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Kari Val'Demar, Personal Assistant:

Female Human(Ulfen) Expert 1; NG;
HP: 7 BAB -1; Fort -1, Ref +0, Will +3
Str 9, Dex 10, Con 9, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 14
Craft(Calligraphy) +5, Diplomacy +6, Heal +5, K.(Nobility) +5, K.(Geography) +5, Profession(Attendant) +5 Sense Motive +5
Bluff, Intimidate, Survival
Languages: Common, Skald
Equipment: Med Load 31-60
Padded Armor
Light Crossbow w/case of bolts
Traveler's Outfit

Standard Equipment Pack, Light (see Lia)

Writeup: Human. Ulfen. Female.

Ash blonde hair is pulled back to reveal a full, watchful face. Shuttered blue eyes are set appealingly within their sockets. An old tattoo of a small dragon is almost hidden on the right side of her neck. A couple of inches shorter than Lía, and more generously endowed— something that still gives her some small amusement at seeing her charge sulk about it– she dresses with the practicality of a handmaiden that has seen more adventure than many. There's something curious about her, perhaps it's her company or perhaps it's simply her worldly expression that seems to imply that she's up to something.

While she has cultivated patience, she is likely to be hasty when it comes to Lia, having spent enough time around her to generally know which way she is inclined to react, and found that cutting her off before she can get a full head of steam going yields the best results. She is vicariously living through Lia a bit, since she hears her gripes and gushes, maybe one of those types that is envious of nobility, but definitely too practical to deal with the amount of "Diplomacy" (re: petty scheming) that occurs on a day-to-day basis, so she is quietly amused. Whenever she can get another skill point, It is going into Linguistics, since she has— by virtue of association— picked up a fondness for books, and is quietly frustrated by these different tongues that hold stories that she cannot know. That strong negative reaction is likely to be provoked by seafaring. Whether to a bad event, or a general dislike of the cramped quarters of seafaring ships (perhaps spoiled by being Lia's attendant), and the constant motion (carriages and balls and duties, blech) she will voice her dissent and employ what knowledge she can to find another route.

I do think they would have the tolerant-but-dry humor and enough common sense to point out the flaws in Lia's plans. Their weaknesses are likely to be bards for the stories they tell, and the words they employ so skillfully (but whose isn't?), and the little treats that are local to the places they travel.

She is more outgoing than shy, perhaps 70/30, since Lia has never seen fit to tell her to "behave like a servant", and enjoys the freedom compared to the other servants that say nothing back to their charges. She would be aware of how she's supposed to act and can do so when circumstances demand it, but thanks to Lia's disinterest in courtly functions, she has not had to do that much, and she is appreciative. Dressing up in the finery is nice, though. She does give Lia space— the better to hear some stories that she would have not gotten otherwise were she being strict about her duties— but not so much that she cannot perform her duties when needed to. They likely have not been far from the other for too long, since she would be Lia's personal attendant that her initial brattiness (that she has ruthlessly managed to stamp out— mostly) demanded she be with her at all times.

DM ONLY: Her Secret is that her lineage was cursed by a Linnorm, and it seems she inherited the worst of it (accounting for her frailty), and was sent to be an attendant, since any of the other tasks would be more difficult for her. She reads to see if there is a cure for her condition, or at the very least, a way to prevent it from affecting her descendants.