eight loose booster will not guarantee anything distribution wise.

Steve Geddes wrote:

... I really hope that’s the sign of a permanent shift. I have no use for a starstone mini and we miss out on a rare monster to get it.

The sooner scenery stops being subsidised by monsters, the better, imo.

I find the dungeon dressing welcome. The Starstone, rich with its own history and powers, could be used for a variety of other purposes. I just hope the final paint job comes even close to the render.

Are you sure we lose a rare slot for the dungeon dressings? I didn’t think that was the case.

I love the variety in the Absalom Watch troops. I’ll be keeping an eye out for how to get that promo piece, as it will round them out nicely.

I’ll reserve judgement until I see the set. But I have high expectations after The Lost Coast. I really like what they did with the Goblinoids and Orcs, and hope to see more.

This is excellent news! I was bracing for a long mini-less summer.

The good news is that it is still a Pathfinder Battles product, so possibly it will qualify for the case subscription singles discount.

Now that we finally got an announcement for the next Pathfinder Battles set, I’m anxiously awaiting some news on the first Starfinder Battles set.

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There is plenty of time to get someone in house to volunteer (or be voluntold) to manage the Pathfinder Battles blogs.

We’ve been spoiled with the “overqualified” predecessors that have handled it in the past. But, if no-one of that caliber is available, someone who can at least get pics of the minis up would be better than nothing.

Another announcement, from ICv2. Still no info on the other minis in the set, but validates that both dragons are huge: ICv2

We have an official announcement, and it infers both dragons will be huge:

PHD Games

“These premium figures are incredible for players who need Huge adversaries in their adventures.”

It does not mention teir age, so maybe that’s where the confusion is?

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While I already have a couple of very nice Pathfinder Battles red and black huge dragons, I might still be interested in the case incentives if they were more on par with the size of the huge huge elementals we got in the Kingmaker set.

I’m excited to finally get news of a new Pathfinder Battles set, and can’t wait to find out what it will be comprised of.

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Wizkids just added Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omen to their release schedule with a expected date of June.

Wizkids Release Schedule

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The Falling Star was indeed expensive, but it is really great for miniatures gaming sea adventures. I’m looking forward to the Skyship as well.

Bigger boxes for bigger minis! Can’t wait.

I received an email from Paizo today listing both a case of Legendary Adventures as well as the Goblin Village as coming up as part of my ongoing subscription. Order Creation is estimated to start tomorrow (September 26th), for what that is worth. In my account on this site, none of this is showing up as of yet. Tomorrow may be what we are all waiting for.

Ok, so how did we g3t through all the sets for first edition of Pathfinder without getting a Jabberwock miniature? I figured we’d have one by Shattered Star, but in never did materialize...

The_Minstrel_Wyrm wrote:

Also, out of curiosity, how often are the Pathfinder Battles subscription released? (Like quarterly or what)?

Thanks in advance.

Roughly twice a year.

So, that’s about 256 minis a year via subscription. It adds up fast.

Legendary Adventures is the 17th set in the line, since 2012. I seem to remember early on telling Erik Mona I was hoping the Pathfinder Battles line needed to make it to at least 17 sets. I’m glad to see it will probably surpass that goal with ease! Congrats to Paizo on a great product.

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Goblins don’t kill people, DM’s kill people.

That is simply diabolical.

The Teranadon sure is a surprise, and I’m looking forward to the Boar Demon. Too bad he’s a rare. With dinosaurs, demons and aberrations, this set certainly is covering a wide selection of creatures. But I guess that is to be expected for the first huge offerings in quite some time.

The camp exceeded my expectations, it is amazing that all that stuff fits within the walls.

We may not get a blog, a picture of the box has leaked. I won’t say more than I really liked the huge that was pictured on the visible side! Hopefully GenCon will show us some more exciting pieces. With this set having a mix of huge and large minis, it’s tough to know how many huge minis we can expect. With the Dragon Turtle, the possible Aboleth and the one one the side of the box, we’re at least up to three.

