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For your consideration, I would love to play a brawler (shield champion) in this group: Sig Velik

Yes, there it is. I checked it with multiple other people, and the option was not there for all of them, but it's there on your profile.

Thank you.

When I go to people's profile page, the links to "Send Private Message" and "Add to Address Book" are not there.

I have a few private messages back and forth with other people that those other people have initiated, but there is no way for me to initiate exchange of messages.

My account is many years old, but I have few posts on the forums - is that why? Do I need to post more on the forums to unlock this feature?

Here is a screenshot example of what it looks like when I bring up someone's profile page: link to Sharaya's page


Have begun reposting this thread on my Discord server


I'm not so sure the paizo forums will be more navigable. I'm just now noticing our campaign only gets one big long thread for gameplay, and one for discussion. On Discord I can make so many more sections. The gameplay can be broken down into chapters and sub chapters.

Well, here's a link to my Discord: https://discord.gg/Hc29vQA

Feel free to look around Carisport in the meantime.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a chat progrsm or forum that combines all yhe best of both?

Before just heading straight out of town and heading to the expedition site, the group leader will need to make a few arrangements.

While they will be going on foot (unless they pay out of pocket for a mount), Caiorus has a few promissory notes from the Blue Lantern Society that can be traded for carts and draft horses, tents, food, and tools for the expedition. Someone will also need to stop by the Colonial Explorer's guild to pick up the charter for the

The other expedition groups will be arriving tomorrow, four others. The plan is to head out tomorrow going North along the main highway to Lake Merrow, just North of Merrowfort, where the groups will split off from each other. Caiorus' group will head East, past Riverhall, past the easternmost settlements and farms, towards the foothills of the Red Crown Mountains. Their charter is for the ruins of an old trading town part way to those mountains.

There are inns in the harbor district, a mix of fair to nicer inns up in the walled in districts, and several scattered country inns outside of town along the rural roads. There is even rumored to be a cluster of massive oaks transformed into an inn by some clever druids somewhere overlooking the river just outside the West wall of town.

Tura Flamescale


The trip has been great for Tura. Honestly, it's been great just to escape all the backbiting and politics of "home". Tura is used to people not sure whether to treat her like royalty or like a pariah thanks to her sister's malicious manipulation. It's been great being treated like just another member of the crew. If she weren't committed to the expedition, the thought of joining a ship crew would be slightly inviting.

The sailors wave their friendly farewells as she debarks from the ship; she's sure at least a few will miss her, and she experiences a warm feeling as she realizes that.

We can make the Discord chat section somewhat more navigable by creating chapters instead of just one long stream of text in a single channel.

Caiorus Tanase


Caiorus has been up since 5:00 am, eagerly scanning the gradually brightening horizon for signs of the great, vast continent of Orona. Named of course for the old human empire that once spanned most of the continent, few know it by its historically correct name, Morarae. Few also know that Carisport was built on the foundations of a ruined port town, Karborus, an independent town from before Fall of Orona. Karborus was scattered stone ruins in a coastal forest when the first colonists, in the second century of the modern Vedan calendar, arrived. Veda was too embroiled in its own internal conflicts at the time to help the first colonists to fend off the beast men that came out of the woods and attacked the fledgeling colony. The 10 years the first colony lasted was twice as long as the 2nd colony which was smashed by some unknown type of giants. The third and present colony decided the name Karborus was bad luck, and named it instead after Captain James Caris. A little more than a century, and that luck seems to be holding.

The Blue Lantern’s expedition to the continent is to be quite the affair. Caiorus worked long and hard to convince the editor of the Rhaley branch that continental exploration would be beneficial (and profitable!) to The Society. Caiorus won’t be getting all the glory though - he’ll have the opportunity to be published, but there will be several other expeditions heading out to various sites. If Caiorus wants to make the most of this, he’ll need to really bring what he finds at the site to life to dazzle the readers. His love of history and cluture, his wordplay, and if he can find a decent artist before heading out, should really put the shine on his journal to get him noticed.

He can just feel deep down that something big is just waiting to unfold - a thousand years waiting. Now to get the expedition ready. He has a small escort of green recruits from Seeheath (five of them), a young (relatively speaking) elf, Dryad, who will be assisting him in researching the site, and a young half-orc woman who was picked up in their stop in the Fell Tusk Isles - she seemed so desperate to get away from her island, and curious about the expedition, Caiorus had a good feeling about her and invited her on the expedition. Lastly, he’s waiting to pick up a halfling from one of the famous outrider clans of Riverhall. Her scouting should prove invaluable on the expedition. Perhaps that’s her speaking to Dryad on the dock right now.

