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Welcome to issue four of Empire Today - a collection of Current Events turned into Adventure Ideas...

1. A Market Place Massacre

Solak experienced the explosions, felt the heat of the fire, heard the screams of the injured. It seemed to be coming from all directions as the panicked crowd struggled to escape the slaughter.
"Die Infidels!" The Voice in the storm of noises caught his attention and he turned to see a tattooed madman throwing a gemstone at him.

DM Briefing: A band of Killers slaughter thirty nine people in a market square with fireball gems and disappear into the panicked crowd. PCs are called in to identify who the Killers are as the Market place is surrounded by Guardsmen with no one allowed to leave.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/09/22/10/18/kenyan-mall-massacre

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2. I claim this island in the name of...

"It should be all right out here...we can wait until the Land stops shaking." Captain Harando looked back at the towers and walls of the city which continued to sway and topple. Fires seemed to rage in the distance.
"Land Ho!" The cry came from Forward. Sailor Kordova was pointing at a small Island that was still rising out of the Sea.

DM Briefing: As a Kingdom is struck by a Terrible Quake an Island of land is pushed up out of the Sea just off the coast.

Source: http://io9.com/7-7-magnitude-quake-in-pakistan-just-created-a-new-isla-1377 964003

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3. Lake of Stone

"By the Gods...Water!" Halvard ran forward to the edge of the rock ridge. The Lake below seemed tranquil. Birds perched silently on Branches overlooking its still waters. Halvard descended a gravel wash to the waters edge and scooped repeatedly at the water pouring it down his parched mouth yet every scoop seemed to harden in his throat.

DM Briefing: A lake causes any living thing drinking from its still waters to turn to stone.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/10/02/05/10/deadly-lake-turns-animals -into-statues

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4. Caverns of the Underworld

Drun dropped the old cow bell over the edge into the cloud of fog and waited for the sound of it striking the bottom of the Cave. It took a while for a distant sound to make its way back to the surface. Drun conducted a quick calculation in his head as he looked across the far side of the pit into which he would need descend. That was a lot of Rope.

DM Briefing: A network of Caverns are discovered that are so huge they have their own weather - clouds and fog. This is an opportunity to spend Months below the earth exploring a huge network of caves and giant caverns for the Adventurers.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2441450/Er-Wang-Dong-cave-Ch ina-huge-weather-system.html

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5. Masked Ferals strike in City

She descended the staircase or stone from the bridge only to find herself surrounded by black masked ferals that hissed uncommunicativly at her and flexed their hands open and close to indicate she should be forthcomming with what they were after. Katalina screamed and ran from the six furry beasts that pursued her down the cobblestone street.

DM Briefing: Giant Raccoons stalk people walking the streets. They attack in Packs of six or more looking for food.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2442428/Gangs-raccoons-stalking-ter rorising-commuters-outside-train-stations.html

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6. Fire destroys Warehouses

Jenga watched as the fire took hold in the Warehouse district. The Six warehouses were filled with sugar bound for the Capital of the Thyatian Empire.
"That should sour their bellies." Jenga walked away from his handy work.

DM Briefing: A fire destroys six warehouses filled with 300,000 tons in the Port of Ravenscarp. PCs get to investigate the arson.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/10/19/10/55/brazil-fire-burns-300-000 -tonnes-of-sugar

Always good to see another one of these.

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7. Explorers discover lost world

Harvin looked at his chart. This wall of impossibly large boulders encompassed a rather large area of land.
"Kudrov! Have you found a way up? Kudrov?" Harvin the Cartographer looked about for his companion. Where had Kudrov vanished to?

DM Briefing: Explorers discover a lost world at the heart of the forest cut off from civilization by a wall of giant boulders. This is an opportunity to simply stumble across an isolated region a few square miles in area.

Source: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2013/10/incredible-remote-lost-world-discovered-w ith-never-before-seen-species/

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8. Statue Envy

Alvin of Threshold climbed to the top of the wooden platform that now reached the statue's neck some four hundred feet high. From here he could see the Castle of Marilenev in the distance and the Capital of Specularum in its shadow.
The Artisan was measuring the Stonework of the Neck.
"How does the work progress Master Theron?" The grizzled old man paused.
"Slower with every interruption."

