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Hmm... what's that mysterious new player on E:10 that suddenly appeared? You can tell me; it will be our secret...

With little to do, Alabaster goes to the bartender and attempts to get a saucer of milk; or a mudslide...

Either way, he's flexible :)

baldwin the merciful wrote:
Dirk you already know his studded collar has feint magical aura it prevented his possession +4 will save.

Hmph! Magic-shmagic! The point is; is the collar stylish? And more importantly - will it attract the roving eye of lovely lasses to pet and pamper me, as well as saucy kitties to dally and cavort with me? The humanoids are not the only folk that wish to "sow some oats" in this metropolis and in such ventures, pieces of flair can be paramount... I am Alabaster - and I have spoken!

merchants wrote:
"My I touch the kitty?" She reaches to stroke the cat. "It should be no problems getting him fixed up proper attire."

Alabaster seems a bit put off to be called a mere 'kitty' - however, he warmly responds to any petting with an enthusiasm that eclipses any of the males in his company thus far.

He trots quick to the woman and rubs up against her leg, curling his little tail around her calf and purring loudly - yet he does what he can to make sure that his purrs sound both rugged and masculine, which should surprise no one.

As for the mention of "proper attire" - Alabaster seems content with the idea of wearing "attire"; provided it is in the latest fashion and trend. He gives David a stern look which seems to suggest - Don't forget to accessorize with appropriate jewels and gems!

Then he returns to plenty of proper pampering...

baldwin the merciful wrote:
I have this quirk where I like to track and analyze the success ratios of other PbP games. This type of information is useful when putting groups together and determining the probability that a game will either succeed or fail. So, I just noticed that this game has already hit the top 238 games out of 4104 games on the board in posting. The game a few posts ahead of us - we'll be ahead by the end of the day - is another RC game (the longest running RC game on the board) that was started in Sept 2013.

Don't thank us - it's all Andrea1; she's the real mastermind behind our success rate ;)

baldwin the merciful wrote:
I totally forgot he does have magical collar one...the silver studs. +1 enchantment similar to the totem/idols

Very well, you are forgiven... for now...

baldwin the merciful wrote:
Alabaster is not magical.

Yes he is…

Embrianna wrote:
Will also be detecting magic on the Cat and asking Dirk to look it over and make sure that it is a real cat.

Only if my human casts "Detect Magic" on all of you guys, first!

After all, how do I know that you are all real sailors and he's on a real ship? :p


Pushing past the others he moves quickly to the front and stares hard at the captain.

Capt Willie Longplank, NPC wrote:
"Get yourselves cleaned up and warm meal, then we'll meet in the officers mess in two hours."

He gives the captain a brisk nod, then turns and struts off, seeking out David and looking to discover where his formal quarters will be located.

Thrasher! wrote:
oh well, might as well make an avatar for thrasher.

"Nice to meet you! You seem very delicious... I mean, very nice!"

Alabaster looks at the Captain and gives him an exaggerated yawn as the man goes about the search in the cabin.

Suddenly the cat notices that everyone in the room isn’t paying attention to him, so he reaches his paw down, extends his claws, and takes a swipe at his Captain to get his attention.

Then he stares hard at the gear, specifically the pipe, as if to say – Enough with your hairbrain theories about books and secret compartments! Just say that you’re going to “take everything of note in a big bundle” and stop wasting time. Then you just say that you're getting out of the cabin and get off the ship right NOW!

He does what he can to make a scene with this display until everyone stops what they're doing and pays attention to him.

Of course, when he finally notices people are paying attention he immediately ignores everyone and curls up on Dirk/Captain Cray’s shoulders and basks in their attention with an obvious expression of indifference.

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baldwin the merciful wrote:
A pipe and a pouch of fine smoke sit idly on the desk, as if the occupant of this cabin still planned on enjoying it later.

"Meow... purr, purr, purr..."


"Stop looking at treasure and continue to lavish me with attention for exactly as long as I demand you to, but no more than that, or less - or I shall smite you with my Claw of Scratching!"

"Also, who said I'd be hunting rats?"

Rats? Really? Bleh! So that you know, I prefer salmon, and sometimes tuna, because those are delicious! But rats are not delicious - and they are also ugly, which is not fun at all!"

"Also, when is nap time? It has been nearly three hours and I haven't had a proper nap..."

"Ooh! There is a shiny light flickering outside the door... It's shiny, I like shiny stuff!"

FYI - If you can understand the language of cats, I take my hat off to you ;)