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:::Hops on the hood of the Car:::

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:::Runs around in a circle begging for a treat:::

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Salivates at the thought of hunting elves and gnawing on their lean tender limbs. That would be some awesome dining

:::runs around Gruumash happily:::

:::come out of the possum house and shakes off some fleas with a curious look:::


rubs against Gruumash and rubs some awesome onto himself



Looks confused with all the questions and multiple choice answers flying about...


madly bites all the slaads who would impute the awesome of Gruumash


Looks for something to gnaw on

comes back with a different leg, judging by the hoove, this one belonged to a cow or minotaur

bobs his head up and down in agreement

his tail wagging excitedly to the left and right

scurries quickly into the thread carrying the fresh severed leg of an elven knight in his mouth.

Squeee! Not on your life.



Bears Teeth at Mythic JMD031

I have a mythic bite. Will that work?

bitten on the ankle is the right term and rabbid too.

Not liing the herasy he hears from Vrog, A.O.P. bare his nasty fangs at Vrog

Gruumash . wrote:
Awesome Possum good to see you boy. Sorry I was out sick.

Rubs up against Gruumash, hoping the Awesomeness will rub onto him.

Gruumash . wrote:
I am back and still very Awesome.


snuggles next to Gruumash

tugs on his pant leg


I want a Big Mac and fries


insulted by being used as a bottle opener, A.O. Possum gnaws through pillbug's ankle from one side to the next.



Butcher him and pop him in the oven for Thanksgiving. I'm hungry

Bacon, ham, walnuts, cookies, raw dragons, and sprinkled gnomes

chase his tail, then bites his own tail foolishly



[Telepathicly]Shall I eat this squirrel now master?[/telepathicly]

Eats a plate full or cream horns then belches loudly

Chases his tail loudly

lies on his back and wiggles his way across the carpet


Spits out ankle and foot


clamps down on the other ankle

Goes balisitc on lucky7's good ankle, then is distracted by the vast quantities of Meatball swarm and sause which he gluttonly devours


Confused by JMD031's last statement, A. Possum raises his hind leg and scratches behind his ear.

Hisses maddly at Mythic JMD031

Permission? I'm awesome and I don't need permission.

Bites Vicious Chicken

Gruumash . wrote:
I am the Orc god and warlord Awesome possum clean out the rest of this here riff raff and let us win this thread.


Starts biting everybody viciously until he wins, except for biting Gruumsh, his favorite Orc God, or course...

Rubs up against Mythic JMD031 hoping his mythic awesomeness rubs onto him.


No, I'm winning because I'm Awesome!

:::Whimpers at the sudden loss of food::::

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:::I have an iPad now. It's awesome!:::

Ha! I win and a life time of canned pet food.


:::thinking about getting a ipad too:::

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