What is the name of Dryad's elf clan? Seser?

Also, I think it's time to discuss whether we're using these forums or Discord. I put that conversation up in the Discussions tab.

So I have a Discord server set up, and we can use that if you guys prefer.

-you can go back and edit posts more than just an hour or so after posting it.
-you can even delete posts
-can insert pictures right into chat (on paizo forums you can link pictures)
-you can use custom avatars

Magicblast wrote:

I’m super excited too!

As this is my first PBP too, please let me know if there’s something I need to do to get into the game forums.

I sent you a link via private message. I believe that should work.

I have the first post of the campaign up, but as I am new to PBP, how do I send invites to the players?

It’s a sunny New Year’s Day as the Alceste pulls into port - an auspicious day for new ventures, or so tradition holds.

As the captain settles matters with the harbormaster, the crew begin unloading goods they’ve carried over from Seeheath, Veda: Pefield wines, livestock from Ampdale, books from publishers in Rhaley and Ustone, and even a few mercenaries from Beadon.

Many passengers disembark as well. Mostly people from humbler walks of life, looking for a new start in the colonies, but a few well dressed passengers get priority treatment: sailors lay down a sturdy gangway and carry their excessive luggage for them to the end of the docks where porters await to take luggage and passengers up the road that runs first to the East, then switches back to the West, the finally East again as it climbs the steep hill away from the Harbor district up to finer lodgings in Carisport propper.

But of special note on this voyage is a small group of passengers who are arriving here in Carisport for a peculiar new venture. A brave crew of intrepid young scholars, sent by The Blue Lantern Society to dig into Orona’s history. Led by old maps and old knowledge, adventurous explorers have pinpointed the remains of ancient town. The explorers confirmed and sold the claim to the Colonial Explorers’ Guild, who then sold it to The Blue Lantern Society, and now the young scholars, along with their escorts, have arrived to begin the journey by foot to these old ruins to see if they can find enough to inspire the imaginations of readers of The Blue Lantern.

Eevi Greengallow


Eevi has never been in Carisport before, even though it’s not terribly far from Riverhall - about four and a half days. Her upbringing, as is not uncommon for her clan, involved plenty of travelling with various family or clan members between the villages and many farms in the North East parts of the colonies.

The recruiter, a green eyed blond bearded man who visited the Greengallow clan in Riverhall, did not specify when exactly the expedition would arrive in Carisport, so she arrived a couple days ago and has been staying with her cousin’s family. What was that visit like?

Eevi stands at the top of the steep hill overlooking the harbor to the South where she recognizes the flag of the Alceste. Moments ago a runner arrived with a message that the expedition has arrived in port. Her backpack slung over her shoulder, she takes in the scene, takes a deep breath, and readies herself to head down toward a whole new kind of adventure.



in progress...



in progress...

Tura Flamescale


in progress...

GM Mustache wrote:
flooraboleth wrote:
With my greater mutation I deal 1d2 con damage and heal 1d4 would I still heal if they are immune to con damage
good clarification question, and the answer is no. (So you don't heal by sucking on zombies in other words.)


I too am working on getting a good story written down. Later today, or tomorrow I'll have the first gameplay post up introducing this brand new little venture in the colonies.

I could very much see you describing his bardic manifestation in the backstory. I imagine Caiorus will make others feel their own belonging to this great narrative he sees unfolding.

HHHdxSMH wrote:
Medvejonok wrote:
HHHdxSMH wrote:
I sent them in a message.
If you could cast Dryad, which actor would play him?
Hale Appleman

I imagine wardrobe dressing him something like this for this particular role: Dryad Appleman & friends

Judi Dench was a bit tricky to do with orcish features, but I think I somewhat managed it for this role.

I'm curious what's going to be on said banner.

Attaching a banner to a longspear is fine. I made a character like that for my wife's bard last year because she always forgot to use bardic performance.

HHHdxSMH wrote:
I sent them in a message.

If you could cast Dryad, which actor would play him?

Alright, messages received. Looks like you use the same PDF I use for my characters.

HHHdxSMH wrote:
Umm, I have the sheet made in a pdf but not sure how or where I can upload so you can get it?

Google drive is a possibility. Dropbox. Onedrive. Anywhere at all really where you can post a link to it should be fine.

