Dark Archive Playtest General Discussion

Dark Archive Playtest Officially Closed — Thanks, Everyone!

Last Minute Thaumaturge Playtest

Playtesting a Thaumaturge at Level 10 in Malevolence - **SPOILERS**

8th level playtest

Paizo Blog: Dark Archive Playtest Ending Soon

Level 15 One-Shot Playtest

Level 5 Playtest - Sheer Audacity

Psychic + Thaumaturge play through converted Doomsday Dawn

I ran two playtests at level 20 and here were the results

The current playtest and the changes you wish to see

Looking for group to playtest

The Recall Knowledge activity could use a facelift in the Dark Archive

Playtest Character Thread!

Thaumaturge Pact Feats and Witch Patrons

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