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4/5 5/5

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Here's Another:
Level 5 of Thornkeep (The Dark Menagerie) has a potentially friendly sphinx. And it's a 5-7 module (that can probably be run in the same amount of time as a standard PFS scenario).

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Loved the addition of overnight slots.

Zach is going to run Copper Gate in Evergreen 3. The game he’s playing in is finishing up now.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

I signed up for Darklands, but will move over to Ashes if there is enough to make it go.

With the Drow and the pyramid? I’m playing that one. You should stay there. I’ve never actually met you, even though you come to SkalCon. Be nice to meet you and play a game with you.

It’s a deposit. It’ll be refunded on check-out. At least that’s what I was told on check-in (and they were very upfront about it before I handed over my card). First time I’ve had to pay a deposit here, which makes me wonder if something happened and the hotel has changed their policy.

No sleep for the week.

4/5 5/5

Shaudius wrote:
And also there's the fact that at level 4 you should easily have a Mk2 personal upgrade so your primary stat should pretty much always be 18 at that level.

Pardon the quick derail, but I thought equipment purchases were limited by character level. A Mk 2 Personal Upgrade is Level 7 and wouldn't be available for purchase until Level 6, unless one was listed on the character's Chronicle sheets (making it available at Level 5). Am I misunderstanding how equipment purchases work in SFS? Did I overlook or misread a rule somewhere?

Hmm wrote:
The delves are 15 minute bursts that are easy to fit in to your day! You will be able to try out a teensy bit of Playtest pretty easily, since they turnover throughout the day!

I believe the playtest delves may be planned to run a little longer than that.

In the April 24th blog, Sara Marie wrote:
Two of our popular Delve tables have been dedicated to running Playtest mini-adventures all weekend long. These 30-40 minute long games are designed to give you a taste of what's new in the Playtest. There is no registration for these delves, just stop by between 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Friday and Sunday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM on Saturday, or 9:00 AM-1:00 PM on Monday. On Saturday from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM we'll have the designers themselves running the tables for groups of lucky adventurers and talking Playtest Rules with spectators.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Gary Pepper wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

That’s a fantastic idea.

My advice to anyone who sees a long, black-and-white box on the table is to spare yourself some trauma and move to the next room.

But that sounds like so much fun. ;) By chance does said box happen to have had a card hidden in the lid?
If it is, it probably isn't a family-friendly game that would be in keeping with convention guidelines.

I was thinking Steve might be referring to Kingdom Death. But also probably not family-friendly.


"I'll eat when I'm dead and sleep when they pry it from my cold, dead hands."

Thursday Afternoon PFS 8-25: Unleashing the Untouchable
Thursday Evening PFS 1-32: Drow of the Darklands Pyramid

Friday Morning SFS 1–11: The In Pursuit of the Scoured Past
Friday Afternoon PFS 4–13: Fortress of the Nail (GMing for 10,000 Lakes Gaming)
Friday Evening SFS 1–13: On the Trail of History

Saturday Morning SFS 1–09: Live Exploration Extreme!

Saturday Evening SFS: Incident at Absalom Station
Saturday Overnight SFS 1–14: Star Sugar Heartlove!!!
Sunday Morning SFS 1–10: The Half-Alive Streets
Sunday Afternoon PFS 4–13: Fortress of the Nail (GMing Off-Site)

Sunday Overnight SFS 1–12: Ashes of Discovery
Monday Morning SFS 1–15: Save the Renkrodas

I’m your GM for this event. Please use this thread to introduce yourselves and discuss with your fellow players what characters you’re thinking of bringing to the table. It’d be great if we could get that decided ahead of time and determine the tier you’re gong to be playing.

Very much looking forward to running this for you!

Arc Riley wrote:
Event 626719 has a link to start a conversation, but clicking "Submit" on a message just shows a preview - the thread isn't actually started.

