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Just checking if I've been misunderstanding alignment damage or not..

In the Cleansing Chamber of N8 it says that anyone entering the pool will take 8d6 Lawful damage each round for three round. The NPC Kirosthrek apparently 'Endured the damage' when entering it in hopes of gaining its benefits. However Kirosthrek is listed as a Neutral Evil character, not a Chaotic Evil character.

I was under the impression alignment damage only hit those who were oppositely opposed? Law vs Chaos and Good Vs Evil. Is this an error or not the case and I've been doing alignment damage incorrectly? Or did Kirosthrek gain a new outlook on life after their bath? :P

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There are some spells like divine wrath that deal alignment damage to folks that aren't directly opposed. Could run it as something similar to that where anyone takes lawful damage other than lawful types, or quite probably this was just a miss and they shouldn't have taken damage.

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