DM Briefing: A Statue of King Stephan Karameikos is to be built in the Capital City of Specularum. At 450 feet it will stand taller than the Statue dedicated to the First Cleric of Law that overlooks the Bay of Rainbows in the Armpit of the Immortals and the Statue of the First Emperor of Thyatis.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/the-worlds-tallest-statue-is-under-contst ruction-it-will-be-twice-the-size-of-the-statue-of-liberty-2013-11

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9. Maelstrom Devastates Islands

Alpert shifted the rubble aside to reveal another body. The Storm had devastated the islands of the Thanegioth Archipelago.
"Januka!" No reply came as he moved on through the wreckage of Tanaroa. His beloved Wife and her fellow natives had been devoured.

DM Briefing: A Terrible maelstrom devastates Tropical Islands killing over then thousand people.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/philippines-estimates-at-least-10000-died -from-super-typhoon-2013-11

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10. Wizard develops Magic Tattoo

"Vocalize." The word resounded across the hall as Hanbar the Wizard tested his Magic Tattoo for the first time. The sound of his word rocked the Tower...

DM Briefing: A wizard develops a Specialized Magic Tattoo that functions to record and transmit the spoken word. It is the beginning of a new era in Magic with Tattoos for everything.

Source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2426918,00.asp

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Giant hare spotted in forest

Gregor drove the old wagon along the road with his wife beside him when he spotted something large on the side of the forested road. It seemed to have an oddly looking head and very long tail.
"Smia! Look at the strange looking Hare!" Smia came to wake and contemplated what it was that she was looking at. That was no Hare. She watched it hop several times as it moved on its powerful hind legs using it's tail for balance.
"Kangaroo!" She recognized the description from the old Travelers Almanac. It had to be.

DM Briefing: Wealthy merchants buy exotic animals all the time for their private zoos. In this case a Kangaroo (from a far away land) has escaped confinement and is roaming loose in the Forests. PCs might be employed to capture the 'giant hare' for its owner or other interested parties.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/11/11/08/20/stray-kangaroo-loose-in-r ussian-forest

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12. Doves of Peace

Patriarch Helmut the fifth released the doves of Peace from the temple tower over the gathered worshipers who had listened to his speech for peace amongst the kingdoms only to watch in horror as the white birds were attacked and killed by black crows.
Asnine the Anarchist smiled looked at his companion.
"That should send the right message". Asnine smiled and walked back inside the apartment with the empty cages that had held the trained carrion feeders moments before.

DM briefing: doves of Peace released by the church patriarch are butchered by crows in a dark omen for the future.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/birds-attack-peace-doves-freed-from-popes -window-2014-1

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13. Wizard revives thirty thousand year old virus

merlako blew his nose on a rag before returning to the viewing aparatus where the latest permafrost sample lay melting.
"Damn cold, last thing I need is pneumonia".

DM briefing: merkalo the plague ventures into the permafrost forests of the frozen north in search of frozen life. He discovers a megavirus which he is able to revive.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/health/2014/03/05/10/04/scientists-resurrect-300 00-year-old-virus

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14. The deepsea is discovered

Kolath examined the gem turning it in his fingers against the light.
'It cant be...' Vogar looked up from his ale at Kolath's comment.
'What cant be?' Kolath's hand was shaking uncontrolably.
'This gem was formed in water.' Kolath smiled.
'What? Like the bottom of ocean?' Vogar had never heard of ocean-made gems. The idea they might get rich walking along a beach woke him fully.
'Yes and no.' Kolath spread the fingers of his hand and allowed the gem to drop to the table.
'In an ocean deep beneath the world...'

DM briefing: a gem that formed in an ocean around four hundred miles below the surface of the world is discoved. This is of interest to explorers.

