Cornerstone Rampart

Game Master Me'mori

A spark of capability earned their passage into a unique school. Now, trained in the basics, they are sent out into the world to hone their skills.

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While we are holding for Lelache, I'll get to putting a Description of the school and its environs onto paper, and give some broad strokes in regards to Masters and students. It'll go into the Campaign notes.

Would you mind making a Gameplay thread, even if you don't know quite what we're playing yet? It would let us make a post, then delete it, which puts this campaign on the Campaigns tab of our profile and makes it easier to keep track of.


With the majority of every character done, onto some details.In doing setting research, it turns out that the region where I intended to place the school is now the Gravelands.

So now we come to campaign questions. There is an AP for this, It can be set in Lastwall, or it can be set in the Gravelands. Essentially a before/during/after option.

What say you?

As I said a bit ago, I am suuuuuper down to play Tyrant's Grasp. I love Tar-Baphon, he's rad, and I'm surprised it took them so long to make something that directly involved him since the entire point of Carrion Crown is to stop him from coming back.

Setting it "before" I think is the start of the AP. I hadn't heard of the Gravelands before and searching them may have inadvertently spoiled me on the AP's prologue.

I am *so* sorry about everything. Again. Things have been ridiculous lately.

I'm game for Tyrant's Grasp. (and am GMing Carrion Crown, so that's funny. My party must have messed up bad...)

Dotting the gameplay thread. Again, I'm so sorry for all the delays, and I promise I won't be like this in-game.

Technically the Worldwound is also pretty close to there, but uh... Probably best we avoid whatever nightmare Mythic Path of War is, huh? :P

There's also that nobody really liked Wrath of the Righteous very much.

HP 13 | AC: 11 (10 base +1 dex); T: 11; FF: 10 | Fort: +5; Ref: +1 | Will: +2 | Init: +1 Spell Points: 6 (6)

I actually like wrath of the righteous, but the problem is that they mythic rules are....gamebreaking. You CAN run wrath without them but you'll have to be higher level in order to really succeed.

That being said, I also really like Tar Baphon, so consider me willing to do that AP as well.

I'm also down for Tyrant's Grasp. As long as we're suggesting alternatives though, Ironfang Invasion also takes place nearby, over in Nirmathas. My vote would still be for Tyrant's but it's nice to have options.

Female HP 10/10|AC 19 (Touch 14/FF 15/CMD 14)|Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +5|Init +4 (Percept +7, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +8)

Alias made for Lelache. Just slapping the last bits together.

Repeating that I'm game for Tyrant's Grasp, but would excitedly play any AP. ...except Serpent's Skull, but, you know.

First post going down. Roll a d100 for me, please?

HP 13 | AC: 11 (10 base +1 dex); T: 11; FF: 10 | Fort: +5; Ref: +1 | Will: +2 | Init: +1 Spell Points: 6 (6)

1d100 ⇒ 47

Female HP 10/10|AC 19 (Touch 14/FF 15/CMD 14)|Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +5|Init +4 (Percept +7, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +8)

We are *not* taking a campaign trait for this since we're not Lastwallers, right? Or are we.

1d100 ⇒ 96

Male Half-Orc Warlord 1

So are we all rolling 1d100 or did you just need the one?

1d100 ⇒ 78

One from each. If you didn't roll below a five, there's no effect.

All of you- being from Ustalav- have heard stories of the Red Fog, rare events when the dead and other things that are normally unseen even in the dark of night come out, compelled by some magic within. The fog rises every night, that's normal. The undead that emerge during the Red Fog are often the stronger variants.

The roll was to see if you had to survive a night of the dig on your travel to the Rampart.

In regards to the Rampart and your time spent there, go ahead and put up a post of your time spent there and your adjustment, all of you have at least two teachers, one for the profession, the other for your talents. Martial classes have more than one, depending on the discipline.

Any questions about the Rampart?

Do we have carte blanche to make up the teachers that you didn't?

Roughly how big is the campus?

At or a little over one hundred people. Everyone has a task, and uses what abilities they have to help facilitate living there. It's isolated, very rustic. A camp that has sprung up by necessity around a small fort for what wouldn't fit inside. A large number of the people there can, or do, teach. There's maybe thirty students in total.

So I noticed that the other table might be down to just the two players and a re-recruitment is being considered. I just wanted to float the idea of maybe merging the two tables for one six-man party?