Sara Marie mentioned this being a known issue. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

I don't know if the different privacy settings in one's account settings (the settings that allow one to opt in to various Paizo emailings) would have affected the PaizoCon lottery opening email or not, but if so, it's possible your privacy settings could have prevented that email from being sent to you. Personally, I've opted in to all of the Paizo mailings and I've never felt I've received too much, anything unwanted, or anything I'd consider spam.

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But remember that outside alcohol is prohibited in public spaces, including event rooms.

If you’re using HeroLab, I think you should be able to print your characters to a PDF, save that PDF to the cloud, then use the hotel’s printers to generate the hard copy from those PDFs. In years past, Lone Wolf has had a presence at PaizoCon with several HeroLab workstations. I’ve never used them nor know how they’re configured, but it may be possible to save your HeroLab character file to a thumb drive, take it to one of those computers, and print it from there.

Since the hotel isn’t a typical game day retail location, I would have assumed the Retail Incentive Program would not be in effect at PaizoCon. Clarification beforehand would be appreciated.

Hmm wrote:
I intend to play Starfinder as much as possible

Me, too! Outside of trying to get into some of the playtest lottery games, I'll be concentrating on Starfinder.

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Leg o' Lamb wrote:
May I suggest meeting the friendliest halflings in the tapestry?

Or the friendliest Hellknights in Citadel Vraid?

Mr.Nightray wrote:

Version C.. I wonder if that counts as a different module?

Each version of Solstice Scar is a unique scenario with its own Chronicle. If you’ve played Versions A and/or B, you can still play Version C.

Thanks, Sara Marie; I can see it now.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Did 10, 000 Lakes Gaming events get placed in the 'standard signup' section and that is why they are 'invisible' at the moment?

Silbeg shared a screenshot of the 10,000 Lakes Gaming event with me. At the time he took it, he obviously could see the event and it showed as a lottery event.

TomParker wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:
Filtering for lottery, I'm only seeing 28 on Friday, and 29 on Saturday and 29 on Sunday.
I'm seeing the same thing. That's a bummer.

If you’re only seeing 86 lottery games, I suspect you’re not seeing them all. I’m only seeing 86 myself; I see 86 in the filtering sidebar and when I apply that filter, I manually count 86.

However, I know there is at least one lottery event missing from those 86 which I cannot see (the 10,000 Lakes Gaming lottery event on Friday afternoon). So I know there are at least 87 lottery events; I wonder if there are even more and the same glitch preventing the 10,000 Lakes Gaming event from showing properly is preventing other events from showing properly.

I’m curious to know how many lottery events those who can see the 10,000 Lakes Gaming event are seeing.

Sara Marie wrote:
Friday Afternoon Scenarios (Brought To You by 10,000 Lakes Gaming)

Weird. When I click that link, I’m prompted to sign in (even though I already am). When I do (again), I get a blank page and the url in the location bar “blinks” or “flashes”. I still can’t view that event. It’s as if everything 10,000 Lakes Gaming is hidden from me. I can’t see the event and 10,000 Lakes Gaming isn’t listed in the filters sidebar as an organizer.

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Those 10,000 Lakes Games in the Friday afternoon slot still aren’t visible to me. I’ve tried two different browsers on three different devices. I’ve tried scrolling through every page of events. I’ve tried various ways of filtering the content. I just don’t see them nor do I see 10,000 Lakes Gaming as an organizer choice for filtering. Makes me wonder what other events may not be visible to me.

I’m skipping the banquet this year, as well. I may be looking and/or available for something during that time. It’s also possible I’d be using that time for sleep, if I wind up doing some overnights.

Since I usually work overnights, I’ll probably be playing some overnights. See you there!

DM Khel wrote:
Paizo has often missed the deadlines they've established for themselves in this sign-up process.

And, in the past, goblins (or skittermanders now, I guess?) have usually brought the site down just as the lottery signup is supposed to open. Don’t panic, though; it will open with plenty of time to make selections and as long as your lottery choices are made before the lottery closes and is run, you’ll be fine. Same goes for when the goblins play havoc on the open signup. There should be enough seats at the organized play tables that you’ll get most of what you want (games and times) without needing to be the first one to register.

