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Weapon Finesse uses dex for CMB instead when using a whip.

Another question. Can you choose to do non-lethal with a Scorpion whip, without taking a -4 like a whip can? If so then there is no reason at all for me to use a regular whip. Only planned on having my main weapon be a whip was due to the no non-lethal negatives when I was going to use enforcer.

Humphry B ManWitch wrote:
have a look at "intensify spell" for 10d6 second level shocking grasps

Hi there, I am aware of awesomeness that is shocking grasp and magus. I I want to be more of a battlefield controller, thus my use of a whip.

Oh I took a look and I guess you are right, doesn't look like a Scorpion Whip has a range of 15. Maybe I will just stick with a normal whip then. I might have to just trip armored things.

Spells and such, I plan on having the usual haste, glitter dust goodness. the Frostbite is my go to spell when I have to attack, as I will have 1 strike per level, and that adds up later on.

Edit: With proficiency, its stated that a scorpion whip can be treated as a whip. Thus 15 ft reach.

Hey guys I need some advice on my Whip-weilding Frostbite Kensai Magus.

The build I have currently is.

Str - 10
Dex - 16
Con - 12
Int - 18 (16 + 2)
Wis - 12
Cha - 7

Traits: Bruising Intellect (Int to Intimidate), Magical Lineage (Frostbite)

1 - exotic weapon proficiency (whip) - not an actual feat, but kensais get 1 exotic weapon of choice
1 - Weapon Focus (Whip)
1 - Weapon Finesse
Human - Rime Spell
3 - Whip Mastery
5 - Enforcer
Bonus (5) - Combat Reflexes
7 - Improved Whip Mastery
9, 11, Bonus (11) - Some combination of Dazing Spell/Dazzling Display/Toughness/Arcane Strike/any other ideas you might have

Arcana 3/6/9 - No clue what to take, being that I have never played a magus before

My goal is to eventually be able to combo Rime Spell and Frostbite, with enforcer, and the Cruel property on my whip.

I would start levels 1 and 2 with a Scorpion Whip, as a regular Whip wouldnt do much good while I dont have Whip Mastery. I was also thinking of being a from the Cheliax faction, seems like it would be a decent fit. I originally wante to go Elf, but it would just put my further behind. If anyone has a way I can make this work, I would love to hear it. Also if you find anyway to make this build overall, better, please let me know.

All very good suggestions, thanks!

Anyone? >_>

I am going to bring this up because I am making a PFS character in which I need some help using a Human Winter Witch.

Need opinions on a build and a familiar.

Goal: Winter Witch 5/Winter Witch 7

Str - 7 (why not)
Dex - 14
Con - 14
Int - 20
Wis - 11
Cha - 7 (why not)

Human: Extra Hex: Evil Eye
1 - Elemental Focus: Cold
3 - Elemental Focus: Cold
5 - Rime Spell
7 - Improved Initiative/Improved Familiar/Toughness
9 - Improved Initiative/Improved Familiar/Toughness
11 - Extra Hex: Numbing Touch

This should give me the following Hexes:
1 - Slumber/Evil Eye
2 - Cackle
6 - Misfortune
8 - Fly
10 - Icy Tomb
11 - Numbing Touch

Traits: Reactionary? Magical Lineage: Snowball? Magical Knack?

I dont know what I would pick for a familiar though. Maybe a Bat?

I could use some suggestions on what order I should take feats, and if there are any good ones that I am missing. I can try to find a place for Accursed Hex I guess too. Traits?


Malicious Eye - When a creature fails its save against your evil eye hex, add the effect of your jinx to the effect of the hex. The save penalties from the hex and jinx stack. Using your jinx on another creature does not end the hex or the jinx effect on the hexed target.

You dont need Versatile Jinxer, as you wont need to saving throw it.

If your GM is okay with you making items for other slots, I would split the belt into +4 belt of Str, and +4 Vest of Con or something. Scratch that, you already have the item.

Good items to get before advancing anything else:
+1 Ring of Protection (2k)
+2 Cloak of Resistance (4k)
+1 Enchantment on armor (1k, 500 half priced)
+1 Enchantment on Weapon (2k, 1k half priced)
+1 Amulet of Natural Armor (2k)
Handy Haversack (2k)
Headband of Charisma (4k)
Eyes of Eagle (2,5k)/Circlet of Persuasion (4,5k - if you're the party face)/Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (5k, if facing a lot of rogues) - all 3 are in the same slot

I do advice you spred your money out getting a lot of minor items for now, in order to increase your overall effectiveness, rather than put it all into 1 or two items.

