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Hello everyone!

I am looking for 4-5 players for The Chimera Mystery, the first adventure in The Threefold Conspiracy adventure path. Though I feel the need the to take things one book at a time, I fancy continuing with at least the second book in the series ("Flight of the Sleepers).

From the back of The Chimera Mystery book: "When the security officer the Chimera goes missing, the heroes are asked to investigate. Murder, misdirection, and misapprehension abound. But is this whole whodunit only part of a much larger conspiracy?"

The Chimera Mystery is an opportunity for players who like to truly role play to shine, in particular in the first half of the adventure. Players should also be ready for a few interesting scraps, in particular if we delve into the second book of the series.

A little about me: I have been playing RPG's since 198coughcough (so, a long time--though I was a kid when I started). I'm a husband and a Dad from the midwest U.S., and I work at a busy downtown library in community television. I have always loved sci-fi, ranging from old 40's Flash Gordon serials to current gems like The Expanse.

I will make Starfinder Society chronicle sheets available for all players who participate.

I am looking for players who are comfortable making 5-6 posts a week. I am generally a very responsive GM, so I will be making somewhat more posts per week than that. Like most PBP games, we'll probably slow down on the weekends, though I am hoping we can still some posting Saturdays and Sundays.

Many of you who play lots of PBP games are right in the middle of your Outpost III games. With that in mind, we're going to be patient with recruitment. I expect to leave approximatley 10 days, perhaps even two weeks for all of you to submit your characters for consideration.

Still interested? GREAT! Let's talk character creation::

Level 1, any Paizo, 1,000 starting credits.

You make use any official Paizo material to create your character. Yes, you absolutely may break out that new Near Space book! Yes, you absolutely may look at creative choices for races (though see below for some concerns regarding PC race).

I care more about your character’s personality than their backstory, and more about their backstory than their build. Given the nature of this AP, well thought out characters with interesting personalities, morals, and motivations will really add to the game. Here’s the basic information I want to see, feel free to include anything else you feel is relevant:

Gender and Pronouns:
General Backstory:

Some notes on race: there are a few races that just won't work with this AP (though all of the base and legacy races from the core rulebook are fine). I really don't want to give away which races from the various Alien Archives won't work, so if you end up choosing one of those races I will simply send you a PM and suggest you make a revision to your submission.

Your character will also need a reason for being aboard the Chimera, traveling from Near Space to the Pact Worlds at game start. The AP provides the following backgrounds, though you should feel free to create your own (subject to my input and approval).
Artist: You’re taking the Chimera to reach a showing or your next gig somewhere in the Pact Worlds. Whether the show is in a small gallery or venue on Absalom Station or a larger site, such as Songbird Station in the Diaspora, you plan on arriving on time and meeting your supporters and fans. This background fits well with the ace pilot, icon, and gladiator themes.

Entrepreneur: In attempting to start your own business, you received word that a firm within the Pact Worlds is interested in supplying the funds you need. They want you to come in person to present your business plan or a sample of your work, so you booked passage on the Chimera to take advantage of the opportunity. This background fits well with the biotechnician, corporate agent, and roboticist themes.

Intellectual: The Chimera is taking you back to the Pact Worlds after a successful expedition to a Near Space planet or interesting cosmic phenomenon. You have much information to impart to your colleagues, some of which you believe might further the understanding of your field of study. This background fits well with the scholar, xenoseeker, and xenoarchaeologist themes.

Traveler: Your home is in the Pact Worlds, and you’re coming back from an extended vacation. Alternatively, you’re on your way to tour the Pact Worlds as part of a whirlwind journey through the galaxy. The Chimera was the only vessel departing on your timetable. This background fits well with the spacefarer, tempered pilgrim, wild warden, and xenoseeker themes.

Veteran: Lucrative warrior work is on offer in the Pact Worlds. Whether you’re providing security for a ruthless corporation or aiding a small group against the predations of space pirates, the proposed job fits your morals. This background fits well with the bounty hunter, mercenary, outlaw, and space pirate themes.

Visionary: A vision from another plane of existence calls you to the Pact Worlds, so you purchased passage aboard the Chimera. You aren’t entirely certain what awaits you when you arrive, but you are sure you will be guided to where you need to be. This background fits well with the dream prophet, priest, and solar disciple themes; the theme can help you decide whether you are devoted to a deity or some other force.

I would love to give Starfinder a shot. I would go with something simple and make a soldier. Something reliable.
A Johnny Rico.

I’ll put a dot here in case I’m unsuccessful in the other recruitment. Thanks again GM Quirk...

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I'm interested this looks cool! Have some ideas so i will write it down later ^^

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This sounds like a great opportunity. I know my tabletop group wouldn't get to this AP for years, and we can't even finish Dead Suns until the pandemic is over. So I'll throw my hat in the ring with Professor Reivax Kipe. Kipe is my homage to real and fictional people like Stephen Hawking, Charles Xavier, and Star Trek's Captain Pike. In mechanical terms, Kipe is a Mechanic who is almost completely reliant on his drone for transportation and self-defense. I had a blast playing him in a couple of SFS scenarios until a rules change meant I had to retire him. I think he'd be perfect in an RP-heavy campaign like The Threefold Conspiracy.

