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If I remember correctly, the Urgathoan temple beneath the hospice doesnt't have a lot of exits, right? So he could set them a trap, or just destroy the exit and hope they don't have teleportation spells.

In case that's not practical, I agree that the good doctor would not stay until the PCs emerge. He'd probably order all remaining guards to try and stop them, and then report back to his superiors. I don't see him fleeing, as the Red Mantis and the queen are not people you want to bail on. This would either be the Queen or Kordaitra, in either case they could encounter him again beneath Longacre; either as opponent or in a cell. The Queen could say he was executed, or that he just fled the continent on a ship before they knew of his trechery.

I'd also say that Rolth would likely be encountered in Old Korvosa, with the emperor. I also like your idea of replacing the Emperor with Rolth and Gaedren, I'd say they are similar enough in sadism and personality to have the stuff with the final blade and blood sport fit. Not sure whether they'd put up with Salvator though. And didn't Rolth hate his father or something? Long time since I read that part...

I know my version of Rolth that survived stalked the party through book 4 and 5, cut a deal with the Umbral Dragon from book 5 that they robbed of his hoard before freeing him of the chain spirit and they both ambushed the party after the party finished clearing out the curse of the Chain spirit, saying how happy he was that the party had given him a perfect new lab to experiment in, but "unfortunately my new friend here still holds a grudge (referring to the dragon he was riding)".

You could have Rolth just disappear as he was just a nobody on the Queen's payroll, and Davalus returns to a more regular role withing the Assassins to be re-encountered torturing and inoculating the grey maiden recruits at the end of Book 4.

As written,the only real clue to check the hospice comes at the end of the party and only if they keep the boss alive AND get her to talk.

I'd like to sprinkle more clues throughout the AP but maybe with the key piece missing until they complete that mission.

Anyone have any experience doing something like that?

I usually have Jolistina surrender before she gets completely merced or if she gets cornered, starting with "Alright, I'll take you to Rolth." Enough for it to seem like a surrender but still a sinister threat. That and Rolth's name drop should be enough to imply he is partially behind the outbreak. (She also usually accosts them inside the manor as soon as she gets a good look at them for messing with Rolth's stuff before in the Dead Warrens.)

If for some reason they still kill her or have no reason to suspect Davaulus, as the remaster decided to completely swap the order of events, then Kroft can simply grow suspicious, saying that she never trusted him, and so she sent two of her men who got sick with light symptoms undercover, and they have yet to return or be reported dead. In this case, just change the two still living people in the beds of Rolth's lab to be the two undercover guards.

I went a little more off the beaten path and added in a reflavoured and slightly reworked haunted house from Rise of the Runelords to which she had a key with an insignia on it, which allowed the PCs to make a knowledge history or nobility check to recognize. They then went and checked that place out and found hints on where to go next.

A smaller version of what I did could simply be to have something on her that points to Rolth and / or Davaulus. (Maybe a letter from Rolth that mentions the "doctor in disguise" or some such thing).
Maybe there's a plague doctor outfit in the house with a note in the pocket saying that she can use it to get into the hospice without raising an alarm.

Hello all!

Next session, I migth start the second tome "Seven days to the grave", so I started reading it careffully.

I would like your opinions on two topics.

- did anyone played it with some evil PCs? I think it will be ok as they some familly and friends in Korvosa. They will be interested to figure what is hapening (fingers crossed). I think they will help Grau. So all in all, I'm not too worried, but if anyone has some returns, I'm interested :)

- I'm am a bit dissapointed by Togomor NPC. I was thinking it would be nice to tide him to the existing plots. I was thinking he could be a kind of puppet of the Arkonas, or at least be working with them, up to the points they are defeated later on in the next chapters. How did you played him?

Thank you :)

Have you read the rest of the adventures? Togmor is possessed by a devil.

When you say “evil” what type of evil? If you need to persuade them there is always treasure. Or even the threat of the disease ripping through the selfish and evil PCs.

Arg, sorry. I must admit I read the other chapters in diagonal. So it's probably better to keep him as written not to introduce too many discrepencies. I'll check his story. Sorry for the stupid question then ^^' I'm glad I checked.

For the evil aspect, they are playing a thieves gang. They are nor cruel nor diabolic evil, but some assasins and thieves with some «flexible morale». So the promises of treasure, or the threat of the disease that will detroy their city, themselves, friends and families should be more than enough even if they are not the «city heroes». I just wanted to check. Thank you!

Also in escape form old korvosa, I get them impression that glorio arkona really wants to “save” the city. He could “volunteer” the group to start looking into things by having one of the lower level goons approach the group. I suggest Boule from the third module.

Or Cressidia could catch them and make them save the city as a penance for their other crimes, perhaps she sees a “good” in them or even a fight fire with fire approach, needing some “in the grey area of the law” actions investigating for a, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

Togomor also isn't supposed to really even make an appearance to the party until book 3 beginning, and isn't meant to be a threat until obviously book 6 when they might actually need to fight him.

Something to be careful for with using Glorio (or even better Meliya) Arkona to have the party look into the plague is that eventually Old Korvosa gets walled off and put in mass quarantine by the Queen, as part of the events for book 3. This means they will lose contact with Glorio/Meliya, even through proxy by Boule. Also having them use Boule as a proxy kinda undermines the reveal that the Arkonas (who are also not quite human) are the real masterminds behind the Cerulean Society and not the pomp that is Boule.

Thank you both. It seems it's probably time to read the next chapters. I will keep Togomor out of sigth then, as he should be before chapter 3. And I was wrong, he deserves to have his own agenda.

Regarding using Boule or the Arkonas for chapter 3, even if I would like to foreshadow Boule earlier, I would like to avoid to undermine the revelation. I still have to time to figure that out.

I indeed played Cressida needing them to have a "grey area" strength. It was a bit far fetched, but ok.

So all in all, I keep Togomor descrete for now. And the Arkonas also will be more or less descrete during this chapter, busy to work on their own plots. I think my "not so evil" PC will bite on one of the hooks :)

Thank you!

The book really undersells just how bad Korvosa is through out the adventures. Cressidia goes into hiding with the rebels after Illeosa starts to disband all of the existing law and militia in Korvosa. By the third book, I had Cressidia and just a handful of other militia people working the fort. They were so understaffed they could not even leave to police the rest of the city. When my group asked to be “deputized” Cressidia said she did not want that attention on the Korvosa militia. The group needed to act in the shadows in case their actions would come back to her.

Another thing the game seems to underplay is all of the things happening behind the scenes, like Illeosa taking blood, taking down the sable company etc.

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