Source: http://post.jagran.com/water-rich-gem-points-to-vast-oceans-beneath-earth-1 394712244

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15. Quest for native artefacts goes wrong

"we got word that our son was last seen swimming toward an island from his sinking yacht. It was home to a people not unfond of eating the brains of peoples that they might take their souls for themselves." Lady Alomar wiped her teary eyes.
"Please find our son."

DM briefing: the son of a wealthy merchant family goes missing while searching for a primitive tribe. The tribe indulge in all those taboos the rest of the world consider unacceptable. Sharing wives, killing and eating people to become the victim...

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/what-happened-to-michael-rockefeller-2014 -3

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16. Food and water riots expected in near future

"What do you mean I need to pay for well water?" Arlo the trader scoffed at the villager who had demanded he pay a copper coin for each bucket of water drawn.
"I bring you your grain shipment you idiot. Perhaps its time I increased my prices." Arlo shoved the peasant farmer aside and dropped the bucket into the well. The bucket hit rocks and a slight splash. There was still water down there.

DM briefing: long droughts and shorter rains are predicted to result in water and food riots in the years ahead.

Source: http://io9.com/famine-and-water-riots-are-coming-warns-new-intergover-15550 54047

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17. Blood of children extends life
"I have conducted a number of experiments. If I can find you a child - the right child - I can infuse you with their blood and give you immortality." Darvo the alchemist smiled.
"but it will cost you. What I do is not cheap." Baron Thargand nodded in agreement. In his current condition he would not live to see the end of the year.
"You will have your weight in diamonds if you so desire..."

DM briefing: an alchemist discovers that a blood transfusion from child to parent extends parent's lifespan and improves health. Begins abducting and harvesting from donor children for wealthy clients.

Source: http://gawker.com/the-fountain-of-youth-is-filled-with-blood-1571659632

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18. Religious fanatics abduct hundreds of girls

"All is well girls...everything is fine. We are taking you to safety." Zamba the fanatic waved to his companions to get them loaded on the backs of the wagons quicker. At this pace real soldiers of the kings-guard would be on them before they were done.

DM briefing: religious fanatics disguised as soldiers abduct two hundred and seventy six young girls from a village. They will be sold into marriages or enslaved.

Source: http://m.ntnews.com.au/news/world/three-weeks-after-their-mass-abduction-27 6-nigerian-schoolgirls-are-still-missing/story-fnjbobed-1226905622254

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19. Ufo crashes in isolated village

kal the goatherd watched the blue fireball descend toward the horizon, the roar of its comming growing all the while as it aproached over the tops of the distant forest with a thunderous roar, passing over his startled herd of goats, scattering them and closing on his village with a crash...

DM briefing: a metal sphere falls from space into an isolated village. What it means for the people of the village and surrounding lands is anyones guess.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/technology/2014/05/21/13/33/ufo-crash-lands-in-c hinese-village

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20. Sandstorm ravages city

Hakem watched the wall of dust roll and broil in the sky as it washed over the city. Panicked Citizens fled, many closed shutters across their open windows and others cowered in corners with nothing more than a cloak to shield themselves of the choking, stinging storm that plunged their community into chaos.

DM briefing: a sandstorm ravages a city killing some of its populace over several hours. If pcs are to survive they must seek shelter.

Source: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/06/mega-sandstorm-turns-tehran-into-an-apoca lyptic-landscape-kills-four/

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yellowdingo wrote:

21. Village catches fire

urlis could smell it. Something was burning. Emerging from his hut into the evening air he could see the fountain of orange embers spraying from the hill at the village edge into their yet to be harvested grain fields and carried on the wind into the village where straw roofing was catching alight.

DM briefing: burning embers and flamable gas spew from cracks and holes around a hill setting fire to a village and adjacent crops. This is the beginning of a volcano in an important agricultural district.

Source: http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Volcano-like-eruption-in-Himachal-Pradesh/a rticleshow/36116427.cms

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22. Archeologists discover vampire's tomb

"look. Here, the dragon in the crest." gregor indicated the winged snake attatched to the helmet.
"order of the dragon". Franz shook his head in objection to the circumstantial evidence.
"that doesnt make this the tomb of the vampire lord..." gregor contemplated for a moment before picking up a prybar.
"one way to find out."

