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Shalissa, Davor, Gregor, Kerndrew
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Gregor, Kerndrew, Shalissa, Davor
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Gregor & Kerndrew, Shalissa, Davor

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Name: Jiria Sendry
Race/Class: Human Cavalier (Sister-in-Arms archetype)
Role on the party you want to fill: Melee front-liner
Personality: Charming and savvy, can command a situation

Backstory: A young serving wench at the small-town tavern The Lusty Paladin, Jiria Sendry quickly became the tavern's main draw. Working a room came easy to her-- when to flirt, when to gossip, when to stay distant. Her childhood dreams of adventure slowly faded as she settled into a modest life of steady coin and constant company. Her father, a retired soldier who knew the types that frequented places like hers, wanted assurance his daughter would never find herself in over her head, and taught her skill-at-arms in the evenings. She learned the virtue of never being unarmed, and always staying mindful of her surroundings. She learned that in a fight, the best weapon of all was discipline.

Jiria thought little of it when her father sickened, hard old man that he was. When his condition worsened, however, she sought help and quickly learned he was beyond the skill of anyone close by. He told her healing priests were common "in the East," so with no other option Jiria said goodbye to the Paladin and boarded the next ship she found that was heading in that direction...

Alias: Laiashi is one of my favorite PFS characters, and this was probably the most role-playing fun I've had with her so far.

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Name, Netzer "Spleenripper"
Race/Class, Dwarf Monk (Zen Archer)
Role on the party you want to fill ranged support
Backstory (About 2 Paragraphs)
Netzer was born from merchants and blacksmiths on the island nation of Jalmerey in the small craftsman population of dwarves who lived there. From a young age Netzer was skilled with making and use of bows and arrows and the Monestary of Twisted Iron soon ended up as a place where Netzer took the entrance exam and passed to study the way of the bow. Upon completing his studies Netzer was asked by his father to come aboard a ship and guard it's cargo to ensure the goods made it through to destination and Netzer signed on board.

Appearance: Netzer is a contemplative and quiet Dwarf who wears arm guards to hold down his sleeves and otherwise loose fitting clothing and comfortable well worn boots with a good travel cloak. He is young being only fifty years old and has black hair and black eye color.

post from my vampire game:

Onfroi looks to the one who has approached not knowing of his holy claim as of yet and says Well met Simon, I am Onfroi, childe of Petradon, and every childe must learn. Should ones creator then stare and fret the childe is spoiled without lesson learned that life is hard and one must stand for oneself without tantrum or foolishness. I am not blameless of life nor free of vice, and I appreciate the challenge brought to me. How shall I represent my maker if I am nothing but a withering flower or weak of response to the lesser storm? What possible joy or challenge can be had from never seeing anything?
Onfroi plainly says his thoughts not liking much the thought of being shielded from life or what it may bring all the while trying to recall
what he may know of Simon

Applications closed. Will be back in a while with the news.

First of all thanks for all the fine applications.

That was a tough decision to start the whole thing with, with so many interesting characters and good players apllying. I have decided to take a fifth player to make it a little bit easier, but still I have been turning this in my mind for days and than there where two new interesting characters to take into the picture at the last minute.

But without further ado, the following characters will board the Jenifere over in the discussion thread.
Hewit Nichaetou
Kenderella Lefuriel
Davor Krill
Father Kerndrew
Gregor Kardoff

Everybody else thanks for the applications, I will keep you in evidence in case we need replacements when real live starts to intervene.

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