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The Blakros Matrimony (4-09) wrote:
The eldest daughter of the prominent Blakros family is set to wed an influential Hellknight, and the Pathfinder Society is invited to the festivities. Dressed for a wedding befitting royalty, a team of Pathfinders attend the ceremony on behalf of the Decemvirate, but will their presence ultimately strengthen the Society's relationship with the influential Blakroses, or will events at the wedding bring the already tenuous alliance to a breaking point?

Recruiting for a high tier (6-7) run of The Blakros Matrimony (4-09).

The wedding of a heiress and Hellknight demands the strictest of security measures, so the Decemvirate isn't going to let any random murderhobo represent the Pathfinder Society at the premier social event of the year. Three invites have been reserved for: thistledown, Ebonfist, and Saving Cap'n Crunch.

In order to be fully considered for one of the three remaining invitations, you must list:

Character Name:
Starting Fame:
Starting Gold:
Your charisma modifier:
Your wedding attire:
What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift:

Dark Archive

Interested, GM!

I note that Aeliah is only level 5, so she would have to play up if she is accepted.

Character Name: Aeliah
PFS#: 69095-5
Faction: Dark Archive
Starting Fame: 23
Starting Gold: 239.94 gp
Your charisma modifier: +1 (great for aiding another ;)

Your wedding attire: A silk dress, inspired equally by the South Arcadian (Amazon) jungle. And the color red – signifying romantic passion and Hellknight bloodlust.

What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift: An adoption pack for a small tribe of orcs looking to rehabilitate themselves and their Abyssal tainted homeland in the Menador Mountain foothills of Cheliax.

The venture is organized by the Hellknight Order of the Gate.

Dark Archive

Character Name: Kitoro
PFS#: 141936-7
Faction: Dark Archive
Starting XP: 15
Starting Fame: 17
Starting Prestige: 11
Starting Gold: ~2171 less the cost of the present.
Your charisma modifier: +5
Your wedding attire: Sleeves of Many Garments as a nice sleek, black evening gown to deepen her dark hair, with air crystals fashioned into a pendant.
What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift: I'm thinking a masterwork whip if this is important enough, lovingly used.

Grand Lodge

interested with this character...

Character Name: Mykel Thrinor
PFS#: 125048-06
Faction: Grand Lodge
Starting XP: 16
Starting Fame:
Starting Prestige: 11
Starting Gold: 10344-cost of headband of charisma and belt of dex and the gift
Your charisma modifier: +2, will be +3 after buying a headband of charisma
Your wedding attire: Dress tunid in Taldor's colours...blue and green with gold accents...
What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift: Selection of wines from Qadira with matching wineglasses engraved with the names and date

To clarify: you don't have to actually buy the gift with your own gold. But it should be both within your means as well as thoughtful / meaningful. Think of it like, "You will have to buy a gift with your own money, but the Grand Lodge will reimburse you after the mission."

Grand Lodge


Character Name:Kahwen
Faction: Grand Lodge
Starting Fame: 32
Starting Gold: 2774.3
Your charisma modifier: +0
Your wedding attire: An admiral's uniform from no known navy. A tri-corner hat with one long, colorful plume and one much smaller plain one tucked into its wide shiny buckled band sits atop his head. He has a deep crimson broadshouldered double-breasted long jacket with very shiny epaulets and lots of buttons. His pants are black with a broad stripe of leather in crimson down the outside of each leg. By contrast, his boots, though relatively new are obviously more for function than form, short and made of sturdy leather.
What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift: A masterwork silvered elven curve blade.

Grand Lodge

Kahwen, fancy meeting you here....

Grand Lodge

Indeed, Friend Mykel! Look closely at the smaller feather on my hat and you may recognize it as a gift from Friend Calisro.

Always good to on missions with familiar faces.

Dark Archive

Alas, one level too high. :(

The Exchange

Character Name: Palakar Macridi
PFS#: 54349-26
Faction: Exchange
Starting Fame: 35
Starting Gold: 1420.5
Your charisma modifier: +6
Your wedding attire: Hey, I've been meaning to improve my outfit, so this sounds like a great time for it! (This will be the point where her art switches from the wild leather wrap to the fancy elven-inspired outfit with incorporated chain & plastron.)

Pictures of Palakar

What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift: Ooo, I should have made a picture of her aunt Sarnia - I just met her! Hmm. I guess I could do a gallon of Barenfang, like the ones I have for myself. Maybe that's not fancy enough... (Spends like an hour trying to come up with something better. Fails) Right, booze it is!

The Exchange

[That is to say, a courtier's outfit that starts with a kalistocratic design (but not color scheme), then adds elven design and light mithral armor in the colors of a forest stream. Plus jewelry.]

Silver Crusade

Crunch here! Sadly, Arnold just hit level 8, so he can't come to the wedding with Mykel and Kahwen. Melea is more suited to it, though, if not thrilled to be there. Will fill out my stats after work.

Grand Lodge

Elado Zoros at your service

Player: OG3
Character: Elado
PFS: 175185-4
Starting Fame:24
Starting Gold: 7,319
Faction: Grand Lodge
Charisma bonus: +4
Wedding attire: Robes or suite in keeping with the trappings of The White Dragon, with blue highlights of course.
Wedding present: A bottle of fine wine is normally acceptable, but Elado could prepare an ice sculpture as a personal gift.

Silver Crusade

Player: Crunch
Character Name: Melea Shemroe
PFS #: 150618-40
Faction: Silver Crusade
Starting Fame: 28
Starting Gold: 7033
Your Charisma Modifier: -2 (Melea adds her Wisdom of +3 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate but not straight-up Charisma rolls.)
Your Wedding Attire: A plain blue dress that, while well-made, is a bit clumsy and form-feed for this sort of event.
What you'd bring (or send) as a wedding gift: A rare or magically enhanced plant from Varisia, more practical than decorative.

Palakar Macridi, Kahwen, Melea Shemroe, Elado Zoros, Kitoro, and Mykel Therinor,

The Decemvirate invites you to represent the Pathfinder Society at the wedding of Michellia Blakros of the Blakros family and Damian Kastner of the Hellknight Order of the Scourge. The festivities will take place on Pariol Island, beginning on 18 Kuthona, 4719.


The Decemvirate asks you to remain at the Lodge awaiting a very important mission which will best use your skills. You shall be the first alternate should one of the above be otherwise pulled away from this mission.

Dark Archive

Have a great game, everyone! :)

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