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Open Comments

If You Could Change One Thing

Welcome to the Final Playtest Forum

Bards - give them a reason to use an instrument.....

Conversion: Prestige Classes

Spontaneous Domain Casting - A final pitch

Bards - Perform check vs. level

Multiclassing rules


Energy types vs. Elemental types

The Need for Sleep

At-will domain powers vs. school and bloodline powers

At-will powers - Spell failure?

Sneak attack

Shadow Dancer- Prerequisites

Evocation Formula needs to be nonstatic

Channel energy - a plea for more versatility and less cliche

Paladins - 'Lay on hands' wording - 'Faith Points'

Weapons of +3 or greater overcoming some types of DR

Domain / School / Bloodline Powers - Caster Level vs. Class Level

Fractional BaB and saves... Please make official

No more 2+INT skill progressions

Level Adjustments and Pathfinder

A final plea...

Druid - Cure Spell Levels

Copyediting suggestion

Druid-Last minute idea for nonshifting variant.

Last Minute Feats or Spells You'd Like to See

Domain / School / Bloodline powers - Actions

Design Philosophy- Please Don’t Reduce The Challenge Level of the Game!

Crits affecting undead and other creatures

Last-minute skill folding suggestion (you may have never heard)

Dex for Combat Maneuvers!!!

Hirelings-more extensive rules needed

Daze (and maybe other Cantrips / Orisons)

1st level spells that are weak compared to at will domain and school powers

Resting rules

Is Pathfinder RPG combat too dependent on miniatures?

Barbarian Trap Sense

Spellcraft / Knowledge(Arcana) - Flavorful or not?

Unified Class Mechanics (Cleric-Paladin) and Caster Level

Letting Defenders be Defenders

Towns and Cities statistics

Rage Power: Animal Fury

Barbarian Rage: Temporary Hit Points

Polymorph Spells - Clarifications

My last thoughts about Pathfinder

Action Points

Sorcerers – Bonus Spells

The Great Save or Die Debate

Rogue Talents

On the frequency and availability of magic in the campaign...

Spellcraft / Knowledge(Arcana) - Does it work on Spell-like abilities?

General Thoughts on Organization

Take 10 / Take 20 explanations missing

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