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Become a team! Close enough!
Kill the zombarians! Done!
Kill the Velvet Ape! With an epic 3-person combo!
Keep the Wizards of the Coast alive! The Dudes abide!
Get a reward! +1♥️!
Find the chimera! And you didn’t try to kill it! YAY!
Get weird PC-specific stuff! Cowabunga indeed!
Defeat the knights! Who, of course, are evil robots.
Reward earned! Max ♥️s possible! Nicely done!
Go to back to the city. And herrrrre’s Donny!
Chat until interrupted! By assassin droids!
Clear the rooftops! No civilian casualties!
Defend the city! With innovative tactics!
Kill the Mother Brain! Don’t wanna dream no more!
Happy ending!! Thank you for playing!

PC Stats:
• TMNF Headband (13+ combo)
• Heroes with a Half-Orc! Frog/Lizard/Snake/Turtle Power!

d20 saves: Fort, Reflex if no ceiling or overhead obstacle

Magic: sand
• Teal Sand Snake
• Fuchsia Sand Snake
• Copper Sand Snake
• The Sands of Time

d20 saves: Will, Fort vs. poison

Magic: earth
• You have a bone in your hands (18+ crit)
• Jr. Police Officer Badge

d20 saves: Will, Reflex vs. enemies while on land, outdoors

Who’s interested in a rules-lite one-shot? By rules-lite, I mean it’s not Pathfinder or even pretending to be. By one-shot, I mean the story runs like: beginning, middle, end… and then it ends.

This episode is called “Knights! Chimera! ACTION!!” so you can expect it has knights and a chimera in it, and action will ensue more than once.

The characters I’m looking for…
• are female,
• heroic (any “good” alignment)
• and prefer not to stab people.

The players I’m looking for…
• play well with others,
• post frequently (three times a week or so)
• and prefer not to stab people.

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Dotting for interest

By rules lite do you mean something along the lines of Dread?

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I’d be interested in giving this a go.


Delmoth wrote:
By rules lite do you mean something along the lines of Dread?

Ha! Not sure how I’d make a virtual Jenga tower work!

Nothing fancy though. Just an over-simplification of the randomizer.

You’re either good at something or you’re not. If you’re good at whatever you’re up to, you roll a d20. If you’re not, roll a d12. Difficulty is on a scale of 1 to 10.

To answer a couple questions on Discord:

1.) The game is not entirely diceless, but only players roll. Trying to flatter, BS, con or intimidate …all RP.

I’ve had experiences in which diceless combat led to misunderstandings. The poor GM had no idea what we thought our characters could do!

2.) More details. Right! Will get to character creation and a little background in a separate post…

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So is the position of chimera open? :D

Vermilion Vixen wrote:


Delmoth wrote:
By rules lite do you mean something along the lines of Dread?
Ha! Not sure how I’d make a virtual Jenga tower work!

You say that but...

The Premise: you’re a young woman who lives in the Kingdom of Southtopia. It’s six degrees south of Utopia. Latitudinally, I mean. It’s on a different continent. And the continent is a s&$@hole, thanks to all the monsters that keep mysteriously appearing and threatening civilization.

Lucky for you, King Joshua (pronounced YO-shoe-ah) has the answer: The Annual Monster Hunting Competition! Or TAMHuC for short.

This year’s monster is known as FLOTSAM, the only monster whose name is lamer than the acronym for the competition. But King Joshua is a former pirate captain, so a monster named after a shipwreck scares the f#*$ out of him.

Our Heroines stick out like a sore thumb. In part, it’s because monster-hunting is a heavily-male-dominated sport. But it’s also because of my screwy character creation system.

There are four steps to creating a character:


Oh, and she needs a name, bit of backstory, and you gotta find an avatar that kinda looks like who you have in mind. But that’s kinda self-explanatory. I’ll elaborate on those conveniently alphabetized steps later.

Almonihah wrote:
So is the position of chimera open? :D

The chimera in the title is an NPC, but Monstress archetypes are certainly allowed!

Can my character identify as a male?

CucumberTree wrote:
Can my character identify as a male?

Yes—as long as you won’t take offense OoC that King Joshua’s obsequious underling lumps you in with the women (a.k.a. the other PCs) at the beginning of the game.

So for character creation, I need:

An Archetype – fantasy, sci-fi, or any mythological or super-heroic archetype

A Body Type that fits your chosen archetype:
• Amazon – you have more HP than the others, but lack magic
• Nymph – you can use magic: pick an element, if your Archetype didn’t already give you an elemental magic
• Fairy – you’re a few inches tall, you have wings and magic, and less HP than the others
• Clever Girl – you have average HP and no magic, but there’s something special about you that no stat block can define

A Costume – something thematic and/or magi-technologically functional

A Day Job

…and yes, her name and you may give a brief backstory and post an image that you found or drew.

