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Full Name

Janus Grey


Human (ulfen)


Inquisitor (green faith marshal, sanctified slayer) 4 | AC 16 T 12 FF 14 | HP 38/38 | F +7 R +4 W +7 | CMD 19 | Init +4 | Perc +9 (+11) | Spells (-,4/4, 2/2)


active effects:






Common, Skald, Sylvan

About Janus Grey

"We make endings."


Janus is from “unstuck” Uringen, a town that is sometimes not there. Unstuck Uringen shifts in time, and is closer to the First World. Its residents are descended from the town's Ulfen founder, and still speak Skald. Like other residents of Uringen, Janus wears distinctive black and white clothing.

The proximity of Uringen to the First World leads to numerous strange occurences, and there is a notable Fey presence in the city. Janus experienced this closeness in periodic contact with Imbrex, the Twins, Eldest of Endings, Twins, and Statues. This contact drove Janus from a young age. Whilst not a twin themself, Janus identifies as two distinct entities: an ulfen human, and a dwarf river caiman crocodile. Janus either cannot or does not distinguish.

Janus' divine drive has led them to believe that civilisation encroaches upon “the Green”. They trained first with the Oakstewards of Sevenarches. To learn how to defend nature in accordance with the wishes of the Fey and the Eldest (specifically, Imbrex's wishes as communicated to Janus through the Fey and experiences in Unstuck Uringen) Janus travelled to Daggermark, a renowned proving ground for students of the art of death. Janus has the Fey's outlook on death – every ending is a beginning, and Imbrex is the maker of endings. They excelled in Daggermark, learning the Three Precepts of Life, Death, and the Vessel Between. They trained with the Vessels, but never intended to remain in Daggermark. They left, to learn more and perfect the way of ending in order to better protect the Green.

They travelled to Tian Xia in order to seek out masters of weaponry that they could learn more from, but fell in with the Pathfinder Society whilst there. The promise of advanced schooling in both magic and weapon use persuaded Janus to take on more work from the Pathfinders...

Janus is not a front-liner, they are a stealthy shock trooper. That said, at low levels especially they're going to be on the front line often enough.

Janus will attempt to get into a flank in order to full attack with their dire flail (two-weapon fighting). The familiar attempts to gain a flank, and use Aid Another on the human's attack bonus, especially if they don't have Divine Favour running.

If Janus cannot full attack from flank, they are happy to make a single attack two-handing the flail.

Try to use Studied Target if there is time.

Janus will cast Expeditious Retreat on the familiar to maximise mobility in combat (unless the familiar has an opportunity to get into a flank already). They will try to save a casting for Divine Favour for a boss fight.

Janus Grey

Human (Ulfen) Inquisitor (sanctified slayer, green faith marshal) 4
N Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +4; Perception +9 (+11)

AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (+4 armour, +2 Dex)
hp 38 (4d8+15)
Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +7
+1 Will vs Illusion

Base Atk +3; CMB +7; CMD 19
Speed 30ft
masterwork dire flail +8, 1d8+6/x2
masterwork dire flail +6/+6, 1d8+4 and 1d8+2
dagger +7, 1d4+4/19-20x2
pair daggers, +5/+5, 1d4+4 and 1d4+2
light mace +7, 1d6+4/x2
pair light maces +5/+5, 1d6+4 and 1d6+2
Janus gets +1 to hit whenever Sneak Attack applies (trait bonus).

javelin +5, 1d6+4
thrown dagger, +5 1d4+4/19-20x2
Janus gets +1 to hit whenever Sneak Attack applies (trait bonus).

Spells Known (CL 4, concentration +6):

Level 0
acid splash, daze, detect magic, guidance, detect poison, virtue

Level 1 (4/day)
divine favour, expeditious retreat, shield of faith, litany of sloth, fallback strategy

Level 2 (2/day)
invisibility, stricken heart



Str 18 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 7


Two-Weapon Fighting, Toughness, Alertness (familiar), Step Up, Precise Strike


Fates Favoured (faith), The Vessel Between (regional: Daggermark)


acrobatics 3
climb 8
know:arcana 6 (8 with pathfinder chronicle)
know:nature 10 (12 with pathfinder chronicle)
linguistics 1
perception 9 (11)
sense motive 8 (10)
spellcraft 4
stealth 12
survival 7
swim 8
umd 5


Common, Skald, Sylvan


Gear from current scenario

Combat Gear
darkleaf cloth leather lamellar armour
masterwork dire flail (both ends)
javelin x2
cold iron dagger
cold iron light mace
alchemical silver light mace
happy stick (clw) 32/50 charges remaining
silver holy symbol
holy water x 2
alchemist fire
buffering cap

Potions and Scrolls
scroll of magic weapon x2
oil of bless weapon
scroll of remove fear
scroll of hide from undead x2
scroll of lesser restoration x5
scroll of see invisibility
scroll of remove paralysis
scroll of bulls strength x4

Other Gear
traveller's outfit (black and white)
50' rope
5 torches
smoked goggles
chalk (5 sticks)
scrivener's kit
spell component pouch
wand of comprehend languages (4/50)
wand of heightened awareness (34/50)
ioun torch
courtier's outfit plus jewelry
infiltator's kit [set of caltrops, chalk, a disguise kit (9/10), an ear trumpet, fake footprint shoes, a skeleton key, and a wrist sheath]
smoke stick
vermin repellent x2