It has been a busy week for many :) Look forward to seeing what you've written up.

Good to hear that's coming along. I'll update the spreadsheet once you post that.

Updated overview doc with some of the rambling info I've posted in this thread.

GM Mustache wrote:
Shirrodan wrote:

Nnnnnggggggg...very tempted to change to a flame dancer bard. Both the mutation and the race I picked would fit that so well...

Decisions, decisions...

Castr4life (our fearless leader) has taken more of a bard role with his cleric. He has the inspire courage aspect well handled now, so don't let that pull you into changing your mind. If you want to for other reasons, that it totally cool.

Multiple parties, but mainly for the 3rd level ability to allow allies to see through smoke, clouds, flames, etc. Also, at 8th level: fireball!!!

Destiny is not for the timid.

GM Mustache wrote:
At level 5 I can come up with enemies that will be interesting for a flier. At level 1, not so much...

I'll need to be careful. Shirrodan will mostly focus on buffing and healing, with a little support damage. Don't want to be making him into an obvious, isolated target ;)

My bad. I looked at my alphabetical list of cities and towns in Veda. Greenapple, population 2,529. From the sounds of it thwy have some reputable apple orchards.

Located just a little South West of the city of Ampdale, heart of the Heartland of Veda (pop 12,269). Good food, good music, and massive, strong horses are what Ampdale is known for.

Standard character creation gives you one of the lower cost outfits for free. Tracking food eaten is too tedious.

Greenapple? I'm not aware of such a place.

The first settlers/colonists began arriving about a century ago. They had slow, steady growth since then, with the last 25 or so years seeing a bit of a boom in settlement.

caster4life wrote:
Now all we need is a strix with a glaive to hover over zombie hordes cutting them down. XD

My plan for Handsome Dan is to use flyby attack (flight and feat acquired at lvl 5) to swoop over groups blasting out channel energy. He may not be a strix, but with a smile like that you won't mind.

Critzible wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

If you could cast someone to play Tura, which actress would get the role?


Medvejonok wrote:
Second: the colonies do not yet have an institute of higher learning.

Several back on the island of Veda though. In the colonies you've got a few libraries, and private tutors so far. With time, who knows? Perhaps someone will found a decent college.

@yiannisph Just to clear up the meaning of the term: in this campaign "thaumaturge" means mystic theurge - someone who learns both divine and arcane magic.

The Ved family is the royal family of Veda, the most wealthy, powerful, and influential people in Veda and the colonies. I'm not fond of having characters, for story reasons or otherwise, from the most powerful family in the world, a family who are officially opposed to colonization, in the party. To me, and this may be unfair of me, having someone play a noble has more the feeling of a solo story than a group effort working towards a collective story. You may indeed have something else in mind, but the concept certainly feels off to me.

We will not be using variant multi-classing, sorry.

I hope this response hasn't been off-putting. Please feel free to ask more about the setting.

ChloePech wrote:
Is being particularly religious common for this setting, or is it more a cleric/if you want to type thing? I'm imagining it isn't necessary to give Eevi developed/complex religious views, so I'm handwaving that for now.

It is unusual for the common people to be especially religious. The "gods" are not self-interested beings, at least not as we understand it. It is very odd in this setting for people other than clerics/priests to be devoted to one specific god of the pantheon. In fact devotion to a single branch is generally seen as behavior of cultists who worship lesser outsiders. The gods represent different principles, and a well brought up person values many principles.

Shamanistic societies, and peoples that have protective patrons are an exception to this rule, those mindsets are quite foreign to most Vedans.

H.R. Woodward wrote:

I have a couple questions about the world.

First, how common is magic in human communities?
And second, is there some sort of college or place of higher education, or would learning would just be what your parents knew?
Third, are there librarys?
And last, what is the technology level of the world?
I had a few ideas for Woodward's backstory but I wanted to make sure that I can even use them!

First: magic is very common at weak levels. Powerful spellcasters (say lvl 10 and above) are quite rare.

Second: the colonies do not yet have an institute of higher learning. If you want to learn arcane magic, there are 3 wizards, 1 summoner, and 1 mesmerist in Carisport that currently take apprentices, and plenty other scattered wizards that may or may not agree to take on apprentices from time to time. If you want to learn alchemy, Newvale is a hub for alchemists in the colonies - they have their own little neighborhood and everything - quite unexpected in a small farming town.

The colonies are also home to the New Orona Arcane Society, a group of arcanists who want to break away from the traditional teaching methods of the Vedan Institute Arcana.

