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Full Name

Alexei Moshe Orlovsky


HP 58/58 | AC 13 | F +6 R +4 W +9


| perception (darkvision) +1, initiative +1 | active effects: --






Ein Sof


East Slavic; Aramaic, Celestial, Greek, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino; Arabic, Auran, Draconic, English, Ignan, Infernal, Kanuri, Spanish (German, Latin)



Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 26
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Alexei Orlovsky

racial abilities:
Aasimar [emberkin]
scion of humanity- counts as humanoid [human] as well as outsider [native]; appears human
celestial resistance- resist 5 vs acid, cold, and electricity
spell-like ability- pyrotechnics 1/day
skilled- +2 racial bonus to knowledge [planes] and spellcraft
senses- darkvision 60'

class abilities:
Inquisitor [living grimoire] 1
Spellcasting: prepare and cast spells as a warpriest (still using the inquisitor spell list). Use Int instead of Wis as casting stat and for determining effects of domain.

Fervor Inquisition
zealous surge- 1/day when reduced to 0 or fewer hit points, heal hp equal to your inquisitor level + your Int modifier.

Holy Book: gain ironbound copy of holy text. Serves as holy symbol and divine focus. Functions as a cold-iron light mace if used as a weapon, and adds +1 to attack roll. Gains benefit of warpriest's sacred weapon class ability (as warpriest of living grimoire level).

Stern Gaze: +1 to Intimidate and Sense Motive.

Wizard [exploiter] 5
Arcane Reservoir (6/9): spend to increase CL or DC by +1
potent magic- increase CL or DC by +2 when using reservoir
quick study- spend 1 point to replace prepared spell with different spell of the same level (full-round; provokes)

Arcane Discovery
faith magic- can prepare/cast faerie fire as a 2nd level wizard spell (still counts as a divine spell)

Mystic Theurge 2
Combined Spells: can prepare 1st level wizard or inquisitor spells in 2nd level slots of the other class

traits, feats, and skills:
magical knack (inquisitor) [magic]
clever wordplay (use magic device) [social]
underlying principles [religion]
outlander (loreseeker) [campaign]

1- additional traits
W1- spell focus [divination]
3- arithmancy
5- sacred geometry (extend, empower)
W5- discovery
7- sacred geometry (ectoplasmic, studied)

Appraise +12 (1 rank +3 trained +8 Int)
*appraise (yarmulke) +19 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [arcana] +20 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int +1 trait)
Knowledge [dungeoneering] +16 (5 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [geography] +14 (3 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
*know:geography (yarmulke) +19 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [history] +19 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [local] +16 (5 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [nature] +16 (5 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [nobility] +12 (1 rank +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [planes] +21 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int +2 race)
Knowledge [religion] +19 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Spellcraft +21 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int +2 race)
Use Magic Device +20 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int +1 trait)

background skills:
Linguistics +19 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)
Knowledge [engineering] +19 (8 ranks +3 trained +8 Int)

Inquisitor (CL 5)
spellbook: 0th- all
1st- 1- bless, cause fear, command, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, doom, forbid action, hide from undead, positive pulse, protection from evil, sanctify corpse, sanctuary

0th level- acid splash, detect magic, disrupt undead, guidance
1st level- cause fear, command, cure light wounds, protection from evil, sanctuary

Wizard (CL 7)
spellbook: 0th- all
1st- snowball, heightened awareness, grease, obscuring mist, infernal healing, vanish, ray of enfeeblement, alarm, enlarge person, charm person
2nd- create pit (7), detect thoughts, aggressive thundercloud, bull’s strength (6), faerie fire
3rd- dispel magic, hold person (9), fireball, haste (8)
4th- black tentacles, dimension door, greater invisibility, remove curse

0th level- dancing lights, mage hand, message, prestidigitation
1st level- snowball, heightened awareness, grease, vanish, ray of enfeeblement, enlarge person
2nd level- aggressive thundercloud, bull's strength, create pit (x2), faerie fire
3rd level- dispel magic, hold person, fireball, haste
4th level- black tentacles (x2), greater invisibility

iron bound copy of the Sefer Yetzirah (spellbook)
scholar's outfit, silken ceremonial armor
cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1
Yarmulke of the Shrewd Merchant: +4 Int (German, Latin; Appraise, Know:Geography)
spell component pouch; pearl of power [lvl 1]
flask of holy water (x4)
handy haversack: holy text [Tanakh], holy text [Zohar], holy text [Maaseh Merkabah], holy text [Talmud], holt text [Midrash]; spellbook; 1500 gold worth of potions/scrolls
235 gold