Question: Do you have a party member that will be able to cast haste? If yes, then Boost of speed wouldn't be needed, as they won't stack. How often do you use your mount?

Those are my thoughts, hope that helps.

I am in a Gestalt game, and I am thinking of introducing a character using harrowing. What would you guys gestalt a cartomancer witch with, aside from the Mindchemist Alchemist.

Funny you mention this, I am playing a Kitsune Gestalt Ninja/Tattoo'd Fey Sorcerer.

She uses enchantment magic to get what she needs (favored class bonus goes into Sorcerer), and if she doesnt like the outcome she vanishing tricks and starts to use her ray magic.

Super fun build to play, since I used ninja tricks to pick up a combat trick (from rogue) for Point Blank shot, as well as precise shot for a feat. Spending more feats on spell focus/penetration for my enchantment magic. The good thing about Ray spells. is you can get your sneak attacks off with them, and most dont require a save (Or I dont pick ones that do).

So between Ray sneak attacks, and Enchantment magic, my kitsune has become a real terror of a gestalt.

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Cartomancer <3

thematically, Scythe!

Hi guys, my last pathfinder session ended with the campaign finishing. Our next one is going to be a Gestalt, I have only played 1 Gestalt game previously, and it was a lot of fun.

My idea for this character would be to Start Ranger/Rogue and then eventually switch over to Horizon Walker/Assassin. The rules we use for gestalt is if you are progressing one set of classes, and you want to change (whether it be prestige class or a Dip), you have to pick a different class with it, rather then one you are advancing. So If I were advancing Cleric/Wizard, I couldn't Do Cleric/Druid as a level, but I could do say Druid/fighter since neither is gestalts already.

Anyways back on topic. My idea for this character was to utilize Horizon Walkers abilities in the terrain to set up death attack. I was basically just going to take as many terrain mastery rogue talents as possible, using favored class bonus to get an additional one by level 6.

My problem is I don't know what to do for feats. I know two weapon fighting would be the obvious answer for this build and the sneak attacks. But I dont really want to focus on getting so many dice. I want to be able to land a killing blow.

This is what I have so far with Current stats:

Str: 10
Dex: 20 (18 + 2)
Con: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 12
Cha: 12

Human Rogue (Chameleon)/Ranger (Guide) 6/Horizon Walker/Assassin 10

Human Feat: Weapon Finesse (everything else ??)

Rogue Talents:
2. Terrain Mastery
4. Terrain Mastery
6. Terrain Mastery
Bonus (6): Terrain Mastery

Combat Style:
2. ?
6. ?

I really do like the 2 archtypes I have so far, but as far execution of the build I still need a lot of help. Can't figure out a combat style for ranger, maybe natural attacks (this gives me aspect of the beast at level 2 for low light vision, and a weapon focus at 6?). I was thinking either a Scorpion Whip (would need to take exotic weapon proficiency) or Rapier for fighting. I guess Pirhana strike would work.

Please feel free to give me any and all suggestions!

I have a task for you. I have an idea, but I dont know how to execute it.

Make a Dawnflower Dervish (Fighter Archtype)/Dawnflower Dervish (Bard Archtype) gestalt work with the Dimensional Dervish feat line. I want to see if something good will come of that.


I dont know if this has been mentioned but.

Gestalt Sylvan Sorcerer/Lunar Oracle Half-Elf/Aasimar

2 Animal companions, FCB on Lunar Oracles Animal companion to take it to level 30? xD

Ravingdork wheres our character based around Halfling Jinx. So many fun feats and great concepts you can do with that!

My best idea for everything that you seem to want is: dly-courtesan-rogue-vishkanya

I personally love the Time Mystery, it doesn't seem to be a very popular option around here, but its got some great flavor to it. Have you decided on a race?

There are two ways I see a Time Oracle working out, the first is using Aasimar/Half-Elf favored class bonus to sup up Aging Touch. Really it is a crippling no-save strength damage ability. The early levels have only a few uses, but going an entire 20 levels powering up this ability can lead to 7x a day for 15 str damage.

Since in my opinion, Aging Touch is the only good use of the Oracle FCB from Aasimar/Half-Elf the other way is playing and focusing on more of a face/casting perspective. You should be taking dual-cursed so you can get more revelations. I really do like almost all of the revelations.

