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A name/avatar/any change is fine. A hobbit sounds fun anyway, seeing that my intro to the JRRT world was The Hobbit. (Book, followed by the old cartoon that for some reason killed off more dwarves than the book.)

@Tarondor, this is Hotcha’s player. I’m interested in playing a hobbit!

Human’s fine too, but there was a halfling I created around the time I created Hotcha, and at the risk of you only seeing me play short red-haired girls, here’s Miss Tuesday!

@Morwenn, Tilly, Waylon,
Looks like I’m the only new guy!

I am coming into this clueless! Rhubarb Tuesday was designed as farmgirl-turned-cop, and the avatar suggests she’s a bit of a hot mess, so her fun side is likely her way of dealing with a tragedy. If we’re in a currently war torn world, something as simple as “orc raid survivor” works. Surely there’s a calling that matches this concept.

< This guy.

RumpinRufus wrote:

Some notes:

  • There are no negative hit points - if you take damage equal or greater than your HP, you go down to 0 HP and get the Dying 1 condition.
  • If a crit knocks you to 0, you gain Dying 2 instead of Dying 1.
  • Each round, you must make a save to stabilize. The save DC is based off the enemy - a boss may have a higher death DC than a mook, so you are more likely to be killed by bosses.
  • If you reach Dying 4, then you are dead.
  • If you make the stabilize check, you gain a hit point, but are still Dying. If you make another save at 1 HP, you are no longer Dying, and you regain consciousness.
  • If an ally heals you while you are Dying, you still have the Dying condition, even though you have positive HP. You still need to make a stabilize check to regain consciousness. But, once your HP is positive, you are no longer at danger of death from failing your checks - failing a stabilize check just means you stay unconscious.
  • The Stabilize cantrip puts you at 1 HP.

I was actually thinking of homebrewing a means of running a PF game with no bleedout. This might be (roughly?) what I was looking for.

You didn't come off that way. I first played a PbP in 2013, and I guess I technically ran and played a few rules-light home-brews before that. I only played one PF game (still going after 2 years).

But this is the first time I joined a site dedicated to PbP. Actually, I can see how it's tempting to join multiple games.

@WW, I am. The book was written the year I learned to walk. But if I was walking away from Omelas in '73, it wasn't on purpose. I didn't even turn one yet. I didn't know where the hell I was going.

@Omelas, WIS is usually my dump stat (which works as well for me as joining too many games works for you). But I've played PbPs with some people from this site, and the community seems quite welcoming. Maybe I'll catch you later, as I intend to keep an eye out for one-shots, or whatever the PbP equivalent of a one-shot is.

True, Omelas. Part of what I'll do to reduce the odds of me jumping ship: I'll play one game on the site. I appreciate your encouragement, but I accepted an invite to a game last night from a GM, and all of the players voted me in earlier today.

I'll commit to that one game, but I think you have a good attitude about GM'ing so I'm sure your campaign will be fun. I wish you well!

Hey, all. I'm new to this site and new to lawful alignment, but I'm gonna give it a go with Wu Chen the Fighting Nun of Yet-to-be-Determined-in-Game-Goddess! If there's a goddess of dancing (or a Lord of the Dance), that'll do. Wu Chen will either appear human or actually be human, and being a monk, she won't cut into the party's weapon/armor budget. Unless there's a really nice cestus available, so she can double her crit range and punch sharks.

Anyway, it's late. I'll check out the game thread tomorrow and hopefully finalize my character soon so I can jump in the game, if Wu Chen is welcome.

I'm new here. What I'm looking for is a game that's primarily about RP'ing and having fun with a group of heroic PCs.

Turn-offs include in-fighting and having to roll for stats and HP. Any point-buy or array system is fine, including those that cap Lv.1 stats at 17 after racial mods.

I like to play characters that are fun to be around, and I REALLY want to try a Pathfinder monk.

I'm new to this site (joined today), but have been playing PF for a couple years now.

What I'm looking for is a game where I can play someone heroic, and ideally work her way up to level 20. And I definitely want to play a character who's fun to be around.