Tusk, Master of Dungeons presents Reign of Winter

Game Master Tusk the Half-Orc

Our family Reign of Winter campaign
RoW Images and Maps

RoW Images and Maps

Opening up the out-of-character discussion thread.

Images and maps for the campaign will be in Google Slides (link below and in my tagline above):

RoW Images and Maps

RoW Images and Maps

I'm working on the opening Gameplay post for your arrival at Spurhorn. In the meantime, please read the first few posts in these two threads for some good basic tips for PbP gaming:

Doomed Hero's Guide to Play-by-Post Gaming

Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post Play

Map of the ground level of Spurhorn is up in Google Slides - follow the link in my tagline or at the top of the page (above the posts).

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