For divine magic, most towns of note have a single central cathedral, dedicated to the entire pantheon of 12. Acolytes learn the basics of religion there, and those wanting to specialize and grow in their faith usually have scattered shrines around or outside of towns.

Third: yes. Moreso in larger cities in Veda, but Carisport has a couple modest public libraries, Aldpine, Merrowfort, and Riverhall each have a small public library, and Newvale, surprisingly, has a decent sized public library on the corner of Alchemists' Row.

Lastly: Technology is pre-gunpowder, comparable to Medieval Europe, or Rome.

Tavarokk wrote:
Medvejonok wrote:

2) The elves ...

What's their culture like, in broad strokes?

And, again, what's cult of Vuula like? Or is that currently undefined and can be taken liberties with?

Medvejonok wrote:

3)...outsiders, but to begin with, are we talking summoned animals? If so, that will be simpler to assign some specific animals associated with her.
We're talking outsider races like azatas, agathions, inevitables, devils, etc. For example, in Golarion a cleric of Shelyn with Sacred Summons would be able to summon any kind of azata on their summon list as a standard action.

The nomadic elves remember the ways of their proud, highly civilized ancestors, but today live much closer to the earth. Druids, and sorcerers are valued for their magic and knowledge. They view themselves as protectors and wardens of the land, but not of all the land. They have clear boundaries of what land their groups are to watch over, and the land watches over them in return. These elves are rumored to have a powerful patron, but scholars currently only speculate as to the nature of that being. Some worry they have turned to demon worship. And when I say demon, I'm referring to lesser demons with small following, not to arch outsiders like Domina or Swarm.

Followers of Vuula are never referred to as a "cultist" - that term is reserved for groups that fanatically follow lesser outsiders. Very few people, other than clerics of Vuula, follow Vuula exclusively. As far as the type of outsiders, yeah, go with Shelyn or Calistria: she's somewhere in between those two. Eventually, as I develop the mythos of this setting, I picture the great arch-outsiders as having fairly similar followers stat-wise, only creating a few really specialized unique servants in their upper echelons. But that's a project for another time.


1) Yes, as far as the Vedans know, the devastation to civilized life forms was very thorough across then entire mainland continent.

For most of the thousand years various forms of supernatural disease, beasts, monster plants, natural disasters, etc made earlier attempts at colonization disastrous.

This latest attempt at colonization however is going much smoother. Tribes of elves (who fled our plane or underground), orcs, goblinoids, etc have been located, and are somehow getting by in pockets which was unheard of during the last attempts at colonization. Civilization is finally taking root around the Prosper Bay region (and elsewhere?) and no one seems quite sure why.

2) The elves whom the colonists know of are located to the North West of the colony towns, in nomadic groups in the denser forest regions. Rumors are they begab prospering earlier than most other groups on the mainland due to the protection of a powerful patron.

3) I'm going to have to read up more on outsiders, but to begin with, are we talking summoned animals? If so, that will be simpler to assign some specific animals associated with her.

Critzible wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

ooh, I like it. Thank you for all the work and thought you've clearly put into this character.

Yes and yes.

Critzible wrote:
So I have my Half_Orc pretty much done. I have regular equipment to do, but have weapons abilities and what not done. So working in her Backstory. She will have a interesting one.

Glad to hear. I hope my little blurb on the Fell Tusk Isles was helpfull.

Nairb the Grey wrote:

...Brand Merrywine and his troupe of Elemental Eidolons...

A halfling druid that focuses on elementals rather than plants and nature - a fun twist for this setting.

What drove this interesting fellow to pursue connections with elementals rather than follow the easier, more commonly walks paths of halfling druids?

Was he raised in a larger city? A town? A small village? In Veda? or out in the newer colonies?

HHHdxSMH wrote:
Medvejonok wrote:
HHHdxSMH wrote:

Still wanting to play that elf arcanist?
Yes I would unless you need something else.

Just details, some backstory, and a character sheet, if you will. Do please ask for help if you desire any.

Ya, I'm fine with improved natural armor and blood feast.

Seems like a tricky but intriguing class to play.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bards in general make quite lovely party members.

I was just thinking today of how I would describe how I imagine bard magic works. To get there, I start with arcane magic in general.

According to my imagination, arcane magic is the magic of the planes. Ancient Europeans thought of magic as the power of sympathy. The fertile wood was erected in ones home or in the center of a settlement so that the year round fertility of the large, robust evergreen tree would rub off on the people through its proximity - its sympathy.

