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608 posts. Organized Play character for Aerondor.


SP 16/40; HP 34/34; Res 7/7; Reroll 1/1; Cloak 9/10;


KAC20 ; EAC 19; Fort 5; Ref 9; Will 4; Perc +9; SM +9; Stealth +15 (+19 for trick shot)


Human Female Operative (ace pilot)-5 (Spaceship speed +1 from sky jockey)

About Gunnz

Gunnz Human Operative 5 HP 34 / 34 RES 7 / 7 STAM 40 / 40 Speed 40ft Init 7 KAC 20 EAC 19 Fort 5 Ref 9 Will 4 CMB 28 BAB 3 Tactical baton +8 (d6+3, )
Static arc pistol +8 (d6+2, arc 2)
[/b] (, ) [b]Str 12 (1) Dex 19 (5) Con 15 (2) Wis 10 (0) Int 10 (0) Cha 14 (2)

Kluddes space combat cheat sheet
Boons Slotted:
Faction: Dataphiles, improved
Ally: Envar (#4); Honorbound allies(#5); Heartfriend forever(#9); Muldori's Debt (#11); Vossi's Roar (#11)
Personal: scoured Starts Survivor (#8) (reduce RP to stabilise and regain hp when you do so); Halfling admittance (#6);
Promotional:: T-shirt )(reroll)
Social: Faction's Friend or Friend of the Ghibrani (#3); Abadar Corp augmentations (3/3 available); First Skirmish (#7); Scoured Stars Memorial (#9) (misc bonuses on defeat); Victory over Authority(#10); Trusted by the Conservancy (#11) (life science or survival bonus from acquisitive tier)
Starship: Computational Savant (+1 node); Solar powered weapons (#4) (+1 damage to one laser weapon) or Automated Defences (#3); (reduce tracking speed of missiles for one round); Honorbound allies(#5); First Skirmish (#7);; Defender of the Fleet (#8)
Slotless Marked Field Agent; Star Sugar Heartlove;Society Contract (#2)t; Claimant to Salvation (#2); Ghibran linguist(#3); Digital Presence ;Scoured Stars Veteran (#8)
Unidentified: Tip of the Conspiracy (#9); Journey to the Scoured Starts: segment 3(#7);

Standard botting instructions :

Starship combat: Pilot (base+14, +2 for ship, and extra +2 for her dedicated node) - general tactic will be evade or a flypast if they move right in front of us.

Regular combat: Trick shot (+18, DC=20+CR of creature)
Attack +7 vs EAC -0 hopefuly flatfooted from trick attack.
Damage 1d6+1 (electricity)
Bous trick attack damage 1d8

Not in combat: Make a smart-alex comment :-)

old boyfriends:

Bob: Engineer, good with his hands.
Byron: Doctor (does autopsies) "bodies don't often lie."
unnamed drummer: all hands
Dough:: Totally into conservation. He had 'Tech free Ukulam' poster above his bed..'"; "That one didn't end so well. I hope he isn't at this do. Then again, he rarely had two credits to rub together, so it is probably unlikely."; " Cute, curly hair. Vegetarian. "