At this link you'll find his background and motivation for being on the Chimera, character sheet, and a pic. Hope you like it--thanks.

I'm interested! I'll have to look over character options.


Dotting this. I'm in the other recruitment for threefold, but I may not be selected. Thanks for putting this up GM Quirk

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Dotting to indicate I'm applying, will begin work on a concept after work!

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Basic concept below, I have yet to read Near Space so things may well change up a bit when I get chance to read it ^^.

Name: Vilmeros
Race: Vesk (Low-Gravity)
Class: Operative (Detective)

Gender and Pronouns: Male Him/He

General Backstory: Vilmeros grew up on Vesk-6, a lush jungle world with a low-gravity; their mother a Soldier in the Veskarium armed forces and their father working for the Division of Disloyal Organizations. Their father was situated on Vesk-6 due to rumours of a ‘Pulonis Independence’ movement and spent much of their time working, whilst their Mother joined the fights against the Pact worlds in their ‘silent war’. Learning to stalk the jungle, they made great use of their relatively slight frame and trained with the Pahtra of Vesk-6 to hunt game – preparing to join the Academy.

Coming of age, Vilmeros joined the Division of Disloyal Organizations' Academy with the intention of following in their father’s clawed footsteps, being shipped off to Vesk Prime to better learn. Whilst they enjoyed their lessons at the academy, how to read clues and people and gather evidence – they sometimes chafed at the militaristic regime of Vesk Prime and once they graduated, served the minimum term required of graduates before finding an Ysoki ‘Private Eye’ by the name Fidget. Fidget ran a low budget agency mostly finding lost items and people for the non-Vesk races. It took some time for Vilmeros to earn the trust of the people as they were unused to working with a Vesk that did not seek to dominate them outright.

After a few years studying under Fidget, Vilmeros decided to set up their own agency, though had decided to focus on finding outlaws and wanted fugitives for the benefit of the Veskarium, such as the Keepers of the Lie. Not wanting to tie themselves to the Division of Disloyal Organizations' however, they have taken an independent contract and look to set up in Absalom Station as a central hub. Thus they have booked passage on the ‘Chimera’ – a starship taking them to the Pact Worlds to further their career and their life.

Personality: Despite chafing at some of the Vesk mentality they still feel an honour in victory – be that besting a foe or solving a difficult crime and hate any who would threaten the stability of the Empire due to indoctrination. They have a great drive and focus heavily on any task they accept, seeing it as a point of honour and do go against it would be a fate worse than death.

Flaw(s): Vilmeros often has the tendency to suspect others of hiding their true nature until they get chance to know them due to their training. This can lead them to snap decisions.

Quirk(s): Vilmeros is particular about details, often focusing on miniscule details in their work and social life, they have a dictation device – a gift from their Ysoki mentor – which they can often be found muttering into to record what is going one around them, which can be off-putting for others who don’t know what is going on.

Interest as well. I'm running a game for Outpost III, but not playing in anything right now.

Edit: Friday, my Shirren PI would have fun with this one.

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I would love to toss a hat in the ring. I'm thinking an Uplifted Bear Entrepreneur Biohacker, on his way back from a disastrous showing at a venture capitalist convention. Turns out that a vial of liquid skin for burn victims that has a side effect of inflating them like balloons is NOT ready for distribution as much as I originally believed...

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Looks great. I still have my hat in for Algae's, but if the character doesn't make it over there, I'll throw that metaphoric hat in over here. :)

Dotting for Interest.

Here's my entry:

Name: Oblak Xar

Race: Haan

Class: Soldier

Gender and Pronouns: Male

General Backstory: Oblak Xar is a 50 years old Haan. He spent most of his life as a hunter in Bretheda, following the strict codes of his traditional society and avoiding all technology but the most primitive tools. About five years ago a tourist gifted him a weapon and a pet spider, for his excellent services as a guide - that triggered a change in Oblak, a curiosity about other possibilities outside of his home world, of using technology to improve his life, of seeing what is out there; and finding other creatures as bizarre as his new pet. He gathered enough bounties to pay for new gear and his ticket off-planet. To match the AP background, he just took a tourist tour through some planets in the Near Space or the Vast, and is returning to the Pact Worlds to prepare his next trip.

Personality: He is an aging Haan, easy-going and happy to tackle anything thrown his way, as long as he never has to return to his old shackled life. He likes taking the initiative and actively seeking out opportunities to see new sceneries, creatures and stuff.

Flaw(s): Oblak thinks he has seen it all in his planet, concerning society, and most situations and people he meets now are just another version of what already happened before. So not much impresses him when dealing with other people, and original ideas or concepts catch him completely by surprise.

Quirk(s): He’s always in a good mood and is quite friendly to any rational being. Although he really appreciates technology, he is not excitable, but very joyful when acquiring or using a new piece of equipment. Likewise when interacting with a non-hostile creature he’s never seen before.

Character Sheet

Very pleased and excited about the response so far.

This evening I'll be working on building many of the necessary Google slides for this endeavor.

Keep 'em coming!

Dotting for interest.

