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Tier 1-11
Subtier: 5-6

Silver Crusade

Recruitment Thread

Please add your details in the following format
1) Player name:
2) Character name:
3) PFS#-Character#:
4) Character Class & Level:
5) Faction:
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle:
7) Perception and Initiative Bonus:
8) Spending a Replay?:
9) Anything else I should know?:

Dark Archive

1) Player name: supervillan
2) Character name: Janus Grey
3) PFS#-Character#: 75577-10
4) Character Class & Level: Inquisitor (green faith marshal / sanctified slayer) 6
5) Faction: Dark Archive
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle: Regular
7) Perception and Initiative Bonus: Per 13 (w/familiar), Init +5
8) Spending a Replay?: Nope
9) Anything else I should know?: Janus has a figment familiar, a dwarf caiman. It participates in combat. Out of combat, Janus carried the familiar under their arm most of the time because it has a terrible landspeed. (A caiman crocodile only weighs 11-15 pounds.)

Liberty's Edge

1) Player name: Naal
2) Character name: Alli Fairen
3) PFS#-Character#: 144782-8
4) Character Class & Level: Investigator (antiquarian) 5
5) Faction: Liberty's Edge
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle: Regular
7) Perception and initiative bonus: Perception +11+1d6, Initiative +2
8) Spending a Replay? No
9) Anything else I should know? One Antiquarian archetype replaces with investigator extracts with trinkets, which behave as arcane spells (and can be used on others) and are prepared by taking 1 minute per trinket. The character has been played as being able to use scrolls due to spellcasting; if this is incorrect, please inform me, so I don't plan my actions based on remaining scrolls (if any).
Two Expanded Inspiration adds a 1d6 bonus for Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge, Linguistics, Perception, Profession, Sense Motive, and Spellcraft checks without expending daily resources.
Three edit: apparently I either don't remember how to add an avatar or it doesn't work.

Scarab Sages

1) Player name: 7thGate
2) Character name: Katswiri
3) PFS#-Character#: 228480-1
4) Character Class & Level: Oracle (Seer) 6
5) Faction: Scarab Sages
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle: Regular
7) Perception and Initiative Bonus: +11 (-4 on opposed checks) Perception, -4 Initiative
8) Spending a Replay?: No
9) Anything else I should know?:

Katswiri is a Lore Oracle, and her most stand out ability is to more or less automatically succeed at three out of combat Int based skill checks each day using her Focused Trance ability. She spends standard actions for 1d6 rounds (which usually precludes combat use), then gets to make a check with a +20 circumstance bonus. Her natural divination ability also usually is used to get two skill checks with a +10 competence bonus, for helping to guarantee a few important non-int skill checks. She can also effectively cast Divination 1/day with a 1 minute cast time to get general advice on the adventure. I usually flavor all these abilities as either omens or visions of the past or future, as Katswiri is a seer.

In combat, she's less exciting, mostly acting as support with buffing and healing. She's got a -4 initiative modifier, so is almost always last, and is carrying a medium load and medium armor so isn't very mobile. She usually casts sound burst or heals people depending on the situation, though can also do mediocre melee damage with her mace. She gets CHA to AC and Reflex saves in place of dex, so does have a pretty good AC though.

Katswiri has the deaf oracle curse, so she cannot hear. Mechanically, deafness:
--Causes her to automatically fail all perception checks based on sound
--Gives her a -4 penalty to initiative checks [Reduced to -2 by her curse's level 5 ability].
--Gives her a -4 penalty to opposed perception checks
--Makes her immune to language dependent spells and abilities, audible bardic performances, and some specific spells or situations (like the stun on sound burst)
--Would give her a 20% spell failure chance for casting spells with verbal components, but her curse gives her the silent spell metamagic on all her spells for free with no level or cast time increase.

To help understand the people around her, she took read lips as a language with linguistics as noted in the PFS faq: http://paizo.com/organizedplay/faq#v5748eaic9vhs

More recently, she has purchased magical Spectacles of Lip Reading, which have made it much easier for her to understand those around her without needing ideal conditions (she just needs to pass a DC 0 perception check, modified by distance and conditions as appropriate to understand someone as long as she speaks the language they are using). Most of the time, lip reading is sufficient to allow her to function pretty well, but occasionally events will require some help with someone repeating information or explaining things, like when she runs into intelligent talking objects or there are loud noises out of sight that need to be responded to.

Grand Lodge

got room for a hot tempered aasimar sorceress?

1) Player name:Paul McCrory/grimdog73
2) Character name:Carlin Ember
3) PFS#-Character#:125048=16
4) Character Class & Level:sorcerer(solar) 6
5) Faction:Grand Lodge
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle:regular
7) Perception and Initiative Bonus:+13 +6
8) Spending a Replay?:nope
9) Anything else I should know?:she's fire-based...a typical blaster...

Silver Crusade

Yes. That's four. Welcome aboard. I'm expecting two more. Beryx Zinder and Rhu Entekh

Grand Lodge

I'll get my information posted here soon.

Grand Lodge

Carlin will be lvl 5 still...had wrong character in mind when i mention levelling up...her perception will be +12..not +13

Grand Lodge

1) Player name: John Woodford
2) Character name: Rhu Entekh
3) PFS#-Character#: 67750-9
4) Character Class & Level: 5/monk (zen archer)
5) Faction: Grand Lodge
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle: Regular
7) Perception and Initiative Bonus: Perception +11/Initiative +7
8) Spending a Replay?: No
9) Anything else I should know?: Note that his flat-footed AC includes half his DEX bonus due to a trait

Liberty's Edge

1) Player name: ‘Eκάτη
2) Character name: Beryx Zinder
3) PFS#-Character#: 342384-2
4) Character Class & Level: 5/hunter
5) Faction: Liberty Edge
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle: Regular

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