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| - Beyond Midnight - | wrote:
You are not bound by who the world thinks you to be. You are your own soul, and what you choose to do with it is your choice alone. But know this—you are not alone.


| - Book of the Damned - | wrote:
...Many of these faithful have codified their heretical beliefs, forming the loosely organized Cult of the Redeemer Queen. This cult of heretics preaches that Nocticula is working toward her own redemption, slaying demon lords in a bid to ascend to true divinity as a goddess of artists, outcasts, and the glories of midnight. Though the Cult of the Redeemer Queen’s claims are open to dispute (particularly for those who worship Nocticula in her more traditional role as a demon lord of assassins, darkness, and lust), the cult’s clerics not only continue to gain divine support from their goddess but also seem to be thriving. Their good fortune suggests there may be more than blind faith at work, and that Nocticula is indeed on the verge of being the next demon lord to attain full divinity...


| - James Jacobs - | wrote:

...Outsiders lack something inherent to the mortal condition: free will. When an outsider is created, it is an extension of its home plane, whether it’s a personi cation of re or water, good or evil, law or chaos. Only outsiders born on the Material Plane can make their own choices and forge their own destinies. Yet as in any set of rules, there are exceptions, and one of the most striking is the recent rise of Nocticula from the rank of demon lord to full deity.

No one event triggered Nocticula’s rise from evil. For thousands of years, she served as a patron of assassins and a paragon of destructive lust, yet for many of those centuries she also served as a potent guard against the proliferation of demonic lords—her realm in the Abyss was quite literally built upon the corpses of demon lords she’d slain. Likewise, her rise into the role of Redeemer Queen was built upon these corpses, for with each demon lord she destroyed, she gained not only power, but the conviction to turn against her own nature.

Whether her full-fledged divinity was caused by her final flight from the evil of the Abyss, the cumulative karma built up from the defeat of so many demon lords, or the metaphysical support of mortal believers is irrelevant to the fact that today, Nocticula exists as a power of her own, separate from the Abyss and no longer a mere demon. Among her first acts upon becoming a deity was the creation of her planar realm—an archipelago of islands extending from the shores of the Boundless Azure Ocean in Elysium into the churning waters of the Maelstrom. This realm, known as Midnight’s Palette, is inspired in some part by her prior realm in the Abyss, yet whereas the components of the Midnight Isles were formed from the bodies of slaughtered demon lords, the lands of Midnight’s Palette took their shapes from the artistic works of 24 of Nocticula’s most devoted worshippers. In time, as her faith grows, more isles will doubtless form from the talents of her faithful.

Those who venerated Nocticula as a demon lord find themselves faced with a difficult choice. Some certainly followed their goddess and sought to change their ways, but many have stubbornly refused to give up their love of murder and hedonism. These worshippers have gravitated to other demon lords, particularly to Shax, Socothbenoth, and Zura. Nocticula’s old realm of the Midnight Isles remains under the control of Shamira, who is the most likely candidate to ascend from nascent demon lord to full demon lord and fill the vacancy Nocticula left behind. Shamira bears no ill will toward her prior mistress, but other demon lords and their cults are eager for vengeance, if only out of fear that they themselves might someday “lose their way” from the pleasures of violence and sin.

The faith of the Redeemer Queen is spreading quickly, particularly through New Thassilon, where one-time Runelord Sorshen functions as Nocticula’s most powerful supporter. What role the faith has to play in the world at large remains to be seen, but as long as despots suppress artistic integrity, as long as society rejects eccentrics, and as long as those who find nothing to fear from the darkest reaches of the night endure, her religion will only grow...