Currently mulling a Lashunta Envoy (Criminal Theme) - he'll essentially be a cardsharp and a charming scoundrel whose outworn his welcome in Near Space after getting on the wrong side of the wrong people.

With the last of his ill-gotten credits he's purchased a ticket aboard The Chimera with a view to starting anew in Pact World space (and along the way perhaps swindling some of the wealthy marks passengers aboard the luxury liner...)

Name: Erkem
Race: Vlaka
Theme: Sensate
Class: Biohacker (instinctive)
Gender and Pronoun: Male, He/Him
General Backstory:
Having born on the Vlakan homeworld of Lajok. Very little grows on the planet itself, but Vlakan found life wherever he could. Finding work in the warmed hydroponics domes. Erkem found joy in any experience he could find. During that time he discovered a unique plant protein that when exposed to a common industrial gas would turn into a compound that strengthens the brain's inter connections.

Beyond excited for his discovery he sold it to the first bitter. Some military contact in the Pact Worlds. Having never left his planet he was given a stipend to travel from his far off world to a hub world in Near Space then on board a ship called the Chimera to the pact Worlds. Here he will demonstrate the qualities of this new chemical. Nervous to leave this people, he is beyond excited for the new experiences he will be exposed to.

Physical: About 6 feet, 200 lbs. White fir, (maybe a bit more dog looking than my picture) Being a Vlaka, he has lost the sense of sight, but can detect the world around him though vibrations and with a keep sense of smell. His eyes, no longer working have been implanted with a device of his own make that lets him bring in outside stimulus and touch the part of his brain that interprets the vibrations.

A young excited individual. Cares deeply for his "pack" or people around him. Community is built into his nature. Not being able to see, causes him to almost never look the right direction, even though he can detect the world around him better than some.

He is obsessed with new things. The universe is so vast and it has only just opened up to him.

Will have a very hard time not helping people.

He can get rather hyperfocused on small tasks. Can't see that far, so he tends to just focus strongly on what he can see.

Rather over excitable about things other people might consider normal.

Reason to be on Chimera:
Having discovered a new chemical, he has been sent to the Pact Worlds (for the first time), to give a demo of the potential.

About me:
I am GMing a game here on the boards. Sadly I had a few other games die out. As a forever GM in my personal life I love chances to play. Especially Starfinder. Most of my players prefer fantasy to Sci-Fi.

I am very excited for the opportunity. Thanks for doing this!

Tossing my hat in the ring with the caveat that if I'm selected for the other game I'll withdraw.

I'll be making a Human Soldier. Nothing too fancy. I'll get my full submission up in the next day or two, if I am not selected...

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I'm interested, though it will probably be towards the tail end of recruitment before I can submit anything.


Name: Yariel Flash. Is this her actual name? She probably won't say with fewer than six drinks.
Race: Ysoki (aka, the rat one)
Class: Technomancer make things go boom!
Gender and Pronouns: Sir or Officer work fine.
General Backstory and Description:

Looking a bit like a punk rocker, Yariel Flash sports a vibrant red half head of hair draped to one side. The other side is shaved bare and tattooed with an intricate set of what appears to be circuitry. Silvers and golds intercross in apparent random patterns. The semi-professional looking mercenary clothing fits the punk rock appearance and might indicate some group affiliation. Her long nose and whiskers tend to stay glued to her tablet, glancing up periodically to scope out anything of interest. She walks with a swagger, a bit like she owns her personal space plus about four feet in all directions.

Where does she come from? What does she want? Get her chatting in a bar after a mission debrief and you'll find just how much she hates corporations. And not just corps, but any big organization or govenment that plays by their own rules. Anyone in a position of power needs to be watched and if action is necessary to stop abuses, she'll happily hop to.

With enough merc jobs under her belt she knows the lingo, duties and risks. Sometimes you just draw a straw you can't beat, but so far she's been too quick for the reaper.

Personality: Kick the man in the balls and fix what is wrong in the world. There are plenty of folks out there that need a bit of help and she doesn't believe there is ever a 'lost cause'.

Flaw(s): Leaping before looking obviously. She does some groundwork on a job, but usually she'll take one regardless of what she finds. It can lead to some issues... like maybe why she took her last couple credits to slip out on a ship headed away from her home system.

Quirk(s): Has a small (huge) fascination with fire and explosions. Just how the fire will take it's own path and curl and whirl in the breeze. It's almost like a living, breathing entity. And the rumble of a blast going off in the distance gives her the shivers, in a good way.

Why on ship?
Veteran: Lucrative warrior work is on offer in the Pact Worlds. Whether you’re providing security for a ruthless corporation or aiding a small group against the predations of space pirates, the proposed job fits your morals. This background fits well with the bounty hunter, mercenary, outlaw, and space pirate themes.

Yow. Look at the turn out. I'll be back with a character concept.

Scarab Sages

Definitely interested!

Radiant Oath

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Okay, I've got some basic ideas, but I'm not sure how best to develop them or make them fit well with The Threefold Conspiracy's ideas and narrative arc: she's a NG Elebrian Cultist Mystic (Healer Connection) who was part of a secret cult of Pharasma on Eox, and is on the Chimera because of omens she believes Pharasma sent her (Visionary), but that's about as far as I've gotten.

