GM Nowruz's #6–10 'The Wounded Wisp' (Tier 1-2) - 2023/01

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Hi! I would like to GM scenario #6–10: The Wounded Wisp (TIER 1-2)

About me: I am from Germany and thus not a native speaker so excuse small mistakes in my posts.

Interested players: Please provide the following information in this thread.

a) Experience in PbP:
b) Class(es) / Level:
c) As this is a repeatable scenario - have you played or GMed this scenario before?

You can ask me questions anytime!

I will accept up to four players with a preference to players that have neither player nor GMed this scenario before and there are two spots reserved on top of the four for 7thGate and Mustaparta.

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if you need a fourth player, hit me up...ill fill in with whever is needed

I played Wounded Wisp back in 2015, couldn't tell you a thing about if I wanted to. If you can't find enough virg new PFS recruits, I'd like a spot!

Silver Crusade

I'll throw my hat in the ring for it

a. I've got a decent amount of experience on PbP at this time
b. Paladin (oath against fiends) 2
c. Yes I've played it before with another character I think last year?

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Well i would love to play it again ...

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Oh hey everyone! Sorry I missed the PMs Nowruz, I need to check those much more frequently. Thanks for running hte game! I have played the Wounded Wisp before, but is has been a long time. I'll be playing Vindex, a two handed trip fighter with a Naginata who is somewhat grumpy and short tempered, but good at handling the fights that come with the job.

I have to go get his character sheet fixed, its been several years since I've played him and the link broke.

Mustaparta and 7thGate are in. Gothic Artificer from Flaxseed recruitment has been accepted as well.

I will choose the remaining three spots based on the applications above and those coming in within the next 7 days.


Sorry I’m late! Just got the message!

• Experience with PbP: I mostly played Pathfinder Adventure, but did get in a play through a single session of “Race for The Runecarved Key”, as my Kobold Character, Tarka. I will be using her, here.

- Class(es)/Level: Tarka is a 01 Gunslinger (Bushwhacker/ Maverick/ Pistolero)

- Played or GM’ed this Scenario?: No

Also, I need to ask: would everyone be alright, with me making a comic out of our adventure? It’ll be sold through “Pathfinder Infinite”, after I finish the first adventure with my Kobolds comic (roughly 3-4 months, from now).

I'd like to play, I have a 2nd level evocation occultist.

I've played and GM'd a fair bit of PbP.

I haven't played or GM'd this one before.

Okay. As you’ve not played or GMed this before you’re in Lupulus.

Gothic_Artificer and Lupulus please post your introduction in the gameplay.


Two more seats available.

The Exchange

a) began PbP in 2019.
b) Sorcerer (draconic) 2
c) Haven't played or GM'd this before.

@Gothic_Artificer I don't see any problem with you making a comic.

Daenerija is in as they are new to the scenario.

Please introduce yourself in the gameplay.


One more spot remaining.

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I'll take that last spot if you don't mind.

Oops! Looks like you started a few days ago. Nevermind.

SodiumTelluride wrote:
I played Wounded Wisp back in 2015, couldn't tell you a thing about if I wanted to. If you can't find enough virg new PFS recruits, I'd like a spot!

You are in. Please jump into the gameplay and assume that the VC gave you a mission briefing. ;-)

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