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Companion Ranged Attacks

Arcane dip for Sword and Flail Fighter?

Changing Slam attacks damage type

Necromancer builds

Mitigating Enervation Spam

AM and AMY

Monster King Orochi

Best Earth-Based Character Build

Monster Race Suggestions for a PC Build

Maaah Maaaghus! Story RP future and character background ideas? And Arcana Spell scar suggestions.

Dream Thief?

Wizard Tricks

Scythe wielding gish caster

Is the Chararacter Overpowered, the Polymorph Overpowered, or Natural Attacks Overpowered?

Best non-core spells?

Is double-barrel pistol even worth it?

Any psychic casters aside occult and sorcerer bloodline?

Speaker of the Palatine Eye for Carrion crown.

Advice for creating a colossal Necromantic "Venus Fly-trap Plant-esque" monster

Quick Question, Lunge and Defensive Stance

High Powered Party Challenges!

Level one sorcerer.

Need help with a build PF 1E

Daikitsu - Looking for further information

Highest Diplomacy! Can You Get Your Bonus Over 100 by lvl 20?

Zodiac themed towers for party

What do YOU think MY character looks like?

Dealing With Quarterbacking

Android alternative racial traits

Support / Hammer for a new-ish player

Finishing some characters.

Inquisitor - Use of Judgements

Char turned out different than I thought

Getting inside reach weapons

Collection of Environmental Hazards and Challenges

Fey Spellcasters Differences

How to handle difficult players?

Cant Really Decide for my next build! FML

Mooncursed Mechanics

Considering Playing a Full Caster But not sure what one

Which Wizard Discoveries Are Worth It?

Animal Companion Feat - Questions!

The Amazing Rope Girl! Ultimate grapple and tie up build

Please help with a spell-casting focused Inquisitor as an enemy NPC

Strongest low level Archery build

Could Use some Advice on making an Effective yet flavorful Kineticist (Pyromancer)

Pact Wizard backstory, suggestions wanted

Advice for a Ghoulish Vigilante Build

Any good Easter adventures?

Samurai Options

Is there a way to recharge a 'once per day' feat? / Animal Companion Advice

Investigator - Character Build (advice)

Warpriest dip

Summoning Build for Melee Presence: Take 2

Blessing Death - Can I Heal from negative energy?

Gestalt Kineticist Guide

I want the most overpowered, broken, horrifically twisted build.

Best Race for an Alchemist Gunslinger

Blind character in PFS

Some help with making some fun curses:

Help me build supervillains for a Superhero Campaign

Suggestions for Sacred Fist Warpriest, how to move to target to make flurry of blows

[PFS] Lunar Oracle advice

Tips for a first-time GM?

Ninja Gaiden / DoA Kasumi Build

Necromancer puppeteer advice?

Help Me Arrange These Into a Coherent Adventure

Is it possible to get this combination of domains on a cleric?

Lucky to the Max

Exploration and Discovery

Help build the most effective Giant / orc "scum of the mountains" barbarian build

PC Looking for His Parents

MageHunter's Guide to the Rage Prophet!

A Query About the Yuki-Onna

TWF Rogue Help Needed (PFS)

How do I build an Archer / Cleric?

feats,spells,traits, abilities etc that let you use feats, spells, traits, and abilities that you dont normally have access to? (especially ones where you dont have to pick one and stick with it the rest of the game)

Weapon Shift and Energy Type Weapons: Bootleg Elemental

Bolt Ace Help

Non-standard Magic items for 13th level arcanist?

Paladin tank

Cleric of Roavgug - humanoid "spawn" build

Character Concept: Rat Rogue

Are diety-specific spells and items locked to worshippers?

Critique my creepy Cancer Goblin!

Pure Legion Enforcer - Prestige Class. Best practices?

Can a martial (or.. not a full caster) character get Make Whole or Greater as a spell-like?

Adding damage to objects hit with Awesome Blow

What does a scrying sensor look like?

Non-Combat Based Encounters that Challenge the Party

Vampire vs Succubus

Metamorph Archetype / Master Chymist?

Unchained Archer summoner & Eidolon build - where to go from here?

A odd sort of tank

How does this Archery build look?

Realizing Character Flavor and Goals (Vishkanya Geokineticist)

Knighting a PC

Sundering Improvements

Evaluate my build - Brawler / Monk Grapple Master

Summoner (synthesist) & gear

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