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This is the wrong day for this.

A bit early but WOO HOO !!!

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The thread title and alignment jokes make this look like a joke thread, so it is moved to off topic.
But Ross, what if we don't want it?
Bury it in smurfs, non sequitors, and amusing aliases until it is assimilated?
I guess we can do that.
Wont that mean it just gets bigger and sticks around?
We could always force choke it instead?
Or non Trollishly talk about gaming.
Not to much to ask is it?
Think about the Kittens.
They. do. not. ask. for. much.
We could lick it, or hump it.
or ignore it and post to other threads until it is archived instead.
Oh my baby this is long...

Oh smurf it...

Attack of the one eyed Monsters!!!

Hey we changed??

Yay Freehold likes something!!


hmmm Teter?

it is not Erik Mona day yet!

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
New memo: Zombies hate Erik Mona. Pass it on.

Better tell.............

Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Dance

White Castle..................................................

Whats going on? Why are they looking at me with drool on their mouths?
hey stop that! No nibbling! get away! Momma said not to let people do that!
~ Backs slowly away~

hmmm White Castle..........Hmmmm