I like where you're going with that, Zousha. Flesh it out a little, and I think you have a great concept.

In fact all of the ideas I have read are excellent. I am very much hoping your enthusiasm for your character translates into some great game play as well--both role playing and with the inevitable fights that will happen later in the adventure.

First, I'd like to point out that your game is my first choice for Threefold recruitment. It is not my backup plan.

Race: Human
Class: Operative
Gender and Pronouns: Male (he)

General Backstory: The family joke is that John was born into the family business, because his parents were both very devout, very orthodox middle managers in Abadarcorp on Triax. John has grown up in their tradition. He went to company church, shopped at the company store, played in company organized sports, attended the company primary schools.
Yet John didn't quite fit the standard company mold. His evaluation scores weren't high enough. Although intelligent, his mental aptitudes didn't align with standard company profiles. He was not optioned for company secondary schools, but the company did continue to monitor him.
John went to a technical training school and fell in with a rougher crowd. Free of his parents' and the company's strictures, computer pranks, dancing, alcohol and drugs, and hacking soon followed. After a bad hack turned sour, John was bailed out by an Abadarcorp operative who laid out two alternatives: trial, jail, disgrace, and disownment, or a return to the fold, rehab, and a job as a company 'left hand man' in a division that provided everything from security, to personal assistance, to special operations. John took the second.

Personality: Publicly, John Rawlins is a man of moderation, except where business is concerned, because business is a religion. He is unassuming, nearly demure. He dresses in conservative businesswear. In private John yearns for something else, an alternate philosophy, an opportunity to break out of the hierarchy. He can often be found in electronica clubs, decked in recog-dazzle, using the handle Sensai Sensibility. In the clubs he is still quiet, and dances alone or attaches himself to the fringes of a group and watches to make sure no one hurts themselves.

Flaw(s): Slightly paranoid. Occasionally he authors almost involuntary caustic comments. Too competitive.

Quirk(s): An afictionado of ancient swordplay. A strict teetotaler who enjoys hanging out in disguise with far less sober companions at electronica clubs.

Why is John on board the Chimera? John is returning from a successful business negotiation in Near Space. The negotiation wasn't his; he was just an assistant to the executive who did the negotiating. His boss was so pleased that he took a vacation while John had to return to the office.

Full disclosure: I didn't know about the other recruitment. :-)

Personal: I also started playing in '80-something. I hope that a longer campaign like this will offer the opportunity for more table comraderie than I find in the typical society game.

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GM Quirk wrote:
I like where you're going with that, Zousha. Flesh it out a little, and I think you have a great concept.

I also had an idea for a Nuar Mystic with the Shaper connection instead...which seems better?

Zousha, you'll have to follow your heart on this one.

That said, I think your idea for an elebrian is a good one, and I like that you are "playing against type".

Rounding out my idea of an Akashic Mystic xenoarcheologist who communes with and studies the Akashic record to learn about cultures and lifeforms. Definitely your trap specialist, maybe a decent face. I just hope he has enough to do in combat.

@Seems you have plenty of interest GM Quirk. I’ll bow out.

Here is my proposed character

Name: Oakenshade
Race: Ghoran (Oakling, Psychosynthesis)
Theme: Sensate
Class: Vanguard (Momentum)
Gender and Pronouns: None, They/Them
General Backstory: Oakenshade was raised, in a fairly isolated enclave on Ghorus Prime, with tales of the near extermination of his people and their exodus from the Pack Worlds. His grove kept many of the old ways, and eschewed the much of the modern world, but Oakenshade wanted more. They wanted to experience life and see different worlds. So began their travels.

Personality: Oakenshade is fairly quiet, until they find something new to catch their interest - then it is hard for them to hold back their excitement.

Flaw(s): Oakenshade has never been able to overcome the distrust of "flesh" creatures that was imparted by his upbringing, especially the humanoid races of old lost Golarion. They are more likely to take the word of non-humanoids over humanoids.

Quirk(s): Like many Ghoran, Oakenshade doesn't eat. They get quite disgusted when they see others eat ("Like some sort of animals!"). They avoid all restaurants and bars for this reason.

Traveling: Having explored several systems in the Veskarium, they have found their thoughts turning to the Pact Worlds. A little a afraid, but very curious, they boarded The Chimera to start the next stage of their journey.

About me: My first RPG was D&D back in '79... Been playing on and off since then. These days I'm all in on Starfinder, with a dash of 5e.

