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Kitty unchained rogue advice wanted

Medium for PFS

Torture, can a not evil character justify doing it?

Faster command words? (Transformative)

Slurk riding and imbalance

life oracle feat help?

Creating a Gambling Player / Character

trying a pfs intimidate / DR barbarian. advice / rate for the build please

BBEG for closing up a major subplot of a campaign Monk / Sorc / DD

Item Pricing Question

Half-Balor Template

Help pick a "tank" design for barbarian, UC Armored Hulk AC vs Invuln Rager DR

Changing an adventure path for 6 players

Build Help: Warrior Poet / Swashbuckler / Duelist Wombo Combo

Menzo Drow campaign, need simple ideas for mini adventures.

As the GM, How Much Should I Pull My Punches

DMing enemy NPCs, prioritzing PCs, and how to go about it.

War-priest or Inquisitor Dual Wakizashi build help

Blood Arcanist with Sylvan bloodline help.

War-priest or Inquisitor Dual Wakizashi build help

Iomedae Inspired Achievement List

Training Charisma IC?

Really could use Build Advice Martial Armorist

Encounter difficulty in a homemade module

Lv 5 melee cleric

Trying to make artillery team work

Thinking of making a good natured Gnone necromancer.

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Help me flush out a Weretouched Shifter / Unchained Barbarian build

Spell list comparison

Lever action rifle.

Serious doubts with the alignment

Recommendations! LF modules / encounters for a side mission to provide bonding moment for a new player to the group

Lord and saviour masterwork studded leather armour barding?

Oracle Mystery

Sudden shifting behind an enemy

Theory-Crafting: Forget the "big bad" of Evil Guy

Obtaining immortality?

Best staff for staff magus

Crafting a Wonderous Item with multiple low level spells each command activated 1 per day

Channelling and low charisma

Advice on Cleave

Reincarnated Character - Human Ranger to Gnome - What should I do?

Animate Colossal Object?

Maximum Sp or Su Abilities

Pathfinder melee claric

Weapon Damage scaling

Life Leech (Mystery of Nature): Is leeching party members evil?

Argus questions

Looking for a tough, high-level dungeon to challenge my PCs


New campaign class problem

How to Build Your Campaign: A Step by Step List

Fudging Rolls: Yea or Nay?

The best way to make someone Sickened?

Inspiring bloodrager

Campaign advice please

inquisitor multi-class

Advice on my Halfling Support Tank


Smuggler's Vault

Banner Stacking

Shaman Advice - Suggestions for Possible Changes

Why does everyone recommend Death Ward?

Creating Monsters for a fun campaign (wow)

Best Dip for a Gun Using Eldritch Archer

Canine quasi-PC

Stat distribution "play it where it lies"

Orc Goliath Druid Favored Class Alternative Bonus

Frontliner Advice for ToEE

Hell's Rebels: Gray Paladin or Courtly Hunter?

Rappan Athuk Wizard advice

Advice on Cleave

DM Advice: Encounter Seed Ideas

If i wanted to use perform (sing) to shatter wine glasses, how do?

Inquisitor With +38 AB At Level 12?

PLEASE NO SPOILERS, but help me live! (buff recommendations)

Making the Most of Conductive Weapon

Creatures that make interesting zombies

Paladin Code of Korada

PFS - Reliable Reduce Person for Non-Caster?

Butler Skills?

Charge build, with or without a mount?

If i wanted to use perform (sing) to shatter wine glasses, how do?

Normal Druid or totem animal archetype?

Making a Kineticist construction worker / real estate salesman

Advice for my crossbow priestess?

BRING ME THANOS... revisions!

Trying to turn a 3.5 Warlock into a pathfinder world character

Named Bullet, Stunning Critical, and Dastardly Finish

Lets Build Doctor octopus’s Tentacle harness

Warpriest of Erastil wannabe Ranger, advice needed!

Non-Animating Necromancer

advice for oracle / sorcere feats?

Mounted Charge PC build

Need help building a boss

Iron out a dragon disciple build

Tips on Buffing Up the Mystic Theurge Class

Multiclassing for Charisma-based Monk

Non Chaotic Non evil shadow creatures

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