DM briefing: Archeologists discover the vampire's tomb and decide to open it to verify the identity of its deceased occupant.

Source: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/06/archeologists-say-this-is-draculas-tomban d-they-want-to-open-it/

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23. Bunnies massacre man

"what the hell? Nooo!" jarnar was overrun by the furry plague of bunnies, knocked to the ground.
"quick! Cut his coinpurse loose." falgrave the white was exceptionally brilliant. His plan since being polymorphed into a rabbit was to lead this band of female rabbits to build an empire.

DM briefing: a villain transformed into a white bunny makes use of his situation by leading the other rabbits in a rebellion against people.

Source: http://lifestyle.ninemsn.com.au/viralvideo/421485/cute-bunny-swarm-conquers -mans-entire-body.glance

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24. Explorers discover hole at world's end

The Yamali guide led them past the herd of reindeer out across the grasslands to an earthen mound that had been greatly disturbed by some event. At its centre a hole some two hundred and fifty feet across descended downward. The very soil seemed scorched by some event.
"What the hells did this?" Thurm the Brutal looked down. It was deep what ever had caused it.

DM Briefing: explorers visiting the distant land of yamal (a word that means 'the end of the world') discover a deep hole some two hundred and fifty feet across. The soil at its edge appears burned...

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2014/07/16/04/48/giant-hole-appears-at-wor ld-end

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25. Page from a holy book fetches thirty eight gold pieces at auction

"final bid...thirty eight gold pieces...sold! A page from the libram of pain..."

DM briefing: a page from a centuries old religious text sells at an auction. The source of the page is unknown as are the identities of the buyers and sellers.

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/national/one-torn-page-of-the-koran-sells-at-bargain- auction-for-74000-20140824-107tcg.html#ixzz3BK69wPqA

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26. Child discovers ancient sword in river

Yang waded in the shallows watching the tiny fish swim in his shadow. The child watched the adults passing by on their way to the fields looking down again at the feel of the pebbles against his feet. Something large and grey protruded from amongst the pebbles and yang reached into the water. The grey knob became a hilt which became a sword as he pulled it from the river.

DM briefing: Child playing in river discovers three thousand year old sword.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/a-chinese-boy-found-this-3000-year-old-sw ord-while-washing-his-hands-in-a-river-2014-9

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27. Bone armour discovered by tomb raiders

"nikov! Look at this...its bone." fraz the looter held the ancient armour aloft. The bones looked as if they were leg bones.
"at last..." nikov walked toward his companion intent on kiling fraz for it.

DM briefing: the bone armour of so-teks-EU is discovered in his 3900 year old tomb. It allows the wearer to command the fallen dead of the battlefield to rise and fight for the armour wearer. It provides no actual protection.

Source: http://io9.com/remarkable-3-900-year-old-suit-of-bone-armor-found-in-s-1632 366327

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28. The Red Inn

The dining room seemed oddly peaceful as the diverse patrons dozed off in their seats. "Master Argand! This meal is the finest I have eaten...is that rosemary?" Hargo Valefor fell forward into his meal.
"No." the innkeeper lifted Hargo from his meal.
"oh dear, you got food on my pretty pretty." Argand licked Hargo's face cleaning it of food.

DM briefing: an inkeeper has been drugging and violating guests. Though they have no memory of the events afterward.

Source: http://gawker.com/hostel-owner-filmed-real-life-horror-movies-with-drugge-1 633264244

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29. Wizards discover means of creating peaceful population behaviour.

"As you can see here the group succumbed to a plague affecting the agressive alpha males in generation seven of the group resulting in their elimination..." karo the white leaned forward against the podium before adjusting the crystal.
"consequently the more peaceful environment results in a permanent behavioural change in the surviving group that is still apparent in generation fifteen." geromon the grey raised a hand.
"could we apply this to humanoid populations?"

DM briefing: wizards observing a large group of apes discover that extermination of the alpha male population results in a permanent change to less agressive behaviour. They decide to replicate this amongst humanoids.

