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I am saddened that it has come to this, but I will no longer be collecting minis with clear bases. Please feel free to give feedback to Wizkids about this, but in the meantime I would like my subscription to be cancelled. Thank you.

The Teranadon sure is a surprise, and I’m looking forward to the Boar Demon. Too bad he’s a rare. With dinosaurs, demons and aberrations, this set certainly is covering a wide selection of creatures. But I guess that is to be expected for the first huge offerings in quite some time.

The camp exceeded my expectations, it is amazing that all that stuff fits within the walls.

Most Requested? Well, now I can hardly wait for next week to see what it is! I know what my most requested is, but I don’t know what everyone else is asking for!

The Nosoi would make a good proxy for Arrowhawks.

And, even though this is now the 7th Sphinxes we’ll have, I think he may be the best of the bunch.

The Frost Giant Jarl looks amazing! I’m looking forward to the Hill Giant and he the most from this set.

Linzi’s description immediately made me think of Robin’s Minstril from the Holy Grail. What an excellent NPC to regail the player’s brave(?) deeds. :)

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I am glad that the blog is back, even if six minis is the absolute minimum required to make sure we see every render before release.
We will probably see real miniatures pictures somewhere else before the last blog though - I'd rather see them here.

Cyclops Lich: The Rarity is perfect because you only need one.
It looks like this 9 foot tall creature is too small, but at least that's consistant with the Skull & Shackles #34 Cyclops, which was a runt too. I'm not excited by small giants.

Devourer: This is the size a large humanoid should be! Also, right rarity, as this undead is only encountered solitary.
I don't know why the perfect illustration from the Bestiary was changed, but this looks much better than the D&D Waterdeep version, but not as good as the "Unhallowed" version. Still a solid mini!

Bloody Skeleton: Incredible! This is a common? The sculpt is superdetailed and the paintjob is perfect. 5 stars! 5-6 in a case.

Elf Ghost: Same as the skeleton: just great. Uncommon rarity should get case buyers 3-4.

Scarecrow: Wow, this is a very useful & very good looking dressing!
Also: nice RotR book #2 reference. ;-)

Elf Inquisitor: The 5th of the 11 companions from the Kingmaker computer game looks great and finally we get a great scythe wielding female.
If the weapon isn't going to be bendy, this will be a winner!

We have now seen 28 renders of 52, among them 8 of 12 larges.

I am assuming the three small companion characters (Gnome Alchemist, Halfling Bard & Goblin Rogue) will all be commons, the Human Ranger will be an uncommon & Valerie will be a rare, as will be next weeks Stag Lord. That leaves only one large rare mini unaccounted for.

Kressel, Okse & Dovan from AP#31 would make good bandit minis as would the Tiger Lord Barbarians from AP#34.

I like the Elysian’s bow! And having a figure with a grappling hook is agreat idea.

The Nymph and Dryad are awesome. I probably don’t need quite so many, but they should be great trade material.

The Anvil is wonderful. I can fit it i many different adventures.

The Trunk Case reminds me of the very durable and versatile luggage that Joe bought in “Joe and the Volcano”.

I love the fungi. They are sorely needed additions to my collection. The Mind Frond and Moray Eel are fantastic too.

These all look really good. Estra might be my favorite.

The Squire and Knight really round out the reclamation troops. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this set soon.

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I know that there will be some who don't care for pets or children, but these will fill some gaps very nicely. Three great pieces.

I'm excited about the Reclamation Infantry, especially since I know more like him are coming! I'm really liking this set.

The pose of Shensen is awesome! And two different flaming swords to boot.

Finally, a decent Unicorn!

The Candelabra needs to be much more than one per case. :(

I'm glad to see we can expect a couple of Cages, though.

All three dungeon dressings are a hit with me.

The Ankhrav Drone outshines the artwork in the Bestiary. I almost wish he was common since I'll need as many a six.

I really like the Gynosphinx as well. The human characteristics have been too subtle on many of the past sculptures.

This set has been terrific so far, not a bad mini in the bunch.

The Cerberi looks gruesome without skin and fur. He's a welcome new addition. It's always nice to get pieces that haven't been done before.

And, while the Advanced Hell Hound isn't new, it is a vast improvement over the old Nessian Warhound. That one never did feel quite right as a large Hell Hound.

Two solid entries for deadly foes that live up the set's namesake.

P. S. Dogs (real ones) rock!

We could use a detailed Cockatrice! The one I have now leaves me wanting more. Excellent choice.

The Doppleganger is interesting. I never really know what to do with Doppleganger minis, because they're usually in some other form. But this guy certainly looks like he could assume just about any other shape.

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Yesssss, next set coming; speculation begin! I'm going to say the next incentive is a neothelid or a black dragon. Actually I don't really mind what it is, if set 11 is going to be better than rusty dragon I'm already impressed.

I really like the iconics line so I truly hope we'll see a set 7, 8 and 9. Of course the occult iconics would be great to see in plastic but I'm hoping the line continues so we get the evil iconics from the latest AP. The goblins would be cool but haven't we got most of the iconics already? Set 6 looks great, they all seem to have received that little extra love that makes the iconics shine, I particularly like Quinn and Hayato. Oh, and it's good to see a Feiya whose sculpt is up to the job. Hats off guys.

I was saddened when the evolution line and builder series stopped. Still need that blue, green and black dragon in all 3 sizes; and while I'm still holding out for huge double packs, I really liked Svatharim/worm double, it's been a long time without any word.

You do a great job with the line Erik.

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The Aristocrat is indeed a fine addition to the city denizens.

I'm really happy about the entire band of ghouls, the spell aster rounds out the group nicely.

The gnoll looks great, can't wait to see many more of his kind.
Love the sarcophagus! Mummy included was the icing on the cake. Dungeon Dressing is going to be a huge hit.
I'm cautiously optimistic about the frost giant. I hope the end result is just a shade paler blue. She looks better now than the first glimpse I got of her. The braids are awesome.

Love the Iconics, but soooooo ready for some new spoilers.

Aponavicius is excellent.

Already have mine ordered ;)

This game is so much fun! And it rings true to the movies, so any Star Wars buff can appreciate it. I'm wondering if it will work with Edge of the Empire very well?

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The Skeletal Dragon is fantastic. And I'm really looking forward to more aquatic creatures.

Oh yeah! Bring on the Stone Giants!