PbPGameday XI: GM Meranthi/Eeeeka [SF] Bounty 3 - Green Place (Inactive)

Game Master Meranthi

Chronicle Sheets

First time PbP GM, so I'm starting simple with a bounty.

Please fill in the <Sign up Sheet> (first come, first served), and post a little bit about your character.

If you are new to PbP, welcome! Let me know and I will try to smooth the way as much as possible. Check out Doomed Hero's Guide to PbP for an intro to the system.

I'm still figuring this out. :)

I will be posting a minimum of once a day (once per weekend) and I expect that you will too. Please include botting instructions and macros at the bottom of your character sheet for those inevitable times when you won't be able to post.

I will post a link to Google Slides once I get that up and running. There will be some info for you to fill out to make my life a little easier.

Play Style:
Ummm, still figuring this out, too.

For combat, I'll respect initiative to resolve attacks when reasonable, but don't feel restricted to wait to post. Please list your actions in the order they happen, including saves when necessary.

Pleaes make sure you keep your tagline updated with your current Saves, Perception, Armor Class, and spells cast.

If something looks off during combat or any other time, please post in the Discussion Thread. I would much rather fix issues and discuss rulings sooner rather than later.


Glaukos is a stellifera mechanic with an experimental armor prototype. At first glance, he looks like a typical humanoid encased in heavy armor, until you realize that the suit is full of water with a Diminutive cuttlefish swimming inside the helmet.

He is very tech-savvy (Computers, Engineering, Profession: miner) but also very curious about new creatures and scientific phenomena (Life & Physical Sciences) as well as new food and entertainment (sensate theme).

Glaukos is a newly-minted Starfinder, a protégé of a famous member of the Dataphiles faction (and beneficiary of their capstone boon), but is eager to prove his own worth.

Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif)

Kalhoun is a human solarion Steward attuned with electricity rather than light. His favorite things are showing off his academy-learned skills and following regulations, though he does respect other people's contributions as well. He has an undefined medic hireling running around nearby.

His armor is more mystical than mechanical, but he will likely want to compare notes with Glaukos.


Glad to see you trying out Play-by-Post. I'm a Venture Agent and have a good deal of experience running PbP, so if I can help you out in anyway please let me know.

As for T'Krunch, he is an ikeshti who's appetite knows few bounds. He tries to get samples of any potential food source organic creature he can find, which he does as an adventuring biohacker.

I mean it all in good fun, but as ikeshti ecology is described as being quite brutal, this PC has the potential to go a little dark. If the GM or any player feels that this PC is going too dark, please let me know either in a post or via PM and I will tone the character down.

As full disclosure, I have played this bounty once before with a different PC.

I look forward to sharing this table with all of you!


Signed up. Will be using a pre-gen Iseph. Still not familiar with the Starfinder system, I hope you don't mind.

Not at all. Let me know if you have any questions about Iseph or his abilities.


Tuirk Ra will be joining you. This is my goblin boon, I got this guy by paying $150 at gen-con 2021 second chance boon, but don't let that stop you from trying your best to kill him...I was told bounties you really can't die anyhow.
Anyway, he is a space-goblin ranged soldier. Sneaky and smart, but not crazy like a goblin.


Korth Kothar or KK for short is a red-scaled Kobold with a combat drone construct dragon which he rides atop strapped into a riding saddle. He is obsessed with distant worlds, and always mentally catalogs everything he learns about new and strange places so he can recall it when he needs it most. He's very crafty & disassembles items to see how they work then puts them back together. He likes to enter & compete in drone racing.

Welcome, everyone! Happy to have y'all here. :)

I will play this pre-gen on behalf of Iron-59 Felicis for this game.

Please take a minute to add your Perception and Initiative to the slides. Looking forward to starting this weekend. I probably won't start until Monday or Tuesday so the full scenarios can get started.

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