Source: http://io9.com/this-study-of-baboons-makes-me-want-to-murder-people-i-16501 74525

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30. Plague rampant

"I want a hundred priests and three thousand support soldiers on ships by the end of the week. We must halt this plague." the Emperor stared at the maps laid out before him. It would be at the door of the empire soon enough.

DM briefing: a terrible plague spreading in three kingdoms on the continent of davinia has claimed ten thousand lives and looks like it will claim millions within a year. The thyatian empire dispatches clerics and three thousand soldiers to claim affected territory and establish order with a plan to eliminate the plague before it spreads to the empire.

Source: http://gawker.com/u-s-to-send-up-to-3-000-troops-to-africa-to-combat-spr-16 35240936

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31. Explorers describe ten wonderous places in audience with king

"...and finally we come to the plateaus of kwang. Each is as large as a barony and tower above clouds some six thousand feet above the world-jungle." hurn the cartographer watched as servants bought in the cloth draped wicker cage, and when he was sure the audience was ready, revealed a giant spider.
"...We were able to make landing when we encountered this fello..." his words ended abruptly with a shared thought in every mind present: you are my slaves.

DM briefing: explorers visit ten exotic locations around the world.

Source: http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/earths-top-10-most-mysterious-lost-worlds/sto ry-fnjbnts7-1227105198102

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32. Family digging under home discover an ancient temple

"father! Come quick." imadi looked down through the hole in the dirt floor of the cellar.
"father! There is some sort of cave..." durja the elder came down through the cellar hole from the kitchen above as imadi held the oil lantern over the hole. There was a stone column carved with images and a floor of paved stone.
"what do you mean boy? What cave?"

DM briefing: a family digging out a cellar under their home in a poor district of Selenica discover a three thousand four hundred year old temple with a statue of a red immortal seated on a throne.

Source: http://io9.com/illegal-dig-of-3-400-year-old-temple-lands-seven-people-1654 921373

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33. Tiny little planet discovered

"you will teleport to a dwelling on this planet that will function as a base as you search the local area." khellek ran his hand through his beard.
"if you fail to find any trace of the wizard Estr, further exploration will be required."
Slevin the swordmaster raised a hand in question.
"How big is this planet?"

DM briefing: a wizard named Estr star-watcher discoversed a tiny planet three hundred and thirty miles in diametre orbiting the sun. He goes there with a plan to explore and terraform the world but fails to return. A fellow wizard hires adventurers to explore the planet and search for the wizard.

Source: http://io9.com/5895973/giant-asteroid-vesta-is-more-planet-like-than-we-tho ught

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34. Ancient spellbook translated

"I think I have it..." huran geth scribbled a note in his work book.
"this is a spell for driving off evil spirits..." huran looked up at the old cleric.
"so...its a dispel evil spell?" father Damodar stared at the tome. It was a magician's spellbook.

DM briefing: father Damodar (a priest) working with a historian who specializes in dead languages translate a 1,300 year old tome discovering it to be a magician's spellbook. The book contains twenty seven spells they believe were pulled together from older sources. This is an opportunity to throw in some old unique spells along with some ambitious wizards to fight over a low level spellbook.

Source: http://io9.com/a-1-300-year-old-egyptian-book-of-spells-has-been-decip-1661 596138

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35. Wild monkeys invade town

"help! Help!" the screams of the victim were quickly surpressed by the squeals of the savage pack of small primates biting their human prey while other villagers ignored the victim and fled.

DM briefing: after a town signs a treaty with druids not to sell monkeys in wildlife trade or kill them, wild monkeys begin invading the town in prolific numbers attacking and even killing people in predatory packs. The adventurers are sent to speak with the druids about the problem. Urban encounters should include daily monkey attacks.

Source: http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/killer-monkeys-multiply-and-terrorise-l ocals-in-northern-india/story-fnjbobed-1227135513566

-.. --- - - . -.. .-.-.-

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36. A Killer is murdering homeless people while they sleep

"Three quarrels. Hand crossbow by the size of them." delmor examined the bolt investigator Franz had retrieved.
"Intriguing." delmor finehammer cleaned away the blood and tasted the tip. silver, ninety percent.
"the psionic was unable to discern the owner. Kept getting hundreds of jumbled faces." delmor smiled at franz's answer.
"because its coin silver. The others likely are as well."