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Name: K'yorann Lueltar (nickname: "K'ran")
Race: Drow
Class: Operative (Detective)
Gender and Pronouns: Male, he/him/his
General Backstory: K'ran is from Apostae, where he grew up with little but his own mind to keep him occupied. At an early age, his intellect was recognized, leading him into training among the Drow ranks of spies and infiltrators. While being trained, he uncovered a betrayal by one of the noble houses, and orchestrated a trap to reveal the traitor. When he exposed the treachery, he was offered a post within the security forces of one of the Houses. He declined it, instead used the House's desire for secrecy as leverage to negotiate a deal where he would be an independent contractor, but one who had a priority contract for two decades with the House. During that time, he has taken various jobs off of Apostae, and even out of the Pact Worlds, to get a change of scenery and learn about different cultures, which he feels helps him learn more about different cultures. His priority contract with the Drow noble House has just wrapped up, giving him less reason to return to Apostae and more opportunity to travel and experience new cultures.
Personality: K'ran's mind is constantly working, sifting through information and trying to find a new puzzle or challenge to tackle. He is always seeking new inputs and stimulation, including intellectual stimulation.
Flaw(s): Extreme curiosity. Cannot avoid looking into a mystery. Dislikes and distrusts authority figures and bullies.
Quirk(s): Tries to throw people off by pretending to be less alert than he actually is ... until he's got a full read of the situation.
Either Intellectual or Traveler, I think.
Theme: Sensate

I notice another Operative(Detective) thrown into the mix, and several other operatives. I am pretty flexible with K'ran ... I statted him up with a pretty well-distributed set of skills, and I'd be happy to multiclass him into something like Envoy or maybe Biohacker, or even a spellcaster class potentially, or one of the various archetypes, to fill out diversification within the party.

We have some experience playing together, for an idea of my play style: I played Officer Wilson with Brookwillow in the Scoured Stars Invasion last year at Gameday. I played the gnome technomancer Gletch in your Acts of Association game last winter. I'm currently playing Flameclaw with you in Fate of the Scoured God.

I am loving all the submissions. I love seeing the community grow like this.

Question for GM Quirks: You said you were going to keep recruitment open for awhile. Just curious if you decided an end date yet.

I didn't even know about the other recruitment thread. I think I am going to just leave my submission here though. I prefer 1 at a time, I think.

Wish you all the best of luck. Thanks again for being willing to GM a game.

This character is a little different to the one I submitted to the other recruitment.

Name: Blyss Bisongo
Race: Companion Android
Class: Envoy
Gender and Pronouns: femme, she/her
General Backstory: Blyss is a lucky Android. She has never been enslaved. She has no baggage from her predecesors and she received a decent severance package (albeit one she gambled away) She's heard that the Pact Worlds are a good place for AIs to live.
Personality: Cordelia Chase/Chiana/Dayna Melanby (extroverted, easily bored, in need of stimulation, bit of a pot stirrer)
Flaw(s): Opportunist.
Quirk(s): has a pet proog named after her ex-lover.

Here is the character's alias.

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Erkem wrote:

Question for GM Quirks: You said you were going to keep recruitment open for awhile. Just curious if you decided an end date yet.

I had originally looked at 10-14 days for submissions. Conveniently, I think that places us at about May 1st to close this out and pick 4-5 PC's to take on this adventure.

I am also pleased with the ideas here. It's a nice combination of out of the box thinking and strong iconic Starfinder characters.

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I've got it at last!

Name: Weoren Starhoof
Race: Nuar
Theme: Tinker
Class: Shaper Mystic (Starwright)
Gender and Pronouns: Female, She/Her
General Backstory: Like many nuars, Weoren had a strong interest in technology and construction, but channeled that interest in a very different direction than most of her peers, focusing as much on how things are made at the deepest, atomic level. This eventually manifested in psychic power as she mapped and examined the connections between all forms of matter and how they interacted with one another. She quickly became interested in figuring out how to apply both her knowledge and her power, and was approached by the Starforgers, a guild on Absalom Station renowned for their work with starmetals.
Personality: Weoren likes to take a "holistic" approach to problem-solving, viewing science and spirituality, technology and magic, as complimentary forces that are both needed to make the connections between the small picture and the big one, between theory and application, between cause and effect.
Flaw(s): Her desire to connect things together can sometimes cause her to see connections that aren't actually there, and she's very stubborn when she thinks she's right.
Quirk(s): Has a tendency to sleep-talk, which she's taken to recording in case there's any scientific or mystical insights that come to her in dreams that she can use when she wakes up.
Reason on the Chimera: A sort of combination of Traveler and Entrepreneur, she was assisting with a geological survey in Near Space and is bringing the data back to the Starforgers on Absalom Station.

Black Dow's Lashunta Envoy pitch - profile is WIP but avatar is too perfect not to use from the get-go

Name: J'Vell Miirsh
Race: Lashunta (Damaya)
Class: Envoy (Grifter)
Gender and Pronouns: Male, He/Him
General Backstory: Originally hailing from the city-state of Qabarat on Castrovel, J’Vell was born into a family of middle order civil servants. From an early age the quick-witted and gregarious young damaya found he had a knack for manipulating others into undertaking his studies or doing him favours. Never resorting to bullying or intimidation, instead he would sway their decisions and actions through charm, beguiling and indulgence.

His formative years saw him drift in and out of university education and various low-level corporate posts. With each switch his parents saw failure, yet J’Vell saw them as another step on his true path’s apprenticeship… From each he gleaned more on the systems that ran the worlds and the foibles of those who inhabited them. of facts and fictions that flavoured his growing repertoire of deception - from confidence tricks to gambling chicanery. Soon the fledgling grifter schemes and cons had procured favour and credit aplenty, until he drew the attention of the local branch of Steward Constabulary. Their investigative noose drew tight and saw J'Vell hastily secure off-world transit to Near Space, somewhere far from the Steward's eyes and the possibilities of new marks aplenty...

