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Yikes. Can't unsee Aspect of the Frog.

I can't wait to play a Zelhara x Merisiel merry jaunt through the boneyard.

Perfect, thank you!

Hello, please cancel my PACG ongoing subscription. I am going to resubscribe starting with the Mummy's Mask Character Add-on deck and pick up the base set locally.

Thank you!

Is it possible to get this promo and other MM promos attached to the Character Add-on Deck via subscription (as opposed to the base set)? I believe this is how S&S promos were handled ... ?

Is Class Deck: Goblins Fight! also scheduled for July 2016?

Welp, looks like I need a tablet. Any suggestions? =D

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Shardra is a dark-skinned dwarf ...

Huh, I didn't realize this; thanks for pointing that out.

Aww, no word on PACG: Mummy's Mask? The rest looks good, though. =D

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

The 3 pacg related minis are now available for singles purchase in the Paizo store:


Note, they don't plan to stock these for as long as they used to stock singles.

What is the quality of these compared to the Iconic Heroes box set minis? I have a Ranzak coming in the mail ...

I think the sheets in the video are the old style of the Community Use character sheets. The current sheets can be found here.

Perfect, thank you!!

Excellent CS People -

Please cancel order 3786571. I picked up the part of the order that has been released already locally yesterday, and I will place a new order for the Iconic Heroes Set.

As always, thank you for your help!

Is the Druid Class Deck still a December release? I don't see it listed?


My group also settled on the glass beads many others have mentioned. We've had no complaints. :]

Myfly wrote:

What did you recycle these into?

Heat? Toilet paper? Book mark?

The paper recycling bin ;)

I actually recycled my two Rings a few days ago as I was cleaning up since they are not promo cards. Sorry, I could have sent them along. :/

Frencois wrote:
This said, the best news of the day concerning minis to play PACG was that Reaper's Bones III Kickstarter will include Reiko, Crowe, Quinn, Oloch, the Brother of the Seal, and others to come.

Speaking of which, this is my solution to the Iconics Set Lem issue. I picked up a couple Reaper Bones Lem for about $5 total from my FLGS, and they work with PACG well. The sculpt is decent, they are easy to paint, and cheap to boot.

Nerco bump!

I played this scenario for the first time over the weekend, and can I just say I love the mechanics at work here. Taking the bottom 1d4 cards out of a random location deck each turn actually feels like a flood rising, down to the fact it is the cards on the bottom (first to get wet) that are being taken away. Very thematic!

NOG the Demoralizer wrote:

You could go back to a foam core diy insert Hawk, considering doing that myself as the sets are starting to stack up.

At least for the old sets, use fancy inserts on the current one etc.

This was my thought as well. But that redesigned BT insert is tempting me ...

Necro bump!

I was considering getting another Broken Token PACG Organizer for Wrath of the Righteous, and I came across the following review on the BT site:

Broken Token review wrote:
And now Broken Token has gone and made their organizer better! The first two organizers I bought were great, but this new redesign on the third improves on an already outstanding product. I really credit them for taking the initiative to improve their product.

Anyone have experience with the updated design, or know what has changed?

I'm sensing a Lini / Enora teamup in my future.

Fayries wrote:

I've been thinking about it a bit more and maybe I'm just unconsciously comparing to Fantasy Flight Print on Demand. Fantasy Flight Games does print on demand for some Star Wars RPG card decks, which they sell directly on their web site and make available through the usual distribution channels. The customer can buy the decks just wherever Fantasy Flight products are sold. I don't know if they do Print on Demand in-house or if they contract another company to do it, though; this could explain the difference, of course.

FFG's on-demand printing is indeed in house; this is one of the reasons they put a warning on all on-demand product that card texture and color might be slightly different than their regular retail offerings.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I don't think you are causing major repercussions by swapping it.

I agree, and I will probably do just that since I am playing solo this go around.

Don't tell Mike. :D

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
A, when you first build your character deck. After that Droogami is in the box. But sort of B too. Lini, as the card's owner, can treat Droogami like she has the Basic trait, which means if you hare rebuilding and are short an ally, Lini can choose Droogami.

Makes sense. Thanks as always, Hawkmoon!

So I am attempting to add Droogami to Lini's character deck, under the following:

"If you are playing the character listed as the owner of a card, you may use that card when you build your character deck. Otherwise, add it to the box anytime after you add the first Adventure Deck of an Adventure Path."

Can I do this A) only when *building* my character deck (at the beginning of the Adventure Path, or B) any time I could *rebuild* my character deck (at the end of each Scenario, if there is space for an Ally in this case), or C) something else?


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Steam PC release please!

Thank you!

When I attempt to resubscribe I can't successfully check out - I click on the "Confirm Your Order" box, but the Place Your Order button is greyed out. I still have the holiday15 order code attached to my account, and I wonder if that is causing the issue?

