‘Eκάτη's Endless Night

Game Master ‘Eκάτη



Our Mission:

Kaerishiel: "We need intelligence. We need spies underground. I need spies in the Drow world."
"I suggest you introduce yourself as sellswords. This way we will avoid unnecessary complications… Mercenaries all over the world are always hiding something about their past. I don't think it will be any different for the (Drow)."
Part of the (Drow / Azrinae) plan that took place (in The Battle of Celwynvian) was called the Echo of Armageddon. This part is just a piece of the big picture and not its central part. As far as we understood from those documents that were not destroyed in the battle where fireballs were thundering everywhere, they were not even working here on the technology of the Earthfall itself. Unfortunately, it turns out that here they have already polished the details figuring out how to make the attack quite sudden. So much so that our astronomers and divinators will see the end approaching when it will be too late.
Your task. Minimum: Find out how much does this technology really work, when and where exactly strike is planned, what they need for this, where the strike will come from. You must gather all the information that we could potentially launch a preemptive strike at the place where and when preparations for this catastrophe will be carried out. Your Task. Maximum: The same thing, plus stop the end of the world with your own hands. Who knows, maybe just one or two deaths of key figures will be enough to destroy this crazy plan.

Our Disguise, 91 Days:

You should not take off the medallions that you are wearing for a long time. For more than an hour. Even if you remove them for a short time, you will lose some of the new abilities that you have received. For example, Darkvision. And then, after an hour, the degradation of the spell will begin. I find it difficult to say exactly how it will flow, but your disguise will be partially ruined!,
Giseil responds to a cheerful adventurer. Oh, yeah. And this curse will last for 91 days, after which the magic will dissipate.


Kaerishiel, Lantern Bearer Elf Commander who gave us our quest
[spoiler=Giseil Voslil, Elf Wizard, Author of Our Disguise]
(His) voice sounds strange. It is beautiful, like many elven voices, but there is something unhealthy about it in its trembling. Elf rests his staff on the floor, and he leans on it with both hands as if it is difficult for him to stand. Kaerishiel nods to him, he answers. It seems that they have known each other for a long time. His staff, decorated with some sprouts and more like a living tree branch, suggests that he is a druid. However, the abundance of humanoid skulls on his clothes makes you doubt it. He has blond hair and pale, gray-tinged skin. Even indoors, he wears a hood thrown over his head, and his face expresses a strange mixture of bitter regret and hard fun - emotions so incongruous that doubt immediately creeps into his mental health.



Kaerishiel: “We don't know much about drow society, but according to several written sources we have received, we believe that they are quite divided, gathering into a single fist only for a common goal. … In such chaotic structures, the role of sellswords is always great.”
Ghonatin: Mutated Troglodyte monsters

House Azrinae:

From Kaerishiel: There is a certain House Azrinae, something like an influential noble family that led (the) attack (in Celwynvian). This House has generously sponsored researches (on The Surface). At the head of this сlan is a certain woman whom they are afraid of. They are really afraid. And these bloody mad sadists in general are not afraid of much, you have seen. She inspires them with respect and horror, which merge into something similar to fanaticism. We do not know her name, in one record she was called "the New Matron". …. part of (House Azrinae’s) plan that took place (in Celwynvian) was called the Echo of Armageddon.

House Vonnarc:

Gadak Simiryin *says* he’s from this House. He says it “clearly with pride, expecting that it should impress others”
House Vonnarc has a “Mother of Slaves”
House Vonnarc has a “Master of Blades”
Apparently, according to Gadak Simiryin, “wherever (we) come from, (we) should know about House Vonnarc.”

Gadak Simiryin:

“I think we really should bargain, my death may cost you the price of skinned alive. You guys have been in a nice mess, haven't you? I can't even wait to find out how many scalps you've taken from those. I was just about to get out of here… So as not to hang around here like these suicides waiting for the next stream of treacherous arrows from the light freaks. My suggestion. I'll give you a lift to the city, and you tell me stories about what was on the other side of the portal. Deal?”
“Heh... I could pull a couple of strings in my House, Great House Vonnarc.” He brags that both the Mother of Slaves and the Master of Blades “listen to (his) opinion.”

We (House Vonnarc) could use warriors like you. You were in this bright hell and survived, and even scored trophies. You will be of use. Why would I do that? Well, you will owe me and one day you will be useful to me as much as I am to you now.

Gizratayn and Umberweb:

Other Drow cities??? … “(We) have an interesting accent. From Gizratayn or Umberweb probably, right?” – is what Gadak Simiryin asked/assumed … We wisely did not answer