Here is an example of one of my right ups for an Oracle of Time, as a human.

Dual-Cursed (Tongues/Legalistic) Human Oracle of Time:

Human (Focused Study) - Skill Focus (Knowledge Arcana)
Level 1 - Noble Scion
Level 3 - Eldritch Heritage (Arcane)
Level 5 - Improved Initiative
Level 7 - (depending on your stats) Evolved Familiar (to grab Skilled for UMD checks), Toughness is also good
Human (Focused Study) - Skill Focus (Perception)
Level 9 - Improved Familiar
Level 11 - Improved Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) - This will grab you some spells, such as Haste if someone else doesnt have it already (IMO kind of absurd that its not on your mystery spells as is)

Other goodies to grab: Greater Eld. heritage, Spell Pens/Greater are nice, Power attack if you plan on being in Melee, Extra Revelations are nice if you dont plan on being dual cursed.

Revelations on mine were done as follows:
Level 1 - Temporal Celerity
Level 3 - Rewind Time
Level 5 - Knowledge of Ages
Level 7 - Erase from Time (good for saving allies on the brink of death in a pinch)
Level 11 - Time Sight
Level 13 - Time Hop
Level 15 - Time Flicker
Level 19 - meh, aging touch is good to get at this point.

I hope this helps a little.

Be a Half Elf, take Treesinger druid.

Turn into a giant tree. You are now the womping willow from harry potter.

If an animal companion isnt your thing, i throw my hat in for Growth domain, which would be boss as a barbarian.

Scarred Witch Doctor.

Hi guys,

I was just wondering what some of your iconic complimentary builds you've run in games were, for a duo. A friend and I are looking at possibly going to PFS together (both of us are experiences pathfinder players now)

We want our characters to work well together, so looking for some ideas and success you guys have had in your games!

Reynard_the_fox wrote:

Well, a Halfling Witch with Versatile Jinxer and Malicious Eye can drop someone's saves by ridiculous amounts, but let me introduce you to a little guy I call...

** spoiler omitted **

He's an experienced traveler from foreign lands, a sorcerer who seems to have a connection with deep reaches of space and time. He empowers his allies to let them move faster and strike quickly, and curses his foes to slow to a crawl and suffer terrible bad luck.

By the time you have access to 6th level spells, you can hit foes with Persistent Focused Jinxed Slow, forcing a whole group of enemies to make 2 saves (one makes them at -2) to avoid getting Slowed (staggered, other minuses) and Jinxed (-1 to Reflex saves, -3 to Will and Fortitude). You can then feel free to follow up with a Baleful Polymorph or your favorite save-or-suck - Persistent Glitterdust (which you get as a bloodline spell) is a favorite of mine. By Level 15 you can toss around Quickened Persistent Area Jinx Slows (with +4s on the DC) and use your Starsoul Breaching The Gulf power to toss someone into the void before they know what hit 'em.

This is something along the lines I was looking for! What would you think if I switched that bloodline out for Karmic. He has good luck by giving people bad luck.

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I came across this Jinxed Spell metamagic. I would love to see a character revolving around the ideas of just flat out causing someone to have bad luck. I am assuming this would have to be a sorcerer.

Does anyone have any ideas on a build?

Anyone? :(

Hi guys, I know this should probably be in the Shattered Star forum, but I was hoping you guys would help me rebuild her.

I am DMing Shattered Star right now with 3 people, we have added mythic to make up for the lack of character. The characters just finished the first book with hitting level 5/Mythic Tier 2, and the Bard took the Mythic ability that gave him leadership, i allowed this even though he was level 5. Nothing in the Mythic path says he can't do this. Anyways Natalya is the only one they can take as a cohort right now. I was hoping you would help me rebuild her into something that would help the party. She will be Level 3, Mythic Tier 2.

The current party:
Cleric 1/Fighter (Brawler) 4/Guardian, focusing on shield fighting
Bard (Arcane Duelist) 5/Marshall, Archery focused
Alchemist (Beastmorph/Vivasectionist) 5/Trickster, natural weapons

Ideally I would keep her in the Sorcerer/Rogue route. Was trying to think of a possible build to make her build around Storm of Blades spell, maybe turn her Sorcerer bloodline into Sage. But I really want to give them something that will really help them out.

Please thoughts!

Too many Wizards, not enoguh Oracles/Druids :P

I demand a time oracle Ravingdork. Someone you could have a great story for with great abilities. Why not sooner? ;O

Meredith Nerissa, cause giant flying fishbowl.

