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Dotting. Thinking of an Oracle going into Hellknight Signifer if the dice are kind to me. Focus would be Cha, foible would be str.

Dex. 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Con. 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Int. 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Wis. 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

So, After losing track of this thread for a while, And coming back to find both the amazingly epic Sephirah and a lack of new suggestions... How about more Celestials in that class? Something in the CR 12-15 range that functions kinda like a living Celestial tank. Maybe similar in theme to the Colossus from Starcraft.

Hmm, Well since I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of how to make an Aasimar work. I think I'll be using another character I made a while back, but never got a chance to play. I'll just need to work on her stats a bit to make sure they fit with the different point buy. Although first I need to make sure that you're ok with someone reflavoring classes.

Dotting. Are the variant Aasimar / Tiefling heritages available?

Dotting. Any limit on what 3.5 books are allowed?

Backstory is giving me a little more trouble then I thought. Annnnnnnd, I was thinking either Order of the Nail, or Order of the Pike, Trying to pick which one would be better for the setting.

How about an ascended Qlippoth? A LG CR 18ish mass of madness inducing Celestial goodness.

One more question. Are we doing max HP at first level?

After messing around with a couple of builds. I think I'll be going just plain Oracle until I can get to the Hellknight class. As for what kind of Oracle, I'm not entirely sure. Flame seems to be the most logical choice. But I can't help but wonder if something else would be more interesting without getting to weird.

Also. I'm not entirely sure if the Signifer initiation thing can be done before the party gets carried off into the cosmos.

Dotting, And working on a couple character concepts. Possibly going with an Inquisitor / Oracle going to Hellknight Signifer if that's alright? I've been wanting to give one a go for a while, and since the campaign starts in Cheliax it seems fitting.

Dotting. And any chance you'd be willing to allow a Ninja? The concept I have could work with a multiclass Rogue, but Ninja seems to be a more effective route.

Cortana and EDI could work for CG or NG. And I always saw GLaDOS as more CN then CE. As for the other alignments... No idea.

Dotting. And as for races, Would you happen to allow a Samsaran?

Tried it once, Was promptly glared at by the entire group and asked to never do it again. Apparently my voice acting skills are lacking.

Ultimate Magus and Master of the Unseen Hand.

Defiantly interested in this one. Probably going to go with an Air Elemental Bloodline Sorcerer.

One question though. How extensive is the amnesia? Is it just personal details or is it everything?

I'd make it a Martial Artist Monk for the lulz. The image of a random disembodied hand flying around the room smacking the PCs is too amazing to pass up.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this one yet. Skyline.

Well. Looks like the Wii U is going to be my main console for the next generation.

Hmm, Gunslinger 2 / Alchemist 2 / Wizard 2 / Rogue ( Detective Archetype ) 1.

And now. If I remember the results of the "What D&D character would you be" test...

Str. 6
Dex. 17
Con. 6
Int. 17
Wis. 13
Cha. 9

Not 25 point buy I don't think. But it sums me up so much better then a point buy would.

As for items... Masterwork Blunderbuss via Heirloom weapon. Rod of Wonder, And Ioun stones, Lots and lots of Ioun stones. And a bag of Holding at the first available moment.

No >.> The 2010 one. *Shudders* That movie would probably be considered psychological torture in some countries.

Tangled. By far the worst P.O.S I've ever seen in my entire life. I've seen the original D&D movie, All the Scary Movie clones, and none of them come close to that level of suck. There was a guy that owned a Comic store in my town that would chase out people that loitered during MtG games with that movie. It made hardcore MtG plays drop their cards and flee.

That movie was pretty awesome. I didn't know it was on DVD though o.o

Scratch that. Didn't see that there was already someone wanting to play one.

Dotting. I have a character in mind but I have to ask something first. Would a non-cheese Synthesist be allowed?

According to This site My stats are

NG Wizard


I'd have switched the int and the dex, but *shrug*

Wolfsbane and Belladonna are the same plant. Probably just an oversight in the editing.

I'd say solidly LN

Dotting. And I don't suppose a Synthesist would be allowed?

You could go the route Bastion took with the gods. Where each one is dualistic in opposing elements. Like you have the god of Health / Illness. One for Battle / Peace. ect.

Sometimes there are just people who aren't cut out for being really good roleplayers. No matter what kinda of scenarios you throw at them. I've been playing RPGs in various forms for about ten years, and I'm still a horrible roleplayer.

Ah well. Good luck with the game.

I have to try to get in on this. I'll have a character ready by tomorrow. Thinking Human Aristocrat / Alchemist.

Would you mind posting the modified rules for Kalashtar? I'm kinda interested in playing one.

I'd love to see some early 1900's Science fiction monsters get a write up too.

The Thin Men from Nuat island in Rahadoum

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I think the real question that needs to be asked here is...Is it rollplaying or roleplaying for my cha 7 Gunslinger Paladin to kill an entire village with the dark blade of Rovagug, and is he still LG?

Compared to how powerful PF PCs are though. I don't think a straight conversion of either the Warlock or the Swordsage would be too overpowered anymore.

I'm not sure if this would help you all that much. But something that gave me a bit of help was writing out a couple of different ways the plot could branch out if the PCs did something unexpected. Helped me keep the story more focused in the event of PC randomness.

All of Spelljammer, and Planescape...and Mystara....

Thassilonian Specialist Wizard. Possibly a Lich with some disguise spells.

In an old game, There was someone who played a Guard named Ash, who was from the town of Ashguard.

I'm in no way an expert on design or balance. But as far as basic ideas...

I'd add an effect to Tannaris's aura that would make targets under its affect attempt to steal / disarm from their ally's every round they're under it

For Ungarato. I'd have it give the wielder a Barghest's feed ability, that also gives some other buffing effect. Like Hero's feast.

And finally for Shin-Tari. I'd add a Crushing Despair effect to its strikes. reflavored as severe apathy. And maybe the ability to cast Waves of Exhaustion 3/day.

And one last thing, I could see Baraket having maybe a once daily use of Repel Metal or Stone. Seems kinda fitting for the sword of pride to be able to be able to force back "unworthy" weapons.

Hope some of these ideas helped.

Question, Would you happen to allow the White Necromancer from Kobold Quarterly 19?

Hmm... Let's see.

I'd probably be a Gunslinger / Alchemist.

Now for the stats.

Str 6. Yeah... Doesn't need much explaining.

Dex 16. I do have fairly good hand / eye coordination. And I was able to bullseye a target my first time ever shooting a bow, and do it consistently afterwords.

Con 8. I seem to be following in the footsteps of the previous posters with having a ton of medical issues and getting sick alot. but I tend to recover pretty quick. Maybe I have endurance and diehard as bonus feats?

Int 14. I read alot. and my mind is almost always buzzing with some sort of (usually random and useless) information...

Wis 7. ...But sadly my common sense and awareness suffer from it.

Cha 14? I'm not really social or anything. But I'd like to think my willpower and personality are a bit stronger then normal.

Ugh, Well this might be a problem. After doing a bit of checking, in order to make this character how I want...I may have to engage in what some may consider cheese.

The idea was for an Air bloodline Sorcerer that uses int instead of cha for her casting. Which I can do if I take the Wildblooded and Crossblooded Archetypes. Would this be ok, or is it pushing it? I can rework the character if it's too much.

You forgot the one level dip into Witch for the prehensile hair hex too.

And just to be clear. Archetypes are good, right?

Alright! Sounds about like how I'd play it normally. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

Dotting while I work on a backstory. Also. Would you mind explaining what you'd want out of a LE character a bit more? Seems a little vague as it is.

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