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Full Name

Nilah Sevrom


| HP 8/8 | AC 18, t 14, ff 14 | CMB +1, CMD 15 | F +2, R +4, W +2 | Init: +5 | Darkvision 60'; Perc: +0, SM: +0


| Speed 30ft | Eldritch Pool: 4/4 | Misdirection: 1/1 | Spells: 1st 2/2 | Active conditions: none


Female Div-Spawn Magus (Eldritch Scion) 1

About Nilah Sevrom

Nilah Sevrom
Female Tiefling Div-Spawn (Spitespawn) (Advanced Race Guide 168, Blood of Fiends 21) magus (eldritch scion) (Ultimate Magic 9, Advanced Class Guide 104) 1
N Medium outsider (native)

Init +5; Senses Darkvision 60'; Perception +0, Sense Motive +0


AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 8 (1d8)
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +2
Energy resistance cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5


Speed 30 ft.
Melee [standard attack] cold iron scimitar +1 (1d6+1 S, cold iron, 18–20/x2)
or [full attack] 2 claws +4 (1d6+1 S, x2)
Special Attacks eldritch pool (4 points), spell combat
Spell-like abilities Misdirection (1/day, CL 1)
Eldritch scion spells known (CL 1; concentration +5)
1st (2/day): shocking grasp, true strike
0th (at will): detect magic, disrupt undead, prestidigitation, ray of frost

+1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you


Str 12, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 15
Feats Weapon Finesse
Traits Arcane Temper (Ultimate Campaign 56), Charming (Ultimate Campaign 59)
Drawbacks Vain (Ultimate Campaign 65)
Favored Class (magus) +1 skill point
Languages Common, Abyssal
SQ beguiling liar, bloodline (abyssal), fiendish resistance, prehensile tail
Skills bluff +4 (+4 to lie), perform (dance) +4, spellcraft +4; Skills (untrained) acrobatics +4, appraise +0, climb +1, craft (any) +0, diplomacy +3, disguise +3, escape artist +4, fly +4, heal +0, intimidate +3, perception +0, perform (any) +3, ride +4, sense motive +0, stealth +4, survival +0, swim +1; Armor Check Penalty -2
+1 to Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you
Combat gear: none
Other gear: cold iron scimitar, chain shirt, spellbook, spell component pouch, backpack, bedroll, waterskin
Wealth: 1gp, 9sp

Special Abilities:

Bloodline Powers: The power of the Abyss courses through your veins, causing horrific transformations during your bloodrage.

Claws (Su): At 1st level, you grow claws while bloodraging. These claws are treated as natural weapons, allowing you to make two claw attacks as a full attack, using your full base attack bonus. These attacks each deal an amount of damage equal to 1d6 (1d4 if you are Small) + your Strength modifier. At 4th level, these claws are considered magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance. At 8th level, the damage increases to 1d8 points (1d6 if you are Small). At 12th level, these claws become flaming weapons, which deal an additional 1d6 points of fire damage on a hit.
Eldritch Pool (Su): An eldritch scion gains an eldritch pool of personal magical energy, equal to 1/2 his magus level (minimum 1) + his Charisma modifier. As a swift action, he can spend 1 point of eldritch energy to enter a state of mystical focus for 2 rounds. This allows him to use abilities from his bloodrager bloodline as though he were in a bloodrage, though he gains none of the other benefits or drawbacks of bloodraging. At 4th level, an eldritch scion can also use his eldritch pool as an arcane pool, gaining all the benefits of the magus's arcane pool class feature.

Additionally, any magus class feature or spell from the magus spell list that normally uses a calculation based on Intelligence is instead based on Charisma for an eldritch scion. For example, an eldritch scion with the arcane accuracy magus arcana grants himself an insight bonus on attacks equal to his Charisma bonus, not his Intelligence bonus. This benefit has no effect on the eldritch scion's skills or skill points. This ability replaces arcane pool, and abilities that modify arcane pool also modify eldritch pool.
Spell Combat (Ex): An eldritch scion can use spell combat only while in a state of mystical focus (see eldritch pool). At 8th level, an eldritch scion can use spell combat at any time. This ability alters spell combat.
Spell Combat (Ex): At 1st level, a magus learns to cast spells and wield his weapons at the same time. This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast. To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand. As a full-round action, he can make all of his attacks with his melee weapon at a –2 penalty and can also cast any spell from the magus spell list with a casting time of 1 standard action (any attack roll made as part of this spell also takes this penalty). If he casts this spell defensively, he can decide to take an additional penalty on his attack rolls, up to his Intelligence bonus, and add the same amount as a circumstance bonus on his concentration check. If the check fails, the spell is wasted, but the attacks still take the penalty. A magus can choose to cast the spell first or make the weapon attacks first, but if he has more than one attack, he cannot cast the spell between weapon attacks.
Vain: You are sensitive about the way others perceive you. Whenever you fail an opposed Charisma-based check, you take a —2 penalty on all Charisma-based checks for the next 24 hours.
Spells Nilah knows the following spells. Additional details can be found in chapter 10 of the Core Rulebook unless otherwise noted.
Detect Magic Detects all spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Disrupt Undead Deals 1d6 damage to one undead.
Prestidigitation Performs minor tricks.
Ray of Frost Ray deals 1d3 cold damage.
Shocking Grasp Touch delivers 1d6/level electricity damage (max 5d6).
True Strike +20 on your next attack roll.