Addison Lane is the Vermilion Vixen.

A. She’s a Brick.
B. She’s built like an Amazon, but sensitive about her thighs.
C. She wears a mask, combat stilettos and is wrapped in red fabrics.
D. By day, she’s a Fashionista.

But by night, blah blah blah backstory. Here’s an IMAGE

The “Brick” archetype means she is a non-flying Supergirl, within reason. Throwing apple carts, not feeling punches… that works. Crushing coal into a diamond: nope.

The “Amazon” body type best fits Brick. She gets more HP than the other body types. She’s not magical like the nymph or fairy.

VV’s “Combat Stilettos” make her awesome at kicking and acrobatics. What? In heels? That’s BS! But it’s superhero genre BS and she’s got a super-heroic archetype. So she’ll roll a d20 when she performs acrobatic feats… and a d12 for stealth from those loud clacking heels. Who decided what VV’s good at and bad at? The player. GM approves as long as the abilities are reasonable, if in a cartoony way. P: “Can stiletto boots pick locks?” GM: “No. You’re a brick with ass-kicking boots. Kick the door down.”

VV’s “Fashionista” job doesn’t really add to the above… but it certainly makes the argument to add magi-tech to the rest of her outfit. As GM, I might suggest adding x-ray/spectral vision to the mask. The player says no… but how about a spidey-sense type thing where VV can hone in on someone in danger?

Ultimately, my goal is to give you a quick, cheap way to make a character. If this results in one character rolling d20s for everything, and that feels unfair to someone who botched a lot of d12 rolls, I’ll run my next one-shot differently. The fun in it for me is both the storytelling and the experimentation.

Hopefully, you’ll find the experience fun too. And surprising. Weird, but surprising… in a good way.

Exit the Vixen. Enter the GM.

To anyone interested in giving this a shot: go ahead and give your best guess as to how to submit a character. As soon as I approve 4 PCs, we start the game. (Any number of PCs from 3 to 6 is fine with me.)

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Alright, submitting my character, Badia the Leaper!

Archetype: Half-orc Barbarian (Brick)
Body Type: Amazon (Naturally)
Costume: Fur Bikini, Boots of Butt-Kicking, Big Axe
Day Job: Hunter

Badia comes from a small tribe of half-orcs that live in the wilds of Southtopia. Her tribe worships a powerful frog god, and Badia has embraced it as her totem spirit, granting her strength, speed, and the ability to JUMP REALLY HIGH! No matter what dangers they will face, Badia will be ready to leap into action will all of her froggy fighting prowess!


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Bella Mayne A.K.A. Raptor-Woman

Archetype: Dilettante rich kid with access to the latest devices from Mayne Automatics
Body Type: Clever Girl, will frequently have just the right device for the situation
Costume: Tuxedo complete with top hat and cane by day, sleek and colorful bodysuit accented with feathers by night.
Day Job: Playgirl majority stake owner of Mayne Automatics

Bella’s parents at a young age were brutally murdered by a monster while they were on safari in Southtopia. The Utopian girl became woke to the plight of the Southtopians and vowed to end the monster scourge. She trained hard and coopted and repurposed the many automatrons her parents company had developed. Fresh off the airship to Southtopia she sees the competition as a means to an end in her quest for revenge.

Deus Ex Gadgeteering as the reward for accepting s!$+ty stats. Nice. Approved.

Two outta four PCs approved. Halfway there.

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How about: Emi-na Amun
Archetype: Egyptian(-ish) sorceress. Main power - Sand control. Maybe has a pet asp that she talks to, if allowed.

Body type: Nymph
Costume: Um, kind of like this?
Day job: Exile from Imhotopia, a few degrees east (longitudinally) of Utopia, her ship was blown off-course from its intended destination and crashed on Southtopia. Forced to make a living making sand art and hoping to scrape enough money together for passage to Utopia.

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Randy "The Misfit"

Archetype: Outlaw/Rebel
Body Type: Nymph (Earth)
Costume: Baby seal fur hat, and a technicolor dream coat
Day Job: Pimp

He's been an outsider since the day he was born. The law finally caught up with him. He was given a choice by the judge: Prison or Monster Hunting.

Both PCs approved, as well as the talking asp.


There were two people on my Starfinder discord who may have been interested. They can still join and jump in if they want to.

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