Hello CS - please cancel my PACG monthly subscription. I am going to get the next base set from my FLGS and re-subscribe with the character add-on deck.

Thanks, and keep it up!

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Worm Demon is there to remind you that the spice must flow.

MattCaulder wrote:
I was really excited to see this announcement. The gameplay style of PACG has ruined a few deckbuilders for me, notably Shadowrun: Crossfire for the big reason that it doesn't have any pesistance between games.

Aren't the characters persistent between games via the upgrades you give them in Shadowrun: Crossfire? (I've not played it, but I was thinking of checking it out)


Although I can swing monthly with a three month gap.

Excellent, thanks for the references. I feel I need to save a bit of money this time around due to the excellent Iconic Heroes mini sets.

I wonder if the promos can be tied to the Character Add-On Deck, as with S&S? Please? =D

Already at least three Hawkmoon-themed cards. =D

Myfly wrote:
When you use the BT insert, what do you do with the amazing adv. pack boxes?

I recycled mine. They are nice, but I don't need more empty boxes around my room. :)

I did not glue my BT insert for either RotRL or S&S, and I am also seeing some of the issues NOG mentioned (after months of use). I may glue them at some point if that will solve the problem.

Andrew Klein wrote:
Personally, I cringe at even the thought of storing games anywhere besides an official container. I currently have the overwhelming urge to stone you all.

You must not sleeve your cards then :D

Vic Wertz wrote:
Sadly, I haven't got a card back match I'm happy with yet. They sent 120 more today...

May I propose a rainbow themed card back for those of us that use opaque sleeves?

But seriously, thanks for even considering making these available.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Also, our friends at DriveThru have been working on something awesome, and we may be able to launch it alongside the errata decks, perhaps by the end of the month.

Any updates to share? :D

Order 3285190 - should have gone to sidecart, but I'm not sure how to check. Please poke it into the cart to go out with November's PACG subscription, if possible.

Is there a way to see if what I have ordered is in the sidecart?


Sharaya wrote:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've given it an extra kick, and it should be in the sidecart know.

Thank you! (glad I decided to mention it) :)

Forgive me if this is working correctly and I am just not seeing it. Order 3277225 is in a pending status but is not showing up in my sidecart, though I thought putting it in the sidecart was an option when I placed the order. It if for the ACG Cleric class deck, if that matters. Thanks for your help.

Agradeleous wrote:

I got my Skulls and Shackles base set yesterday. Woo hoo. I am having fun looking through it but my party wants to wait until we have the class decks and add on deck before playing. I think the "my subscription" page has gone bonkers. I not only have a duplicate base game but now have TWO character add on decks listed (and yes I know not to pay close attention to it until I actually get my authorization email. I feel for the folks at Paizo trying to work out these gremlins from the system. I hope it doesn't cause too many gray hairs.):

Payment method authorized: Today 
Should ship by: September 26 
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Subscriber Promo Card: Ranzak~(in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Mogmurch~(in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Goblin Keelhaulin'~(in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Goblin Weidling~(in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck, $15.99(in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Base Set, $47.99
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck, $15.99
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Blessing of Zogmugot~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Owlbeartross~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 2: Raiders of the Fever Sea, $15.99

I am seeing the same duplication, so at least you are not alone! :D

Paizo recently released their 2015 catalog PDF, and it has a brief look at the Wrath of the Righteous ACG release. No individual card images, but there is some art and a short description of the adventure path.

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Mike Selinker wrote:

Gen Con Player: "My character just died. What happens now?"

Me: "It's organized play, son. If your character dies, you die too."


Dave Riley wrote:

I figure this thread is as good as any for my sleeve question:

I'm looking to sleeve just character cards so we can write on them with dry-erase markers as needed. Can anyone recommend an Amazon page for sleeves that fit snugly so the cards don't move around and make the feat markings look weird and out of place? Since I just want these for character and role cards, obviously problems caused by shuffling or whatever don't apply to me. I know I've seen people talk about my question before, but googling around didn't give me much, and even the results I found (like in this thread) I couldn't really tell conclusively what kind of sleeves they were talking about, or rather, I had trouble finding a corresponding Amazon listing.

I use these, which work well. They do have the Ultra Pro silver dot on them, but if I remember correctly that does not get in the way of anything on the character cards. I would have to check to be sure.

Love your show, by the way. ;)

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I think they were rushed with all the other stuff for GenCon and getting these out before the Guild play starts tomorrow. I'm just happy to see them.

Yep, understandable. Now the wait for the physical cards is really on ...

Also Damiel ought to be a 'Grenadier,' not a 'Genadier.' Let the errata commence! ;)

I am going to see how the original odd couple of Lini and Oloch work together. :D

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