GM Wolfspirit's SFS 1-25 Beacon Code Dilemma (Outpost II) (Inactive)

Game Master Wolfspirit


The Church of Triune approaches the Starfinder Society with a stunning discovery: a centuries old Society starship has been found in the Drift! The PCs must search the Lorespire Complex for all the information they can on this starship before heading into the Drift and uncovering what befell the lost vessel.

The Beacon Code Dilemma is a replayable scenario designed to help introduce players to threats and terrain that trained Starfinders regularly contend with. With randomized mechanical and story elements, when you play this scenario, you'll never play the same scenario twice.
Tags: Repeatable

This is a placeholder post for the Outpost II Recruitment. I will be updating with a link to the official signup when it is available.

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