The pathfinder cosmere is made of of many planes, with a vast network of connections webbing between them - the astral plane.

Wizards prepare their spells through rituals and formulae that mimic the powers on other planes they are trying to pull via sympathetic links. Fire spells might involve a circle of ash, ice spells a bowl of water. Patterns are made in these sympathetic elements, the more precise and resonant the patterns, the better the sympathetic link (hence the importance of intelligence). The spell preparation results in nearly finished spells rippling around across the surface of the wizard's own soul, ready to be released with a short phrase and series of simple gestures. As the wizard grows more experienced, his person can handle the load of more and more spells of greater power each day.

Sorcerers draw their power from the same place as wizards, but rather than having to prepare their spells, their blood has a trickle bleeding into it from across the planes already. Through sheer stubborness they tap into this power, mimicking the methods wizards use to release their spells.

An arcanist is someone with the innate power of a sorcerer who learns to prepare the power of their blood before casting, following the careful, studied preparations of wizards before casting, rather than through willpower as sorcerers do.

An occultist has a mental connection to the astral plane, the connection between planes. A subconscious understanding of the vibrations that come from other planes and manifest as magic as they arrive through the arcane caster. The occultist cuts out the middleman, and instead of drawing powers from other planes, specializes in going direct to the astral plane for their arcane energies. Rather than pulling vibrating energies from further planes, the occultist plucks the strings directly that such energies would travel down to the prime plane.

The bard can feel the rhythm of spells. The energies that make magic fluctuate to the bard's inner ear like simple melodies, or majestic symphonies as they pour through the caster into our plane. When the bard performs, his mind dances to these rhythms, his vocal chords sing with the voice of the choir of planes, and the arcane energies respond and dance and twist to his magnificent melodies. As the bard learns to enhance the resonance of these energies, he grows as a caster. As he learns to create greater dissonance, he excels as countersongs and dispelling.

Doesn't change how arcane casting works mechanically, it's just my own little way of imagining it all.

Turlin wrote:
Thought this was an interesting idea and an character concept popped into my head. A human or half elf Noble ( bard or caviler ) who maybe is funding the expedition but not leading it. He would be kind of a prick and would just be there for the possible money (not to mention cowardly) and be someone with no experience other than tutors. Of course, I as a player will intend to be useful and make him not *too* annoying! ;)

I sincerely dislike this character concept. I get that annoying characters are often intended as comic relief, but far more often they end up merely succeeding at the annoying part.

The biggest difference between inventing character concepts for a novel versus a group game is that in the group game you do not get to write out how others respond to the foibles and jibes of your character. You don't get to plan out a careful story arc where they trade amusing barbs, then grow into a beautiful comraderie. Most often in taking that approach annoying simply remains annoying.

I'm sorry.

More info on the half-orc islanders:

The half-orcs of the Fell Tusk Isles have inhabited the isles since times before the Fall of Orona. Many half-breed outcasts and pariahs, scorned by humans and orcs alike for their "foul" lineage, made their way to these islands in search of a more peaceful life.

Today, their descendants breed true as a race of half-orcs.

Most of the tribes have adopted a shamanistic culture, living harmoniously with the land and their ancestors. Occasionally a half-orc appears with sorcery in their blood. These are often seen as gifts from the land and are raised as golden children - a blessing to the whole tribe.

Even more rare is for multiple sorcerers to be born to the same tribe in a single generation. Sometimes this leads to cooperation and sharing, but far more often one sibling will jealously chase out the other, claiming them to be a trial for the tribe to destroy.

Vedan traders established contact with the Fell Tusk Isles about 90 years ago. While the Vedan monarchy has strictly forbidden colonization of the isles, as well as allowing any of the half-orcs to be transported to Veda, trade with the isles has flourished. Vedan merchants trade grains, textiles, and tools to the half-orcs in exchange for exotic fruits and gemstones. With the establishment of the mainland colonies to the North, in Prosper Bay, many colony bound traders find it a worthwhile detour to pass through the Fell Horn Isles on their way. Containers enchanted with gentle repose make sure the fruits stay fresh on the trip to the colonies and then back to Veda.

GM Mustache wrote:
Just a reminder: Anyone can also trade their mutation in for the cloning mutation at the bottom of page 3. First come, first served! If no one takes it, must mean everyone is happy, which is good!

Imagine the creative ways to hug people with a third arm!

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