The (seemingly) young woman has completely black hair that would disappear into the inky black void that the stars fill. Her skin is a very light red, almost pink as if a red gel had been placed over a lantern as it shined on typical light skin. There are a couple of random places on her body where deep blue veins show through, including on her face. In a few other places she has tattoos of blue-stemmed roses to match and mask those veins. To top all that off are deep red eyes and dark brown horns that betray her Div heritage. Given that her appearance is too extraordinary to pass as anything remotely non-tiefling, she does not bother coiling up or otherwise hiding her tail, that is tipped with barbs. Despite all of these features which make her stand out, she is attractive in face and form.

Nilah is cold and distant at first, very slow to warm to others. She's got a constant, outside fear of how others might want to use her. Having grown up around servants and slaves she's also resentful of observing others being used. Because of her background, and being half-abyssal she's also suspicious when others show interest in her.

However, when those barriers can be crossed, the deepest of friendships and relationships can be built. She doesn't keep many friends, but she does keep very dear friends.

Nilah is the result of a Keleshite noble making some some dark arrangement with a Pairaka-Div. While the details of this arrangement are not discussed explicitly within the family, her father's purpose for this arrangement are. He seems to want her to serve as some secret weapon against other noble houses of Qadira in typical power struggles. Even the end result of this training isn't fully explained to her. Does he intend for her to be an assassin, or would she infiltrate other noble houses with no clear trace back to his family? Her initial focused training centered on arcane magic, but how extensive that would be was also never clear. What she does know is that his intentions keep her in an isolated life, never leaving the family house and only being visited by private tutors. The rare times she does get out they keep her fairly well covered up and identify her as a servant.

Her father has other daughters, but they resent her deeply. Possibly it's because of jealousy of her special purpose in life. If so, she feels they shouldn't bother being jealous for the high cost of the isolation, lack of really belonging within the family, and generally being raised as a tool in nobles’ games. It could also be that they're uncomfortable with the unavoidable circumstances of their father's arrangement that involved some demon woman from another realm, whom they've never met.

What little friends Nilah had were tutors and servants of her father's house (but not all of them). While she learned cold boundaries and harsh realities from her family, she learned some level of humanity and warmth from her servant friends. She also learned a functional level of guile from those servants who didn't like her. Telling others what they want to hear helps a family outcast and extraordinary visual standout get by easier. She was also naturally charming, which was useful when it didn't cause intimidation or resentment. Through these connections she could pick up other skills. She particularly enjoyed the art of the dervish dance, which she spent a lot of time practicing with servant friends.

She was able to get by reasonably, keeping some level of hope that her family would one day accept her, until her mid teenage years. She fell in love with a new servant named Samora. They would talk about everything, and share all of their ideas. Samora became fascinated by Nilah's div origin, and began to practice as a cleric of abyssal gods in secret.

Nilah slowly began to spend more and more time in the servants quarters and "helping out" around the kitchen in between her tutoring sessions. They were careful at first but then her half sisters started to take notice. The oldest sister, Zarishu became particularly determined about rooting out any particular happiness that the loathed Tiefling half-sister might hold. After trading favors with the right servants she figured it out.

One day, Samora simply disappeared. There was no clear reason, just murmurings that she'd been sold to another family in a distant, unnamed city. Another rumor involved a sale to slavers headed to distant lands from Taldor. A note was left in Nilah's room in the elder sister's handwriting. "Nobody loves you. You get nothing within this house. Remember it."

It wasn't worth it anymore for Nilah. She knew how powerful her family was, and there would be no finding her love easily, if she even still lived. However this was no existence to settle for. After some months passed, and things blew over, she stole away into the night. Traveling on foot and with merchant caravans when they could be found with a vague tip about where her love may have been taken after sale. She makes her way up the coast, around the inner sea, each stop finding another cold trail. Andoran. Cheliax. Varisia.

Exhausted and frustrated she decides to extend her stay in Sandpoint and rethink her strategy...