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The Fall of Plaguestone played in campaign mode for PFS2 credit


This is a recruitment of campaign mode Fall of Plaguestone played for PFS credit.

As the Chronicle gives 3 scenarios' worth of rewards, I will also cut the module approximately in half - the lowest I could do while keeping the major elements intact. To compensate for the reduced number of threats, I will ask for a gentlepeople's agreement to only initiate long rests between chapters.

Your characters will still level up at the intended points - roughly twice as fast as usual. But after this game they are "gone" - the credit goes to your actual PFS character instead. You don't lock any characters in for the game - I will only need your PFS data at the end when I will be signing the Chronicle.

I shall also put forth a disclaimer that this way of playing sacrifices variety of NPC interactions and combat encounters for the sake of speed. So this will be more like a "bus tour" of Plaguestone instead of a leisure weekend, if this analogy makes any sense. On the other hand, it allows a manageable game duration for PbP - we should probably be done in around 3 months.

PFS rules do not apply in the campaign mode - feel free to use all available content. I reserve the right to veto any uncommon options.

I am looking for 4 players. I will check in on Sunday to see if there is enough interest to start the game.

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I am interested in!
Especially if you are gonna cut out some meaningless fights from this adventure.

I've got a bunch of characters and some Chronicles with racial boons being a GM. So probably I will bring Aphorite at the table.

I wonder about activity and approximate time to finish this module. It's fine for me to post once per day or smth like that. I am russian but will do my best to write ongoing story together ^)

I should have mentioned- this is a Second Edition game, so I was referring to content available in PF2

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Oh. I am sorry, looked through the Paizo products but missed such important info.
Still, I would like to participate!

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I'm interested. I'll play a pre-gen. Probably the rogue? or Cleric.

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Tok'tok am here for you legal and adventury representations!


Horizon Hunters

I'd like to join--I haven't played PF2 yet, but here's my sorcerer ready for action!

So we have two sorcerers and a rogue - if Kirill.Storm wants to build something for melee then we should be good to go I think.

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I have Ranger for this game or fighter.

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Ok, I will bring barbarian goblin. Melee one ^)

Okay let's go with 5 players then. Since we have no dedicated healer, Medicine skill could come in handy. I will open the discussion thread shortly and post the intro to the gameplay thread when I can prepare it - possibly tomorrow.

The discussion thread is open, thanks to everyone who applied and let's get started!

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OK, since Kirill will be a barbarian, I'll be a ranger.

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My barbarian is partly ready.

Recruitment is reopened for one more player as we lost Qstor/Merisiel. If someone is willing to play her pregen it would be perfect, but if not then we are at a point where I can kill her off for plot reasons and bring a new character in.

Would like to submit my interest in playing the newly released Investigator.

That's pretty cool - welcome to the game! I will do the next gameplay post tomorrow.

Great. I'll get something created tonight. How much XP have I missed out on?

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If you still have an opening, I would also love to join.

It doesn't sound like you have a great source of healing, so I could play a Cleric or a Champion if you still need someone.

Sorry, I don't want to take a 6th player at this point as I don't want to modify the encounters. I will PM you if we need more replacements in the future.

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