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Game Master Mustaparta

Silver Crusade

Standard run of 1e trilogy set in Osirion. First two parts are 1-5 and third 3-7. Two spots are reserved for 7thGate and Nowruz.

Dark Archive

Thanks for everything GM!

I would like to join the game with Mina.

Player Name: noral
Character Name: Mina Shirin
PFS ID#: 314670-31
Faction: Dark Archive
Race/Class: Aasimar/Oracle
Progression (Slow/Normal): Normal
Day Job: craft alchemy : 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (5) + 13 = 18
Any special abilities: Mina is a Lunar Mystery Oracle (Spirit Guide with Ancestor spirit) that has a Celestial Animal Companion.

Grand Lodge

i have a character that could play this...but only thed first two...played the third with my -01...if that's cool, i'm in...totally understand if you want all the character for all three parts...

The Concordance

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring with Willard, provided that isn't too much squishy in the party :D

Scarab Sages

Hi everyone! Looking forward to playing this with you. I don't think we have to worry too much about squishyness; Mina looks super durable, and Katswiri's not too squishy. We're shaping up to be super good at knowledge checks with this group :)

The Exchange

If you people are looking for muscle then Rogarch can provide it. She can lay the mega-smack down when needed.

I have 2 in range. A Cleric (seems overly redundant starting with a pair of Oracles) and a blast Sorcerer.

The Cleric is an Arabian Half-Orc Cleric of Pharasma, who doesn't really do combat damage so much. The design intent is more battlefield Medic, auto-succeeding on Defensive Casting of Level 2 spells and only needing a 3 on the D20 to defensively cast 3rd level spells.

The Sorcerer is a Pyromaniac Gnome Fire Sorcerer who calls himself "The Great Swarmholio" and is clearly challenged (Str 5, Wis 8). He is an extremely effective combatant, but the entire character concept is a joke play on "The Great Cornholio."

Don't know if those already on the table would be interested in having either join them.

I feel like Chuurock would be a fun fit thematically. He does overlap with the oracles mechanically (more Katswiri than Mina, I think), but he's got third level spells, prepared spells and channeling, so he's bringing a bunch of helpful stuff to the group we otherwise wouldn't have.

The Exchange

@grimdog73 - If you can bring a character that can fight well that would be great so we can have more than one character bringing the beat-down around here. :)

Looking deeper, Thearor Leafsplitter has credit for 4 modules, so, he would be Level 3 at the start of the third module.

He was built to be my internal demonstration on how much damage can I get a pure fighter to do. At Level 2 (with Power Attack), he's got a net +7 to hit for 1d10+9 damage, with a threat range of 18 or better on the D20.

Might be more useful to the table.

Of course, I've used him 4 times total since 2012.

Grand Lodge

This is the cleric I have available.

Mina also has a celestial tiger so that might reduce some of the front line problems as the tiger is a good tank so I think that a character with ranged attacks could be a good addition.

Grand Lodge

grimdog73 here...i'd be bringing Carlin in...she just hit lvl 5. shes adventured with most of the group at one time or another...

I would like to join, with my Level 01 Gunslinger Kobold (Bushwhacker/ Maverick/ Pistolero archetype)! Would that be alright?

Silver Crusade

Thanks for all submissions. Following players are invited to join:
noral: oracle 5 / Dark archive / normal track
grimdog73: sorcerer 4 / Grand lodge
Torilgrey: arcanist 4 / The concordance /
7thGate: oracle 5 / Scarab sages /
Mage of the Wyrmkin: bloodrager 4 /The exchange
hustonj: fighter 2

Kaseem and Gothic_Artificier, you are on waitlist. I'll set up gameplay Monday or Tuesday.


This guy, then. Right.

Grand Lodge

just wanna make sure you're cool with me only playing the first 2 parts...and she just leveled to case that throws the APL off...


I just went through and checked Thearor's play history and certs.

One of his existing certs doesn't show in the play history, so at a quick glance the count looked right. I hate the stuff that doesn't hit the system . . ..

Means he had 2 certs that hadn't been applied, yet. Both were AP book certs, so I had his level wrong, too.