The only issue I have with that is that we'd have a Dimitri and Dymitri in the same party.

HP 13 | AC: 11 (10 base +1 dex); T: 11; FF: 10 | Fort: +5; Ref: +1 | Will: +2 | Init: +1 Spell Points: 6 (6)

As long as he knows his place it'll be fine =P

JohnTheSavage wrote:
...I just wanted to float the idea of maybe merging the two tables for one six-man party?

The size- and by extension the post coordination- are a primary concern. That's part of the reason that the past few games have had a small number of players. It's expected that one person has to drop because of life, but the table is still manageable in regards to posts and actions.

It's not impossible, but delays are often the death of a pbp, and the more players there are, the greater the chance a delay drags the game to death.

Gharol Half-Tusk wrote:
How are we handling wealth and equipment, by the way?

That is a very good question... Given that a lot of trades are represented at the Rampart, and all of you are students there, there are a lot of tools that could be supplied as part of your instruction. I would say that anything basic(simple) could simply be given for you to use as needed, since they can be crafted as practice. More complex(martial) pieces have a chance of being available, and exotic equipment may have to be specially requested.

So go ahead and disregard wealth. Your preferred weapon (main, backup, ranged), one set of armor, and additional equipment can just be taken. The same for your trade kits. The packs in This Thread can be used as default packs prepared for this outing, your choice.

You all were given two weeks of notice for this trip, so alchemical goods can be had, provided they can be prepared by a student by then.

As long as Dimitri is imitating someone in an attempt to mimic social cues that he is uncertain about, please accompany the interaction with a Bluff check, please. It's not necessary for that brief exchange, but longer interactions where they are the focus, please roll a bluff check to represent the imitation.

HP 13 | AC: 11 (10 base +1 dex); T: 11; FF: 10 | Fort: +5; Ref: +1 | Will: +2 | Init: +1 Spell Points: 6 (6)

bluff or performance?

Provided you are assuming a character, I'll allow performance. Otherwise, in trying to emulate someone without full comprehension, that's Bluff. If acting was your profession, Performance all the way.

Dimitri is intending to be the last one up?

HP 13 | AC: 11 (10 base +1 dex); T: 11; FF: 10 | Fort: +5; Ref: +1 | Will: +2 | Init: +1 Spell Points: 6 (6)

Ya, he doesn't sleep alot.

Dimitri The Wise wrote:
Can I use touch of corruption to damage the sarcophagi lid?

You can definitely attempt it. How many charges do you wish to use?

HP 13 | AC: 11 (10 base +1 dex); T: 11; FF: 10 | Fort: +5; Ref: +1 | Will: +2 | Init: +1 Spell Points: 6 (6)

Let's do 3 for now and see how it goes.


Path of War Errata wrote:

Page 5-9: Stalker Initiation Modifier

Any stalker class feature that refers to the stalker’s
Wisdom modifier should instead say stalker initiation
modifier. As noted in the Maneuvers section, a stalker’s
initiation modifier is Wisdom. Archetypes that alter its
initiation modifier also alter any class features based on
that modifier.
Page 5: Stalker Class Table
A stalker gains a new stance at 1st level and again at
2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 15th, and 18th levels, rather than the
levels listed.

Oh yeah, I should really look over the errata documents. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind going forward... and post after lunch.

Dimitri The Wise wrote:
To be clear, I can only control 2 HD of burning or bloody skeletons at a time, so I only created 2. I just have 4 bones worth of skeletons to represent me having materials to work with.

Noted. I'll alter the map on the next update. I don't remember what I used to use that made them movable tiles on a static image.

Sorry about the attacks, Gharol. You were the one in front. :/

Sorry for making you bot for me there, life's been a bit busy, should be good going forward. I also set up Gharol's gear now, since I had neglected to do it before.

With his armor on, both those attacks miss. Not 100% on whether he actually has it on though. He wouldn't have slept in it but I intended for him to armor up as part of securing his gear back before he opened up the sarcophagi.

Also Gharol's BAB is +1 but he has a +4 to strength so that swing would've been a 14, not a 10, if that makes a difference.

Noted. Both of those attacks miss. That does change whether or not I'd have moved you, so provided no-one had posted, feel free to make your post, and we'll disregard the bot.

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