How would yall build a Waves Oracle/Ninja gestalt? Would you focus on Shurikens, flurry of blows, or something else?

Also thoughts on Aasimar favored class bonus used to affect punitive transformation waves revelation for +5 DC eventually.

LoneKnave wrote:
Mojorat wrote:
If you are doing witch monk gestalt I would do maneuver master. With the range etc and flurry of maneuvers you would be a maneuver machine.
Maneuver master is only good if you don't advance it beyond the point where maneuver flurry starts to suck. -4/6 to EVERY maneuver? That's terrible. A 2-4 level dip (Ki isn't that bad... kinda...) is entirely fine though.

how would you build the character then.

How would you build a White-Haired Witch/Maneuver Master then?

Would you get all 6 of: Improved Grapple, Greater Grapple, Improved Trip, Greater Trip, Improved Reposition, Greater Reposition , Tripping Strike and Repositioning Strike?

Okay guys, I have a white-haired witch to Gestalt. I am looking at either Hexcrafter or Tetori monk. I need build ideas, thinking more along the lines of a finesse build.

Here is what you have to work with. Before racial modifiers Stats are (18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8) We are currently level 6. We get 2 traits.

I was thinking Human, even though elf might be better for the boost to int and str.

Would Kirin style work well in this sort of gestalt?

christos gurd wrote:
Azelyan wrote:

Need some build advice on White-haired Witch/Tetori Monk or White-Haired Witch/Hexcrafter?

Which would you build? What feats would you get for them. I am trying to figure out what to do with my Witch character :P.

too bad ultimate witch and warlock isn't out yet, as i have done some wonderful support for witch monk combinations (assuming it makes to the final cut)

ultimate witch and warlock? What will those be in.

Need some build advice on White-haired Witch/Tetori Monk or White-Haired Witch/Hexcrafter?

Which would you build? What feats would you get for them. I am trying to figure out what to do with my Witch character :P.

Monk is already so MAD though. Adding Charisma too it is going to make it even harder.

I think Time Oracle/Karmic Sorcerer would work, but how would you build them? Assuming aasimar is the class.

Also What would you all think of a Merfolk Waves Oracle/Seaborn Sorcerer

How would you gestalt a Time Oracle? Thematically speaking of course. Is there a good sorcerer bloodline to match it?

Witch/Druid any good? yes it could be MAD but how the overall combo work together?

Well if no prestige classes. Who wants to make a knife thrower build using Human favored class bonus for.

Knife Master/Scout Rogue with Guide/Trapper Ranger.

All the trap stuff thats lost by taking rogue archtype is kind of gotten back with ranger trapper build. We also get rid of spells and the animal companion. Sneak attacks become D8s.

Throw in starknives for throwing and I think we have a great knife thrower character. But too lazy to make a build!

if you can get your DM to rule that crossblooded works with wildblooded. Primal/Rime-Blooded is an excellent dip. You wind up losing a bit on your hexes unfortunately, but if your main focus is cold casting and less on hexes. It would be well worth it.

i love the winter witch archtype, going into winter witch prestige class, but that is just me.

first feat should be irresen ice mage.... as its +1 caster level on spells with cold descriptor.

I want to put forth a challenge for a gestalt build. Since its recently peaked my interest to make cool concept gestalt characters.

I would like to see someone make a shadow dancer/assassin and red mantis assassin Gestalt character viable.

Maybe starting Rogue or Ninja/Ranger gestalt to 10, and then 11-10 going one of shadow dancer/assassin (not both, as both add uncanny dodge/improved uncanny dodge, and the red mantis assassin prestige class, Would like to see 2 of the 3 prestige classes used fully.

My first question is, as an archer Inquisitor, how often do you find yourself full round attacking? If the answer is majority of the time, I would definitely go with Champion. That being said a case could be made to dual path into hierophant.

Would a Thundercaller bards thunder call performance work with storm shape? If so going Aasimar for favored class bonus with thundercall and storm shape would be a fantastic concept.

I want to see someone play a Time Patron Witch.

im switching kinslayer out for preacher too.

Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 20 (18 + 2)
Cha: 8

I gave up on dhampir. I decided to go with Half elf instead, for a holy archer of sorts. Inquisitor of Erastil.

I think for the purpose of going more Wis base, and I really do not want to have to deal with an animal companion. I think I will try Zen Archer/Inquisitor.

Judgements are really going to beef up my flurrying.

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