3 normal certs to Level 2. First AP to Level 3. Second AP to Level 4. Means he'll be Level 4 all the way through.

At this point he's got no money to note, but is pretty well outfit, I think.

As I remember the math, that gives us 27 levels across 6 characters for APL 6? 4 and 1/2 rounds to 5 and 6 characters bumps to 6, right?

'Course, means he's a better (and more survivable) beat stick. Power Attacking Cleave for +10/+8 @ 1D10+15 each, or single Power Attack @ +10 for 1d10+21. Like I said, an experiment in damage output from a straight fighter.

Scarab Sages

That should be fine Carlin, I'm sure we can find someone to join for part 3 or go at it with a group of 5. The higher level is good, we're clearly high tier across the board and might make high tier in part 3 too.

Katswiri is at 11 XP, so she's going to go slow progression for the first two parts to avoid leveling out of being able to do part 2.

Character Name: Katswiri
PFS ID #: 228480-1
Faction: Scarab Sages
Day Job: Craft: Painting: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (8) + 12 = 20

Katswiri is a Lore Oracle, and her most stand out ability is to more or less automatically succeed at three out of combat Int based skill checks each day using her Focused Trance ability. She spends standard actions for 1d6 rounds (which usually precludes combat use), then gets to make a check with a +20 circumstance bonus. Her natural divination ability also usually is used to get two skill checks with a +10 competence bonus, for helping to guarantee a few important non-int skill checks. She can also effectively cast Divination 1/day with a 1 minute cast time to get general advice on the adventure. I usually flavor all these abilities as either omens or visions of the past or future, as Katswiri is a seer.

In addition to her limited use abilities, she can act as a face with a good diplomacy and reasonable bluff check, and is trained in every int based skill, so can handle a lot of skill checks even once her limited use abilities run out.

In combat, she's less exciting, mostly acting as support with buffing and healing. She's got a -4 initiative modifier, so is almost always last, and is carrying a medium load and medium armor so isn't very mobile. She usually casts sound burst or heals people depending on the situation, though can also do mediocre melee damage with her mace. She gets CHA to AC and Reflex saves in place of dex, so does have a pretty good AC though.

Katswiri has the deaf oracle curse, so she cannot hear. Mechanically, deafness:
--Causes her to automatically fail all perception checks based on sound
--Gives her a -4 penalty to initiative checks [Reduced to -2 by her curse's level 5 ability].
--Gives her a -4 penalty to opposed perception checks
--Makes her immune to language dependent spells and abilities, audible bardic performances, and some specific spells or situations (like the stun on sound burst)
--Would give her a 20% spell failure chance for casting spells with verbal components, but her curse gives her the silent spell metamagic on all her spells for free with no level or cast time increase.

To help understand the people around her, she took read lips as a language with linguistics as noted in the PFS faq:

More recently, she has purchased magical Spectacles of Lip Reading, which have made it much easier for her to understand those around her without needing ideal conditions (she just needs to pass a DC 0 perception check, modified by distance and conditions as appropriate to understand someone as long as she speaks the language they are using). Most of the time, lip reading is sufficient to allow her to function pretty well, but occasionally events will require some help with someone repeating information or explaining things, like when she runs into intelligent talking objects or there are loud noises out of sight that need to be responded to.

Katswiri keeps a visual journal of her adventures, where if she has the opportunity, she will paint pictures of various important events or interesting people/scenery/objects that occur during the mission. Its mostly fluff, but it's fun, and its how she does her reporting for the society.

Mina, I noticed you have subbed a lot of checks to be Charisma based; Katswiri has also done this, to a lesser extent with her reflex and mind affecting will saves switched to Charisma. I belive this causes them to be affected by the Circlet of Persuasion, so I think you would get an extra +3 to your initiative and reflex saves based on . I also thnk your will save might be a point too high; Oracle 5 should be +4 to will, I think.

Dark Archive

Thanks for the check and information Katswiri! ;)


Updated the profile to the format I've been using for a couple of years, now. I think this format makes it exceptionally easy to validate the source of all benefits and to check my math if anyone wishes.

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