7 CP; 3 SP; 4651GP

happy stick charges 32/50
wand of comprehend languages 4/50
wand of heightened awareness 34/50
death roll 5/5
diverse training 1/1
gm reroll (1 star) 1/1
enduring scholar 1/1
magical tinkerer 1/1
buffering cap 0/1

Special Abilities

Special Qualities:

class abilities:
Domain: crocodile
Familiar - dwarf caiman figment
Death roll: grapple check, with bonus equal to class level (min. 1) to trip grappled target, do 1d8 damage. 5/day (3+WIS)
studied target +1 (move action): +1 bluff, knowledge, sense motive, perception, survival, weapon attack and damage rolls vs target.
wild lore (add WIS to know: nature)
spells and orisons
cunning initiative
detect alignment
track (+2)
solo tactics
sneak attack +1d6

vanities: hunting lodge membership, green faith member

PFS chronicles:
XP: 11 Fame: 22 Prestige: 7
1. House of Harmonious Wisdom; 1XP, 2PP
2. The Unseen Inclusion; 1XP, 2PP
3. The Silverhex Chronicles; 1XP, 2PP
4. Faithless and Forgotten 1: Let Bygones Be; 1XP, 2PP
5. Faithless and Forgotten 2: Lost Colony of Taldor; 1XP, 2PP
6. Faithless and Forgotten 3: The Infernal Inheritance; 1XP, 2PP
7. Tome of Righteous Repose; 1XP, 2PP
8. In Wrath's Shadow; 1XP, 2PP
9. Graves of Crystalmaw Pass; 1XP, 2PP
10. Bones of Biting Ants: 1XP, 2PP
11. Oathbreakers Die: 1XP, 2PP


Student of Scrolls, Diverse Training: 1/scenario, attempt a skill check as if trained, your total bonus on the check is +4 (3 plus GM stars)
Impressive Find: when you reach 12 or more Fame, add 1 Prestige Point (not to exceed your Fame total).
Legacy of a Princess: 1 only swift action, duration 1 minute, the first time you hit a creature in melee each round you gain +2AC vs that creature until the beginning of your next turn.
Sun Shogun Talismans: access variant talismans.
Veshtahz's Favours: take a doru as an Improved Familiar, or 1 only obtain a result of 30 on a gather information check.
Elixir of Treasure Finding: drink to gain a +2 competence bonus to Appraise and Perception for a whole adventure, OR gain 150gp when you would gain less than the maximum gold for an adventure (up to the maximum). Cross off this boon when you use it.
Pleasure doing business: buy the Silverhex weapon at a discount.
Ally of the Green: you have three gourd seeds, gifts from the leshys. As a standard action, consume a seed as though it were a Goodberry, but it heals 1d4+1 damage; alternatively, feed a seed to an adjacent plant creature to give that creature 5 temp hp and CL6 Divine Favour for one minute.
Archeological Expert: +1 Appraise and Know:history relating to art objects. If you would succeed at a primary mission success but fail at the secondary success, cross off this boon to attempt an Appraise, Know:history, or Profession:archeologist check with a DC equal to 10 + 2 x character level; if you succeed on this check, you gain your second Prestige point. You may not take 10 on the check.
Imperium Initiate: once only, when you cast a spell divs and constructs get -2 to save against the spell for 1 round. OR treat the hardness and DR of divs and constructs as 5 less for 1 round.
Delvehaven Star: +2 to knowledge (history, local, nobility) associated with Cheliax; +1 initiative in Cheliax; once only, reduce the Prestige Point cost of spellcasting services by 2PP.
Eye for Traitors: +1 to Sense Motive to tell if someone is lying, +1 to Will saves vs illusions; cross off this boon to reroll a failed saving throw vs illusion.
Enduring Scholar: 1/adventure, gain +3 to a save vs spell before you roll.
Magical Tinkerer: UMD is a class skill. Once per adventure, roll UMD with a bonus of +13 (=5 + 2x goals completed on card) or an extra +2 if your normal bonus is higher.
Righteous Redemption: free stuff, not yet taken
Worthy Foe, Undead: 2 only, swift action, gain +2 to attack and weapon damage, and a +2 dodge bonus to AC, vs undead for 1 round; or gain +2 to caster level checks vs undead SR and to saves against undead spells and abilities, and increase DC of your spells and abilities by one when used against undead, for 1 round.
Clockwork insight: 2 only, add 1d6 to disable device, or attempt to disable a magical trap, or gain +1d6 to AC or to a saving throw against a trap.
Earth Affinity.
Grave Treader's Inspiration: 3 only, use inspiration as per the investigator class ability.
Gremlin's token: 4 only, immediate action, +2 to save vs curse for 1 hour.
Ulfen Ally: 5 boxes, at the start of an adventure gain a scroll of one bard spell at no cost. Check a number of boxes equal to the spell level (max 3). You cannot sell the scroll. You get +5 to your UMD to activate the scroll.
Whispers of the Amberhollow: 2 only, standard action to gain Sanctuary (DC15) vs vermin for 1 hour.
Timinic's trinkets: you may purchase wondrous items from the Core Rulebook with a value of 250gp or less, or a Traveler's AnyTool, or Sleeves of Many Garments, for 1PP each (this boon is reusable as often as you like).