DM briefing: a killer is on the loose. His prey is any poor sleeping in the streets and alleys of the city. It is a race against time for the adventurers to take down the serial killer who is targeting the poorest.

Source: http://gawker.com/police-say-killer-may-be-targeting-the-homeless-as-they-1 664655998

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37. Wizard installs Eye of fire above tower

"evil will come of this dark sorcery! Mark my words..." the patriarch waved his staff above the heads of the crowd and pointed toward the wizard's tower on the opposite side of the marketplace.

DM briefing: local church begins opposition to magic eye over tower.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/moscow-will-be-under-the-gaze-of-the-eye- of-sauron-and-the-church-is-warning-of-bad-things-to-come-from-it-2014-12

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38. Petty kingdom rounds up its dwarves

"bodur!" the young dwarf woke instantly at the voice of his brother. Dodur was looking out through the crack in the brick work.
"what is it?" dobur turned and came to his brother's side.
"kings soldiers gathering in the street outside.
"someone has tipped them off." bodur pulled back the sacks concealing the escape tunnel.

DM briefing: the isolated petty kingdom of dal-eu-er has rounded up its dwarf populace, castrated dwarf males, and is using children of dwarf parents for alchemical experiments.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2869792/Dwarfs-castrated-babies-lef t-suffer-horrific-deaths-Defector-claims-North-Korea-purging-disabled-popul ation-humiliate-regime.html

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39. Mountain lion loose in residential district

"shhh! I thought I heard something." tolbert pulled his rapier loose thinking they were about to finally catch up to the muggers they had pursued into the narrow alleys of little thyatis.
A mountain lion emerged emerged from the darkness.
"oh hells..." gregor looked at his unarmored companion and pulled his own daggers. This was going to get ugly.

DM briefing: wandering around the streets of a city residential district at night, the adventurers are confronted by a mountain lion.

source: http://www.9news.com.au/world/2014/12/22/07/30/mountain-lion-captured-in-us -suburb-released

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40. Desert graveyard discovered with a million mummies

"rise! Rise! Rise! And march forth from this desert grave on the lands of the living!" fathil the necromancer watched as the sands of the desert trembled around him and an army of a million ancient dead rose from their forgotten slumber.

DM briefing: a necromancer discovers a massive graveyard in the desert containing a million mummified corpses.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/technology/science/archaeologists-in-egypt-find -a-million-mummies-in-ancient-cemetery/story-fnjwl0dp-1227161295699

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41. Orangutan recognized as person

magistrate baelford looked down at his scroll.
"...and I herein declare Sunni the orangutan to be a person, with the right to freedom guaranteed under the law." parakti the high cleric got to his feet and walked from the courtroom. He had never heard anything so stupid in his life...an ape animal equal to a man. Outrageous.

DM briefing: a magistrate declares an orangutan held in a zoo to be a person.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/r-captive-orangutan-has-human-right-to-fr eedom-argentine-court-rules-2014-12

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Due to loss of dingo, I will be taking over this thread.

42. Ape considered attractive by group of human women

Jianzu scratched himself, contented for the moment now that the hairless long-limbs had left him in peace for the day. He munched some of the funnily-colored fruits they had brought him. He noticed many of them had patterns atop them, such as "choose me!" And "what a hunk!" Jianzu didn't mind their painful screeching and lightning-boxes so much if it meant more food....

DM briefimg- a group of human women have found an ape attractive. They bring him treats regularly, and a smitten druid my try to awaken him.

Source: http://news.sky.com/story/1508742/primal-instincts-hunky-ape-has-japan-swoo ning

43. Man smuggles drugs into country via religious statues.

Beredon couldn't believe his luck. The city guard was barely inspecting the statues he brought back from Krania! The fools had no idea how much dried lotus was inside, a few more "relics" brought back into the city from the Mysterious Isle and he would be able to retire a wealthy man...

