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Players will take on the roles of characters in the young colonies on the continent of Orona, recently settled by the mostly human island nation of Veda. The continent's previous civilizations collapsed nearly a thousand years ago after nature went on a rampage. Brave colonists are attempting to retake the land, unsure of many of the challenges that will face them. Will give special consideration to a good scholar/archaeologist character concept who will then get a say in what other characters are selected.

So I have a Discord server set up, and we can use that if you guys prefer.

-you can go back and edit posts more than just an hour or so after posting it.
-you can even delete posts
-can insert pictures right into chat (on paizo forums you can link pictures)
-you can use custom avatars

I'm open to either. The forums are generally more navigable if we want to look back at older posts, however. That's the primary advantage I see of them.

We can make the Discord chat section somewhat more navigable by creating chapters instead of just one long stream of text in a single channel.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a chat progrsm or forum that combines all yhe best of both?

I'm not so sure the paizo forums will be more navigable. I'm just now noticing our campaign only gets one big long thread for gameplay, and one for discussion. On Discord I can make so many more sections. The gameplay can be broken down into chapters and sub chapters.

Well, here's a link to my Discord:

I think I would prefer to use Discord. I feel like the Paizo forums are slow to work for me, but I am fine with whatever!

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