Personality: Suave, rakish and somewhat dastardly (he cites this trait as superior survival instinct development from his lashunta genes), J'Vell facetiously paints himself an "opportunistic capitalist" merely trying to make his way in the universe rather than the sharper he is reputed to be.
Flaw(s): Overconfidence - J'Vell arrogantly believes he can talk himself out of most situations.
Quirk(s): Hyperactive - when not engaging with sentient races (ie anything he can potentially con or glean information from) J'Vell will become restless and fidget incessantly. He dislikes awkward silences.
Reason for being on The Chimera: Recently fell foul of the Kruu’v Sisters - notorious Vesk gangsters and arms dealers. Acting as a broker for a fake munitions company J’Vell managed to convince them to front the credit to purchase off-grid heavy weaponry from his company’s inventory.

The ruse went sour when the Sisters' discovered that the weaponry was from their own stock, which had been depleted after a heist on their off-world storage facilities. While J’Vell had not been involved, he had purchased “sample” stock from the criminals who (unbeknownst to him) had perpetrated the theft. This minor detail mattered little to the vicious Kruu’v and (literally) fearing for his skin J’Vell spent the last of his ill-gotten gains purchasing a ticket aboard The Chimera. Despite his status as a suspected criminal he plans to start anew in the Pact Worlds (and perhaps along the way liberate some of the wealthy marks passengers aboard the luxury liner of their credits to kickstart his new life…

About me? Been role (and roll) playing since the early 80s. PBP'ing here at Piazo since the boards came on stream. I'm an experience player in several looooong running games here on the boards and am also currently running a home-brewed Dead Suns AP around these parts.

Name: Borin Dupre

Race: Human

Class: Soldier

Flaw(s): Borin is a headstrong, decisive person in combat. Once he decides on a plan of action, he rarely deviates from it. His mantra in this regard is: a bad plan is better than no plan at all.

Quirk(s): Borin is not a super decisive or pushy person out of combat; he tends to just go wherever the winds of chance blow him.

Reason for being on The Chimera: Veteran - Borin is an experienced mercenary and won a trip on the Chimera from a radio contest.

[spoiler=General Backstory]
Borin was born on Absalom station to a mother who worked as a mercenary as the result of a one-night stand. He was quickly left for adoption at an orphanage. By the time he came of age, Borin knew that he was both tough and strong, and got a job as cannon fodder (they didn't call it that, but the position entailed assaulting enemy strongholds with little equipment). He spent several years on Castrovel, working as a mercenary in border skirmishes.

Having gotten his fill of the Drow, he left the planet after his contract was over and started wandering the system for a while, picking up random jobs to keep himself fed as he went.

One day, as his last job was winding up, he got a message that he had won a radio contest that he didn't remember entering, for an all expenses paid tour of the system on a ship called the Chimera.

Hey there, I'm Aleister, I'm also applying with this character on gm Algae's game but would love to apply here if not chosen on the other game n.n

This alias has all the relevant info but feel free to ask any questions or additional info.

Name: Ezirrae Lesilos
Race: Drow
Class: Technomancer1 (Paranormal Investigator)
Gender & Pronouns: Female, She/Her

General Backstory: A valued member of House Lesilos, which got tired of poking around alien ruins on Apostae over a century ago. Now operating in the realm of corporate security and espionage, Ezirrae specializes in cases with a more magical bent over mundane gumshoe work.

Personality: Aloof and professional, Ezirrae is sharp and analytical with a dry and biting sense of humor. She loves a challenge, however, and takes her cases based on how engaging she finds them.

Flaws: Curiosity bordering on obsession. For all her affectations of cold detachment, once a problem or mystery catches her attention Ezirrae's mind worries at it like a terrier with a rat. She is relentless in pushing at mysteries that interest her.
Quirks: Quietly notes her observations and impressions in her datapad when on the job;

Reason for being on the Chimera: Ezirrae was assigned a job on Akiton by her House, something dull about a merchant lord's niece going missing--she's only skimmed the dossier, to be honest. She's particularly annoyed that a much more interesting case on Aballon was assigned to her cousin instead.

Just one point of order everyone might want to take into consideration: It's unlikely we'll encounter any starship combat in the first two books of this AP. You may consider your skills with that in mind.


Here's my submission. I can go a few different directions class-wise with this.

Name: Del Shara
Race: Human
Class: Envoy (though building him as a spy operative or witchwarper has serious appeal)
Gender and Pronouns: Male, He/Him
General Backstory: Del Shara had always lived in the poorer neighborhoods of the Arms districts of Absalom Station. In his teen years, the charismatic youth was welcomed into the Six Tips Gang. Del was an orphan, he'd grown up with the streets as his only role models despite the best automated learning that the station required. But Del had learned to love those in his cell as if they had been his family all along. The cell found a home in a small bar in Little Akiton called Nurkops' Rich Pick. The old ysoki bar owner, Fezzac, appreciated the help and protection offered by the young ruffians that called the bar home.

