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chronicle sheets

I will be selecting a party of six characters to participate in this module.

Recruitment begins Feb 10, so any applications before then will be ignored. (If you are using your one seat of early GM seating to apply, send me a PM and I'll try to answer you right away)

I will make my decision after 4 days or 12 applicants, whichever comes first.

To make expectations clear, I will be expecting one post a day for all participants. I will bot you if you do not post in that time to keep things moving. If you are interested, I invite you to look at my GM profile before applying. This is a module, not a scenario, so we will have to move quickly.

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Before signups start, I want to provide a warning that there are some horror elements in this adventure that are a type that some people might find upsetting. Because this is a mystery/investigation adventure, I don't want to spell out the details. I plan to have a light touch in describing them. Please contact me by PM if you would like to discuss this further before deciding if you want to apply.

There is also a small element that could be considered child abuse.


dotting for interest with intent to submit a character tomorrow, what is the lvl range?

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2-4. This adventure is played with your existing Pathfinder Society character, and will give 3 XP

I'm interested. One of my gunslingers should be level 2 before the convention, if not, I'll play the level 4 pregen. If I'm not picked, I understand the decision, as I'm not even guaranteed to have a character in range and might be using a pregen. I can't even be sure which gunslinger of mine will be leveled up, as I plan to DM or play a couple of games on roll20 to get one to level 2.
But showing interest.

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I'm interested to join. I have a few characters in range but I'll offer Xivio, a level 3 wizard/rogue (but could switch to something else if needed based on party composition).

This would be a replay for me to please give the spot to someone who hasn't played it yet if you have more applicants.


I'm game for this one. I'd prefer my level 2 occultist who should be free by then, but if not or if it's a much better fit for the group, I have a level 3 paladin too.

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I'd love to play as its one of the modules i haven't played or run. I've a few characters in tier in order of preference.
1) Mahakala, a Sarokosian Samasaran Druid Refugee (lvl 3) adventuring to raise capital to help fellow exiles & reclaim/rebuild Sarkoris.
2) Ug'Grick, a half-orc whose draconic heritage is starting to show and likes to bite things
3) Holdon, a joke based bard with a twisted sense of humor and little flag he waves. His goal in life is to make atleast one of everything laugh.

Unrelated to this scenario, but related to Pathfinder 1e, who here has a character that is still somewhat low level that uses or plans to use an animal companion?
I have extra animal companions unlocked and can pass it on to a few others.

Let's try to keep this thread to recruitment for the module, please.

Okay, just pm me if you do, it won't clutter up the thread.

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PaleDim would like to submit this Magus 4 for what sounds like a great adventure.

Scarab Sages

I have a level 4 Tengu Shaman I'd like to bring. I have played and GMed this (will burn replay) but I know how to keep my beak shut.

I would love to play this one! I have:

1) Bahram the half-orc archaeologist (lvl 4) with his great axe named Diplomacy

2) Eranahu the human ranger/ cleric (1/1)

Edit, Eranahu has found a game.

mahuffma wrote:
Edit, Eranahu has found a game.

I take that back. I tried to enroll him in a PF2 game.

Xivio wizard/rogue 3
Lupulus paladin 3
Finegas druid 3
Nilah magus 4
Zubb Zubb shaman 4
mahuffma archaeologist 4

you're in.

Please dot and delete from gameplay and provide your chronicle information in discussion.

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