GM Nomadical's Outpost VI 4-09 Through Sea and Storm

Game Master Nomadical

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Starfinder Scenario #4-09 Through Sea and Storm

For PBP Outpost VI: Strange-ish Things!

Tier 9-12

Please sign up on the Outpost spreadsheet, but in the interests of a balanced party, I will not necessarily go by First-Come-First-Serve.

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Okay, minor correction. There's no need to sign up on the spreadsheet I linked to. Just apply here in the Recruitment thread.

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I guess I will toss my hat in....

Ran this a couple of times.....but not played it.

Umm....I have 2 characters (well 3...but I really don't play the 3rd).

Both lvl 9.
One is a Armor Prototype mechanic Half orc named Azzirm....good at being a wall..and great at computers and engineering.

The other is Zanraz, a Noir Nuar front line Technomancer (uses a junk sword). Also great at computers and engineering...a bit more squishy, but he has enough cyber to help with that...



Gunnz is a level 9 pilot... ahh.. operative.


While I have a couple of PCs that fall into the low side of the 9-12 sub-tier, I think that my L10 dwarven Mystic would be a better fit for the team I see so far.

Grump Gunderson.
Star Shaman


Azara just hit level 10. He's a good face and serves as a frontliner.

Also, he just got out of a mission with Azzirm and he's been on a mission with Gunnz before.

Grand Lodge

Well we've got a legal table of 4, all in the 9-10 subtier, and a nice balance with Solarian, Mystic, Mechanic and Pilot/Operative.

You four are definitely in, and we'll see who else signs up for the last two seats. Even if the last 2 are level 12's, that still puts APL at 10.3, so low sub-tier for sure.

Of course, you're still free to play these characters until 6 March. I'd ask that if you think you'll level up before then, please let me know. If we do get a couple of 12's and one or two of you level up, that could change the sub-tier and my prep.

One last note for anyone in this game. I have a simulator training and evaluation event on 14 & 15 March. I probably won't be able to post as GM at all those two days. I'll remind everyone of this again once we get closer to those dates, but just wanted to give you a heads up.

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