Del quickly rose to prominence among the Six Tips, earning accolades both for capers and in mediating issues between other cells and families.So it surprised no one, that when old man Custren lost an argument with an artillery laser, Del was elected to take over leadership of the Six Tips based out of Little Akiton. All hopes of finding his way into a cushy executive job in Bluerise Tower one day fell away as the responsibilities of leadership settled in.

Then came the offer he could not refuse. One of Little Akiton's Six tips, a greaser named Threkk, had a contact coming in on a menagerie ship. And on it were the kinds of creatures to make the Six Tips able to mete justice on all that had wronged them- even the station government, who'd imprisoned the leader of all Six Tips a year ago. This could have raised Del's stock greatly. But by the end, Threkk was dead, as were several other Six Tips. And Del had to rely on help from -of all places- the Starfinder Society to keep his acquisitions form destroying all he'd tried to build. So, with the nest egg he'd built up over the years, Del Shara did the smartest thing he could do. He left Absalom Station behind and explored where his credits could bring him to find whatever kind of work his sword and gun could find outside of the Pact Worlds.
Personality: Del prioritizes the well being of his allies above his own despite a strong greedy streak. He tends to form fleeting, but fervid connections and puts himself in harms way more than he'd like. To protect himself, he wears the veneer of someone that is unflappable and pleasant. Despite his obvious charm and ability to blend in with nearly any level of society, his smile rarely reaches his eyes and he enjoys the mystery that he can provoke in others.
Flaw(s): To Del, the grass is always greener on the other side. His ambition is truly blind and clouds his ability to make decisions that are in any way positive for his life.
Quirk(s): Del hides his true intentions under his smile and laugh, even when- especially when- under serious duress.
Backgrounds: Veteran: It had been months since Del Shara had heard the call to home. But the Six Tips had work for such a well respected and profitable gang member. So with his other options dried up, Del booked his fare on the Chimera for the voyage home.

Name: Rar'gul
Race: Trox
Class: Vanguard (Dream Prophet)
Gender and Pronouns: Male, he/him

General Backstory: Rar'gul had been content with life. Almost as far back as he could remember, he had either been serving, or training to serve, within the sacred halls of the Forever Queen on Nchak. His time, when not spent training or rostered for guard duty, was devoted to guiding and advising the visitors and pilgrims to the Forever Hall; he never wanted for companionship or stimulating conversation.

He had a routine, a schedule; there was order. That was, until recently, when order began to unravel. Small things at first but increasing over time. And if they weren't happening directly to him, they were happening around him. Then one day, during a particularly grueling training session, his sparring partner was badly injured when Rar'gul inadvertently redirected the accumulated force of the blows he had been enduring back toward his opponent.

And then the dreams began...

Personality: Despite an imposing appearance, Rar'gul is generally good-humoured and gentle of spirit. He is a modest yet deep thinker, preferring time for reflection and discussion before committing to a course of action. Fiercely loyal to his companions and an ardent opponent of oppression, he will bravely enter any fray without hesitation or regard for his own safety in order to protect those in need.

Flaw(s): His willingness to protect others can lead Rar'gul to act rashly, placing himself unnecessarily in harm's way. Having limited experience beyond the Forever Halls's walls - and nothing off the moon of Nchak - Rar'gul is inexperienced and naive in much of the ways of the universe.

Quirk(s): A fondness for oven-baked and fried snacks means avalanches of crumbs and seasoning cascading from the friendly giant's torso frequently accompany his rising from a seat. Empty foil packets and trails of crumbs are often found left absently in his wake.

Reason for being aboard the Chimera: His dreams resonating with the song of the Dreamers on nearby Liavara, Rar'gul began glimpsing hints of signs and portents. Scared, yet convinced certain clues pointed at the location of an impending momentous event, Rar'gul set off on a ship bound for the Vast. Low on credits and without uncovering any leads, he books passage aboard the Chimera, preparing to return home a failure.

Dark Archive

Name: Durion Kah
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Mystic w/ Hellknight Archtype 1 (Law Officer)
Gender & Pronouns: Male, He/Him

General Backstory: From a young age, Durion felt a mystic connection to the dark. Not that there was anything particularly unusual about that on Apostae, but magic, and specifically shadow magic, was more the purview of the Drow than their Half-orc slaves. Perhaps nothing would have come of it had not a visiting investigator from the Order of the Eclipse taken notice of his abilities. Signifier Eudred saw potential in a young orc blood that no one else did, and for only a few credits bought Durion's contract and changed his life. No stranger to hard work and discipline, Durion did well as an aspiraint Hellknight, bringing honor to his sponsor, and just last month earned the title of Signifier himself.

Personality: Thoughtful and dedicated, Durion takes his responsibilities seriously. He very much believes in holding himself to an ideal, and that by his example others might strive toward perfection as well, but he doesn't prosletize. A bit of a dry wit, he has an appreciation for humor that he tries to hide, but becomes apparent to any that know him for long.

