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Seeking 6 brave adventures (Level 1-5) with regular rings to investigate the shattered shield.
When news arrives that one of the shards of the holy relic known as the Shattered Shield of Arnisant have been put up for sale in a Rahadoumi auction, the Pathfinder Society is highly skeptical, particularly since all the shards of the shield are safely accounted for, enshrined in the nation of Lastwall's capital city, Vigil. However, the Society's sources have confirmed that the seller does indeed seem to have a powerful magical relic identical to one of the shards, so the Pathfinders have sent a team to investigate. What secrets might be uncovered in this nation where religion is banned? And who besides the Pathfinder Society and their allies in Lastwall might be seeking the purported relic?

Signup starts on 7th of February.

Silver Crusade

Keen. have lvl 3 Alchemist

Interested! Have several in-range, both high and low tiers.

Dark Archive

Looking forward to the game, Lvl 2 Occultist

I signed up on Outpost II. I'll be bringing my level 4 Spiritualist if he's done with his current adventure.

Otherwise, it will probably be my level 3 Cavalier, unless there is a need for a different role.

Silver Crusade

I have also signed up in the outpost II sheet

The Exchange

Rhinshin is a level 2 Ninja, or at least he thinks he is.

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