Just then a clumsy oaf of a guard dropped one of the larger statues. As it landed on the cobbles, packages of narcotics flew everywhere, taking Beredon's dreams with them.

DM briefing- a relatively low level rogue has hit upon the idea of smuggling drugs into the campaign city via hollow religious statues. The PCs could be suppliers on one side of the chain, users on the other, city guards who come upon the plot or monks and clerics outraged by the misuse of symbols of their faith.

Source:http://news.sky.com/story/1505263/smuggler-hides-cigarettes-in-buddh a-statues

44. Annual festival thanks man's best friend for being there

"Arf!" The excitable pup danced around the acolyte's ankles, frustrating any attempt to restrain the little fellow. The acolyte sighed. "Must we do this every year, Abbot Gurdu?"

"Yes," the abbot said gravely as he put the finishing touches on a larger, calmer dogs muzzle-paint. "Our covenant with the dog and their agreement with mankind demands no less."

The newly-painted dog quietly went to join the rest of the pack that was ready for the ritual, and gave the misbehaving runt a level stare with a low growl as he left. Abashed, the little fellow put the leg he had quietly raised in preparation to mark the acolyte as his personal plaything.

:They honor us, so we honor them,: he reminded the young pup.

Dm briefing- an annual festival is held in a remote town to thank dogs for being friends to humanity. The PCs can be anything from festival goers to priests to dogs themselves.

Source:http://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/898/There-Is-A-Festival-In-Nepal-Every -Year-That-Thanks-Dogs-For-Being-Our-Friends

45. World's ugliest dog crowned

Abort Gurdu wiped a layer of sweat from his brow as the higher ranking priests started the main ceremony. Now, only the omega remained- a grizzled, brindled mutt-b#~%~ with a crooked forepaw and mishmashed teeth pointing in several directions even with her mouth closed. She huddled away from the priest at first, letting out a scared growl.
"Hush girl," Abott Gurdu said with a smile. I'm not going to hurt you." He walked towards her with a treat in one hand and a small crown in the other...

DM Briefing- Linked to the above story idea, the world's ugliest dog is crowned at the same ceremony. The dog could be a part of the PC's party or could be assigned to a newly minted ranger or druid as an honor or punishment.

Source:http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/photos/meet-worlds-ugliest-dog-conte stants-31966362/image-32071985

46. Singing cauliflower plagues countryside

Ulod's shield splintered as the strange, albino shambling mound's fist crashed into it. He couldn't believe that he and his fellows were being trounced so readily by a walking shrub.

"Do re mi fa so la ti tooooooooo!" The mound sang frantically as it lowered its shoulder and bowled even the mighty dwarven warrior Rocknees over as it made a break for daylight. As shafts from the party's newest member, a fresh faced farm boy who Ulod couldn't deny was a passable archer, filled the creatures back, it began to sing a new, equally childish tune...

DM Briefing- A singing and possibly dancing albino shambling mound has been discovered. The party could be hired to do anything from kill it, to capture it, to give it a contract to perform in court.

Source:http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/586852/heatwave-singing-cauliflo wers

47. Priest arrives to assist small-town folk assaulted by demon

Nightsigh couldn't help but giggle. Her sisters insisted on preying upon burghers and noblemen in more civilized enviorns, but they ran afoul of so many more clerics that way. It was so much better out here in the distant farmscape, where she could eat her fill and not be disturbed...

Suddenly, the sound of an approaching horse interrupted her reverie. As if summoned by her thoughts, a weatherbeaten crone of a cleric dismounted in front of the small home she had been using as a cafeteria. The matron of the house ran out of the front door towards the priestess, dragging a blushing and embarrassed young man behind her...

DM Briefing- A succubus has taken up residence in a small farming community, feasting upon the sexual energy of the young men there. A priest has been called in to handle the problem. The PCs could be the priest's assistants, or fellow townsfolk eager to see the priest on their way to enjoy the ministrations of the succubus.

Source:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/couple-call-ghostbuster-prie st-after-5987485

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