Flaws: Durion believes in working within the rules, but isn't as tied to it as his instructors would have perferred, and more than once enagaged in 'lateral thinking' to solve problems rather than the perscribed Hellknight methods. He also has an aversion to bright light.
Quirks: Durion wears shades or sun glasses when outside of his Signifier helmet, to spare his sensitive eyes. He has a passion for word games and puzzles, and always has a datapad on him with several loaded up.

Reason for being on the Chimera: Returning from Citadel Tenebri in Near Space after his test, Durion is traveling to the Pact Worlds to take up his first posting as a junior Signifier in the Order of the Eclipse.

Name: T’sorkel

Race: Shirren

Class: Mystic (Akashic), xenoarcheologist

Gender and Pronouns: He/Him

General Backstory: T’sorkel is a student at the Dekorite University. He studies under Professor Kamrash and has recently been given authority to conduct field self-study of the Akashic Record, or as he sometimes simply calls it, “The Archive.” T’sorkel’s specialty is the imprint of past civilizations on the Record. He has plans to study several past cultures before returning to write his thesis.

T’sorkel is a member of a group family with several males and females tied to two host Shirren. The hosts serve as heads of the family, but all adults contribute genetic material to various offspring and care for them. When T’sorkel embarked on his field study, he was entrusted with two twin larvae to care for and share his experiences on far off worlds. He plans to introduce them slowly to the Archive even beginning at this young age.

Personality: T’sorkel is a highly intuitive Shirren and very focused on how individuals’ actions, especially their choices, leave imprints in their lives and in those around them. He reveres the Akashic Record as more than an academic interest and bordering on worship. He sees himself not so much as an academic then as a pilgrim visiting these cultures. He is a careful student of others, seemingly always watching what others are doing. He rarely speaks physically, but his telepathic speech is prolific, having a bit of a motor-brain. T’sorkel is also eager for his twins to experience the world, especially how individuals interact with each other.

Flaw(s): For all his intuition and study, T’sorkel is inexperienced in the ways of the world. He may hold knowledge from the Archive, but he doesn’t actually have any experience in those matters. This makes him both overconfident at times and also unsure of himself at others.

Quirk(s): T’sorkel often experiences the imprint of the Akashic Record overlayed with what is physically happening around him. While this can give him incredible insight, it also has the tendency to distract him when interacting with others. He may stare at a person for several moments after they are done speaking or react to something that is not there. Occasionally, he anticipates a person’s actions or speech exactly, seeming as if he can see the future.

Reason for being on the Chimera: T’sorkel is returning to the Pact Worlds after studying some ruins on a Near Space planet, exploring how those past lives touched the Akashic Record and the imprint they made on the tools they made and land around them.

Radiant Oath

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Quick question, do we need the alias fully made and statted out by the deadline to be considered, or does that happen after recruitment is complete?

You don't have to stat things out yet (though you may if you wish). I think you will want to have a framework of your character concept, and that may include some abilities you'll choose (feats, class abilities, equipment).

But it doesn't really have to be written down. I'll be giving everyone 3-5 days to get that done when I make my choices.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Rulebook, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Name: Suli
Race: Suli
Class: Vanguard
Gender and Pronouns: He/Him
General Backstory: Suli was born...somwhere, to someone. He was found by his parents in the Diaspora and raised in the Sarcesian culture. He believed himself to be the runt of his group. His family, though caring, did not think much of his intellectual prowess. So he was trained to be a bodyguard. He seemed to have a natural toughness and often took hit after hit, shot after shot in stride.

He is travelling back home after taking a client to a destination in Near Space.

Personality: Suli is adorably dim and loves life and protecting people, because he is good at it.

Flaw(s): Suli is a concrete/literal thinker.

Quirk(s): He often talks in the third person.

A quick note on my timeline for this:

I will be closing submissions on Friday, May 1st this week.

I will inform those I choose on Saturday, May 2nd.

Game play will begin Wednesday, May 6th.

I already much of the Google slides document finished. I am giving the adventure a second thorough reading to make sure I have a good handle on the flow.

I am beyond impressed with the submissions. For a moment, I contemplated two tables, but I am not sure I have the bandwidth for that. I do feel bad I can only pick 5 when there are easily another 5 or 6 excellent submissions.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I made some lists based on the entries so far (because I like making lists, but also it might inspire some of the next participants):

Biohacker: 1
Envoy: 3
Mechanic: 1
Mystic: 3
Operative: 3
Soldier: 2
Technomancer: 3
Vanguard: 3

The absence of Solarians is surprising, not so much the lack of Witchwarpers.

Android (Companion): 1
Drow: 2
Elf: 1
Ghoran (Oakling): 1
Haan: 1
Half-Orc: 1
Human: 4
Lashunta (Damaya): 1
Nuar: 1
Shirren: 1
Suli: 1
Trox: 1
Vesk (Low-G): 1
Vlaka: 1
Ysoki: 1

Humans once again the predominant race among the 100+ options, followed by... drow?

That is some interesting work there, Ragi. I have been surprised as well to see so many humans. I thought I was the only one who favored them. I guess that extra feat and extra skill points is a big deal.

I think we can more readily identify with humans as well. It's easier to role play Han Solo or Captain Kirk among a sea of aliens as opposed to the other way around.

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