[PbP GD VIII] PFS Mod: Ruby Phoenix Tournament (levels 10-12) [GM Uktar] (Inactive)

Game Master Uktar

A tournament-style adventure for 11th-level characters, written by Tim Hitchcock

I run a very fast-paced game, and with the length of this module, you'll need to keep up. If you cannot post daily, please do not sign up--there are plenty of other games out there.

Please provide the following:

Name (PFS Alias):
Character Name:
PFS Number and Character Number:
Initiative Bonus:
Perception Bonus:
Sense Motive Bonus:
Normal or Slow Track:

Race, Classes and Levels:

Biography of your character (full history, or just highlights of PFS career):

If more than 6 players sign up, there will be a lottery on Monday, August 19th (signups will close at 11:59pm Eastern US on August 18), and I will announce final lineup on the 19th. You will be expected to have your player profile ready by Friday, Aug 23, or your spot will go to the next player on the waitlist (Lottery will place all players in order). Let me know if you have any questions.

Scarab Sages

Player Name: Aldizog
Character Name: Daathiel
PFS#: 108731-3
Initiative: +3
Perception: +14
Sense Motive: +5
Normal Track
Aasimar Mindchemist2/Bard10

One of the last aasimars to join the Society, Daathiel was formerly a long-lived outsider. Reality changed on him, shortening his lifespan, and he is now seeking the secret of immortality. Since no excursions to Thuvia are happening, he will take part in this tournament.

Daathiel's vast knowledge, language skills, and trap-disabling ability have been a boon on many missions. His earlier adventures involved the mysteries of Numeria, the Scarab Sages, the Blakros Museum, and Thassilon. He has not been very active in the Society recently. Wow, November 2016 was the last time I played him, that's when he hit Level 12. There are no great stories of him dealing a fatal blow to any foe, or making a heroic last stand - merely a hundred stories of him helping his allies with a useful fact here or a spell there, or occasionally a True Strike whip disarm. Among his most memorable expeditions were the Sanctum of the Sages, the Lyrics of Extinction, and Echoes of the Overwatched. His most unfortunate encounter was when he was swallowed by an inverted giant, just barely managing to survive (this accounts for his purchase of Boots of Escape).

Daathiel is kind-hearted, but not dogmatic, and will generally go along with the party - his main goal is the acquisition of the knowledge and the protection of Golarion.

Intelligent (22 Int), charming (22 Cha), impulsive (8 Wis), almost-human who focuses on solving problems through knowledge rather than weaponry - basically he's my PFS version of The Doctor.

Grand Lodge

Name (PFS Alias): neodam
Character Name: Jeras van Hidden
PFS Number and Character Number: 137484-13
Initiative Bonus: +9
Perception Bonus: +23
Sense Motive Bonus: +6
Normal or Slow Track: normal

Race, Classes and Levels: Elf, URogue / 12

Jeras was a thief before joining the Pathfinder Society.
His most noticeable moment was when he killed a green dragon.
He worked a lot of different jobs within the Society.

The Concordance

Let's try to make this happen.

Name (PFS Alias): Michael Hallet
Character Name: Flora Mossgreen
PFS Number and Character Number: 2608-18
Initiative Bonus: +5
Perception Bonus: +22
Sense Motive Bonus: +3
Normal or Slow Track: Normal

Race, Classes and Levels: Halfling Kineticist 10

Biography of your character (full history, or just highlights of PFS career): Born in Sargava, the union of a traveling halfling druid and a member of the Song'o tribe, Flora grew up in the jungles, where she formed her unique bond with the land (phytokinesis).

As she neared adulthood, that urge called wanterlust began to grow within her. She was eager to meet new people, unlike those of her isolated tribe. When she caught wind of the Sargava Chalice tournament, she sneaked away and, due to her extensive knowledge of her homeland, ended up leading a team from the Pathfinder Society to victory. After that she was invited to join the Society where she has put her expert skills in the natural world to the test.

As she grew in experience she began to explore places beyond the natural realm and her power grew in leaps and bounds. She could more easily call upon her totem animal, the osprey and began to channel the power of the cooling ocean waves (hydrokinesis)

She recently returned from repairing the Hao Jin tapestry and then took a journey to Round Mountain.

The Exchange

Player Name David Bross
Character Name: Mal
PFS Number and Character Number: 54527-9
Initiative Bonus: +13
Perception Bonus: +24
Sense Motive Bonus: +21
Normal or Slow Track: Normal

Race, Classes and Levels: Aasimiar, Swashbuckler 5, Monk 2, Warpriest 4, Brawler 1
Born in Southmoor of the land of linnoram kings, was a child when settlement was destroyed by trolls. Toragian priests came to aid and evacuated survirors. Taken in by these dwarves I worked the forges for a time in Jol. Eventually to further my training they sent me south to the Mindspin Mountains on a religious pilgrimage. While traveling through Varisia I encounter numerous other orders, including an order of Irorans who stressed self perfection. This message resonated with me and I began thinking of how these lessons could be applied on a daily sense. I eventually abandoned my journey to the Mindspin and spent time on the Varisan shores, spending time in different monastic orders and training academies. This included the flashy style of the Varisian Swasbucklers, the Iroran Masters, and many others. Dabbling in several orders I always found myself returning to Torag's central tenants of building order and defending that at all costs.
Running low on funds I sought work as a guard and eventually found myself on a caravan bound to Riddleport. Here I met several agents of the Pathfinder Society who told me of exploring much more of the world as agents, and utilizing their skills in numerous ways. I went to the Magnimar Lodge and was eventually sent to Absolom. I completed my training as an agent, hopeful to learn more ways to perfect my self and my ability to defend my comrads. I've had missions all over Golarion, from Irrisen to Qadira, and I've found that on all my missions using the teaching of Torag has kept me alive. One extremely recent mission had a fellow master of many styles, albeit offensively orriented, charge in and destroy one of the enemes, only to be similarly killed by another. There is much wisdom in letting them break on our shields!

Okay, players, we are just over one week away from start time. Please make certain your character profiles are up-to-date.

Daathiel, you certainly can retrain for the start of the scenario if you so desire. If you would like to do so, please let me know (and I'll also note it on the chronicle at the end).

I'll post basic intro text shortly, and PCs can introduce themselves over on gameplay thread. (And Discussion thread is also open).

Please go to This Googledoc and fill out both the table and one line of each macro for your PC. Thanks.

The Concordance

Document is not shared.

My apologies. Should be editable now.

Scarab Sages

I will retrain Daathiel as I had noted in his profile - straight Archivist Bard now.

900 GP on retraining
8,000 GP to upgrade Cloak of Resistance to +3
750 GP on Wand of Shield

Day Job - Perform (Dance): 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (3) + 20 = 23

As many of you may already know, the powers-that-be have decided to push back the start of PbP GD VIII by 2 weeks, and we've been told not to kick off early. So please check back 2 weeks from now and we'll get this party started.

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