Overnight slots are a new thing this year. And the last time I looked, only one of the lottery events had been added to the schedule, which is why you’re not seeing anything scheduled for the afternoon slots (yet).

As long as you give the GM as much space as they need and share the remaining space equally with your fellow players (or ask politely, if you need more), I personally would have no issue with laptops at my table(s).

Shalloecoore wrote:
Do we know when signups begin for the PFS organized play scenarios?

Wednesday May 9th 10am PST, I believe.

It always takes me a few sessions to get the feel for a character, whether it’s brand new or a GM blob birthed at a higher level. Having this be a character’s first session? I don’t know. While I’m certainly not questioning the player’s ability to do so, I’d have the same reservations as Majuba.

Gnome spellcasters!? Customizable elementals!? My gnomish sorcerer with the elemental bloodline will be getting some new table bling!

4/5 5/5

Typically, a vehicle is used to transport something from one point to another. I'm not certain a space station fits that definition. And I doubt an ace pilot's obsessive knowledge would extend to space stations.

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Kate Baker wrote:
I was thinking about submitting an author slot of Sanctuary of Drowned Delight. I can always run it as a pickup game if it's too late to have it official.

Please, please do. I have been trying to play every Starfinder scenario in order and before I GM them. So far, playing Sanctuary of Drowned Delight has eluded me. First, I was the only player who showed to the table at a local convention. Then, every offering at local venues has conflicted with commitments to work or other games. And now I see it won't be a part of PaizoCon's planned offerings.

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The majority of organized play games are usually not a part of the lottery, but rather part of the open enrollment. One possible exception could be scenarios run by their authors or other notable “celebrities.” Given what you want to play, you should have little reason for concern. However, given that this is the first year SFS scenarios willl be offered, I have no idea how many may be offered nor the demand for them. I can say, though, that I have never had an issue getting a spot at any scenario I hoped to play. I can’t speak to any scenario being offered early, unfortunately.

4/5 5/5

Allowing races to become unlocked and playable through an expenditure of prestige points would encourage some to play as much possible (and possibly create player-GM arguments when less than the full amount of prestige is awarded), while removing much of the incentive to give back to the community through convention GMing (the current way the majority of race boons are earned).

Zach Davis wrote:

@GM Eazy-Earl and Majuba

We started signing up for Unleashing the Untouchable in one of the LFG placeholders on the Warhorn.

Got it.

4/5 5/5

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Paul Jackson wrote:
Note that some of the devil Gods (Asmodeus at the least) ARE devils mentioned in the bible. They're NOT just made up bad guys.

They are made up bad guys; they just happen to share a name with an entity mentioned in a real world religion.

4/5 5/5

Skarm wrote:

Is it the Snorkel (Common & Masterwork) from p. 57 of Ultimate Equipment legal for play?

"All items from Chapter 2 are legal for play except as noted below."

Snorkels aren't one of the listed exceptions; snorkels are legal.

Majuba wrote:
powell01 wrote:
Two arriving Monday. One willing to gm unleashing the untouchable.
That would be fun.

That would be fun to play as Shackles with your bloat mage. Last year’s tables of All for Immortality were some of the con’s highlight’s for me. However, I wouldn’t be arriving until Thursday morning.

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Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:
Fuzzypaws wrote:

Thievery: ... Can this be renamed Legerdemain please?

I don't get the hang-up on this. 90% of what you do with the skill ain't exactly reputable.

There may be adversarial GMs who could argue thievery is illegal and might rule using the thievery skill is an unlawful act. We've all seen these semantic arguments on the forums; if changing the name of the thievery skill would nip those in the bud, I'm all for it.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

From one of the earlier blog post preview we learned the following:
- Rage Powers, Rogue talents, Arcane Discoveries, etc are now called "Class Feats" for the appropriate class, and you get these every even level.
- Every odd level you get a skill feat, an ancestry feat, or a skill feat. We don't know the exact frequency of each, but we know # General Feats + # Skill Feats = 15 over 20 levels.