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I agree, the Falling star is perfect as scenery and very functional for gameplay. I picked up four of the Nolzur’s Miniatures Ballistas and put them on larger bases. Sadly, our pirate campaign had ended about a year before this came out, it would have worked so well during that. Still, it will see table time, as ships are a rather common occurrence in our games. I’m still looking for an excuse to work in the Apparatus of the Octopus as well.

The “minis” are more like scenery, as they don’t have standard round black bases. The goblin kids are a great idea, even if it is four of them huddled together. I agree, though, that without a subscription this incentive seems a bit overpriced. But that is without knowing how many wall segments (4? 8?) and tents are included. And this incentive is so very iconic Pathfinder, it is going to be hard to resist. I certainly have the goblin horde to fill it full of life.

Huge minis was one of the biggest differences between the two lines, and now we have that to look forward to in Legendary Adventures! I can’t wait to see what the Second set in the history of Pathfinder Battles has to offer from the many hge creatures that haven’t been made yet!

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Cori Marie wrote:
Which adventure is the apparatus of the Octopus from?

Hmmmm, it may not be from an adventure, it is in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting : Aquatic Adventures. Still, without the Pathfinder Battles label, you aren’t going to see this wonderful vehicle that has much gameplay potential:

Apparatus of the Octopus

I would miss the apparatus of the octopus more! And I’m still hoping we eventually get an Apparatus of Kwalsh. I’m betting it would have to be made under the Icons of the Realm line.

My hope is that some of the “settings” will be branded as Pathfinder Battles or Icons of the Realms so they can offer those unique adventure specific pieces.

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Wizkids putting out settings sets does seem to be a great way to offer those who like the dressing pieces whole themed sets of them while allowing the mini sets to get back to their roots of all characters and creatures. For my part, losing eight of duplicates of uncommon creatures was not a huge loss for the dressing pieces, but I am definitely more interested in getting a complete set of related pieces instead of a few here or there that might eventually build up to something.

Our group certainly has used the spell effects while gaming. Rope Trick, Mage Hand, and the Wall of Ice pieces have been the most popular.

The Burning Braziers, Book of the Damned, Altar and most recently the Crypt Wall have all seen game time and enhanced the experience.

As a long time collector, many of the creatures and characters are not the first of their kind to be offered, so I don’t really need as many of them since they will be supplementing what I already have. Since this is the case, substituting dungeon dressing for a few of those duplicates didn’t bother me at all. But, I have to wonder how someone would feel buying a single booster, and getting something like the Brambly Bush instead of the large piece that it replaced. For this reason, I am in favor of moving the dressing pieces off to their own line. There is definitely a market for pre-painted dressing pieces, they seem to get gobbled up on the singles market (although they are usually rare, or uncommon at best). Hopefully, if they are segregated out to their own sets, they will sell well enough to support their existence. The Castle Barracks and Jungle Shrine sets should be fairly good indicators of whether this approach is feasible.

One drawback to pulling dungeon dressings out of the regular PPM sets, is that unless they are still branded as Pathfinder Battles or Icons of Realms (Pathfinder more so), we may not get adventure specific pieces such as the Crimson Throne, Apparatus of the Octopus, or the Demon Mouth Statue.

I ordered three different poeces (all from Ruins of Lastwall) and they all received the 30% discount. Maybe the wrinkles have been ironed out?

I can’t wait to get Paizo’s flavor of Characters and NPC’s. I’m hoping case distribution will be patterned after the Pathfinder Battles model, and that we can also look forward to Gargantuan case incentives!

This news made my day.

Mark Moreland wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:

Are you able to build a full small circle with one "Goblin Village"?

Does the purchase of two allow you to build a larger one?

I'm not sure what the final piece count will be on the palisades, nor how many pieces would be required to make a full circle. I'll look into it and give an answer as soon as I can.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
2. Is one of the huge minis an Aboleth?
You mean an alghollthu? That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

Hiw about two or three Alghollthus would be even better!

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