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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of new Starfinder species and class options in the new Character Operations Manual? Well, take a break and spend some downtime with me, and I’ll introduce you to a new system introduced in this very same book.

I love downtime—it’s the home of the montage and the “Meanwhile…”—and it lets you build those flavorful interrelational stories that bring motley crews together between their high-octane adventures. Downtime requires you to take at least one day off. You can still rest for 8 hours, but otherwise you can’t be out there beating up aliens and shooting down Corpse Fleet ships if you really want to focus on your downtime activities.

Let’s you and I hop in a starship and head to Near Space. With 3d6 days of travel ahead of us, we can try out some of the dozens of downtime activities covered by this system!

To start us off, why don’t you spend a few days using the manage course activity? If you succeed, you’ll shave some hours off our trip! I’ll use the maintain readiness activity in the meantime—if we’re interrupted by some combat in the Drift, we’ll get a bonus to our initiative.

Velloro, the Iconic Vanguard, sitting cross-legged playing a 2D hologram martial arts combat game with a console in his hands and a smile on his face.

Illustration by Mirco Paganessi

After that, it’s time to lounge! I’ll probably watch some trivids and get some vidgaming done in the crew quarters, and you can head to the tech workshop and do some arts and crafts. The next day, we’ll both automatically get some temporary Hit Points and a +1 morale bonus to our first saving throw.

I suppose after that, we’d better get ready for action. We could individually drill specific skill tasks, potentially letting us take 10 on those tasks the next day (even under stress), or we could work together to coordinate, training together to gain bonuses on covering or harrying fire (or further bonuses if we spend multiple days).

And heck, once we reach our destination, we can keep the good (down)times going with activities like build shelter, carouse, practice profession, or secure area, all giving us specific benefits or bonuses, as we choose!

But we don’t have to do any of those; there are more than a dozen other options—grab the book and let me know which you prefer!

Joe Pasini
Starfinder Lead Designer

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As a fan of wooden ships and sailing these look inspirational for some downtime on the High Seas too. Crossover content. Thanks Joe!

When you do a downtime activity and it gives you a bonus to the next day, is that bonus for the first day after downtime is over or the very next day?


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Super Sayashitzus is seriously my favorite idea out of Starfinder.

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theelcorspectre wrote:
When you do a downtime activity and it gives you a bonus to the next day, is that bonus for the first day after downtime is over or the very next day?

By my casual perusing, it probably is supposed to be "the next day", but I'd be inclined to make it "the next time you are not in downtime".

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Super Sayashitzus is seriously my favorite idea out of Starfinder.

Please tell me this is a real thing!

Silver Crusade

This might be my favorite picture of the whole book, even the armor fits^^ though the one directly after that is also pretty darn great.

Grand Lodge

It'd be cool to have a series of pictures where the iconics are just chillin' in street clothes/jammies doing regular everyday things.

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I'm glad to see that we'll get Dragon Ball FighterZ 14 on the AbadarCorp Playstation 12. How is he playing with the screen reversed?
But seriously, Velloro, you need an arcade stick(with anti-entropic energy protection built in)!

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Woo for downtime! :D Its great to have downtime for starfinder finally

YESSS!!!!! This is awesome!! Thank you for introducing this into Starfinder

Scarab Sages

Downtime is best spent on the pastime activity of eating seeds.

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Gotta love the System of A Downtime <3

I like the idea. Although most downtime is spent on planet for me. My ships use time travel.

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