(new) scrolls: protection from energy (CL 8), cure serious wounds (CL 10)
wand of magic missile (CL 9); 33 charges

combat stats:
HP: 58 (1d8 +7d6 +8 Con)
AC: 13 (10 +1 armor +1 Dex +1 deflection)
*AC (w/mage armor) 16

Fort +6 (+4 base +1 Con +1 resist)
Ref +4 (+2 base +1 Dex +1 resist)
Will +9 (+7 base +1 Wis +1 resist)

My people settled on the north bank of the Black Sea within a generation of the Roman razing of Jerusalem, and dwelt there in peace for centuries. After the rise of the Mohammedans, they were joined by Mizrahi refugees from Mesopotamia and Persia. During the time of the Khazar Khaganate, many moved up the Dnieper river to the growing principality of Kiev. Our community prospered there and grew with the city until the Mongol horde laid waste to it and the surrounding countryside. Rebuilding proved difficult but an influx of our Ashkenazi brethren with the expansion of the Kingdom of Lithuania revitalized the community.

Through all this we safeguarded the hidden meanings of Torah and the Prophets- the ancient wisdom of the patriarchs and the prophets themselves to elucidate the spiritual truth over and behind and beyond the written word. Glimpses of the knowledge are preserved in the Talmud, and much of its wisdom can be found in the Zohar, but only we remember it in full.

I was born on the 18th of Ziv in the year 5148, as my people count them. It was an auspicious date. In gematria, 18 is an important number, representing life. Further, Ziv is the second month of our year, and 2 times 18 yields 36—the number of the Tzadikim Nistarim—perhaps the most important of all numbers. This was enough to count my birth blessed, but my father noted one further detail: the numerological value of “Ziv” is 13; factoring 18 and 13 out of the year 5148 leaves 22, the value of “tovah” which means favor or blessing. My father believed, and would often confide in others, that these signs pointed to me being one of the Tzadikim Nistarim. It always seemed a rather insubstantial argument to me, though I suppose there are some even in the Talmud that are no stronger, and I have aged quite well, so who knows.

From a young age I was trained in the ways of our people and took to my lessons naturally. After my Bar ’Mitzvah, I began assisting my father in his Rabbinic duties and soon was teaching several communities around Kiev, as well as giving a great deal of time to study. I met my wife, Feodora, in the city when I was 22 years old. We were married the next year. I loved her greatly, and she me, for 12 years before a fever took her. We had never been blessed with children and after her passing I poured myself ever more fully into study.

Several years later, a group of Sephardim visited our community and brought with them a copy of the Zohar as it was used in the Iberian communities. Reading through it, I discovered several inaccuracies which had arisen over the centuries, and determined that I should journey to Iberia to see them corrected. Plus, I was now in my late thirties and some people had begun to question my youthful appearance. I made the journey down river, across the Black Sea, and through Constantinople, where I booked passage on a ship to Valencia.

In Iberia I studied the thoughts and practices of the Sephardic scribes, I debated some of their rabbis, and was actually able to make a few corrections to their edition of the Zohar. I also met many interesting people. One was a Kabbalist, Ishak Caballero, who seemed to be wrong on a number of significant beliefs, and yet he had mastered invocations and evocations well beyond my own. I asked him how he could have done so and he replied, ”God is more than the intellect can grasp, and more than experience can reveal… more than both together can discern. But, both together will uncover more than either alone. You have great knowledge, Alexei, go and experience God.” Another was Luiz Philippe Manuel Loredo Chavez Monteverde de Sousa, a minor noble from the court of Prince Henry of Portugal. It was shortly after Ishak’s advice that Luiz mentioned to me in passing that the Prince was seeking men to undertake some work for him, and I responded with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. That’s how I ended up here- a 49 year old rabbi from Kiev, about to set sail for Africa under a Portuguese flag.

appearance and personality:
Alexei is a man of average height and a slight build. Despite the centuries of his family living in Eastern Europe, there is still an olive hue to his skin. His bright brown eyes show an uncanny keenness, and a thick chestnut beard hangs to the middle of his chest. He has taken to wearing the robes of Iberian scribes and scholars, favoring bright reds and yellows, but still often wears the silken outer robe and ephod that he journeyed from home in. Despite his age, his skin is smooth and free of any wrinkles and there isn’t so much as a hint of grey in his hair or beard.

Alexei is a humble and patient man. He enjoys helping others and appreciates humor, though he is not known for his own joke telling. He’s not afraid to voice his own opinion, nor to offer an explanation for it, but he is not stubborn or domineering in decision making.