So we're getting a lot of choices. Basically everything you get to pick as part of advancement is called a "Feat" now.

MusicAddict wrote:

What we've seen so far, we know we get
1) Ancestry feat at first level and a Class Feat (Earlier blogs and fighter class preview blog)
2) Skill Feat at second level and Class feats on every even level (Progression blog)
3) General Feats on Odd levels(progression blog)

Presumably we get much more skill feats than the one listed at second level, and likely one or two "free" ancestry feats at certain levels.
We will have A LOT of feats.

Thanks for the clear explanation. I'm still not sure that we're actually getting more feats. Some of the feats being counted in PF2 were class abilities in PF1. If we were to add the number of class abilities and feats one gained in PF1, how would they compare to the number of feats gained in PF2? Now, if there is choice in the class feats one gains as one progresses, I can see the potential for more varied builds. But if every character of a particular class gains the same class feats at the same levels (which, I assume, could be altered by archetype choice?), one's feat choices become a little more restricted and I'd wonder if we're really gaining more feats or not.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Are there any of these in particular that seem like you could just do them automatically in PF1? Your options and choices should wind up being more varied than in PF1 (though obviously, the playtest book isn't going to have more options than an entire edition right away).

This isn't called out as a feat in the blog post, and I believe the flat-footed rules will change in PF2, but this jumped out at me right away...

Blog Post wrote:
Flanking a foe is the easiest way for the rogue to make her foe flat-footed, but at 1st level, she also gets the surprise attack feature. Thanks to surprise attack, during the first round of combat, the rogue treats any creature that has not taken its turn yet as if it were flat-footed.

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One thing I've noticed (or inferred) from these class previews is that most of the "cool stuff" requires a feat and it appears feats in PF1 that were available to anyone are now class-specific and some things in PF1 that didn't require a feat at all will require one in PF2. Am I reading this correctly? Will one acquire feats more often in PF2? I'm concerned PCs may actually be able to do less cool things than they can now and in order to do a couple of cool things, one will be forced down a very specific and limited path of feat choices. Please tell me my read on this is wrong and the character building options and choices in PF2 will be just as varied and plentiful as PF1.

I get in early Thursday morning. Definitely looking for something to pass the time until I can check into my room. Possibly looking for something later in the day, too.

4/5 5/5

Okay. Thanks, everyone. Looks like some of the problem was on my end. The links aren’t differentiated in any way from the main text, so I didn’t know where to click.

4/5 5/5

GreatGraySkwid wrote:
I found the AR page via the FAQ, but I agree it would be nice if it were somewhere accessible in the primary navigation.

Thanks. That seems to work. Just to confirm, though, the most recent version is from 11/24/2017?

4/5 5/5

Gary Bush wrote:


Click ORGANIZED PLAY. This will take you to a familiar page.

Tried that multiple times. As far as I can tell, the links to all of those resources are no longer there.

4/5 5/5

With the site’s redesign, I’m having a difficult time finding the Additional Resources and Campaign Clarfications documents, the Organized Play guides, and all of the other downloadable material for organized play. What’s the new/best/easiest way to access that content?

Silbeg wrote:
I am thinking about trying to organize "Friday Afternoon Gaming Brought To You By 10,000 Lakes Gaming"

That is a fantastic idea! If other lodges were to organize a few tables of games each for one afternoon slot, it’d be a good way for them to show off their GMs, highlight their charity work, and disseminate their local con schedules. One of the big reasons I go to cons is to pick up GMing tips to which I might not otherwise be exposed. This would be a great way to learn how specific regions run certain aspects of the game.

“Silbeg” wrote:
I would organize 8-10 tables, with GMs predetermined, and backups in case any of those GMs got a lottery slot during that session.

I don’t know. 8-10 tables? That seems rather ambitious. It’s like organizing a con within a con. But if anyone could do such a thing, it’s the VOs that represent 10,000 Lakes Gaming.

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