The Orona Colonies (Inactive)

Game Master Medvejonok

Players will take on the roles of characters in the young colonies on the continent of Orona, recently settled by the mostly human island nation of Veda. The continent's previous civilizations collapsed nearly a thousand years ago after nature went on a rampage. Brave colonists are attempting to retake the land, unsure of many of the challenges that will face them. Will give special consideration to a good scholar/archaeologist character concept who will then get a say in what other characters are selected.


Rosie Cusswell
Eevi Greengallow

Female Halfling Unchained Rogue 1
Hit Points: 10 BAB: +0 Initiative: +7 AC: 18 Flatfooted: 12 Touch: 16 Fortitude: +3 Reflex: +8 Will: +1 CMB: -4 CMD: 11 2 Daggers (Dual-Wield) +4[1d3-3]

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Irabeth Tirabade
Tura Flamescale

Female 1/2 Orc Bloodrager(Salamander)2nd CN| HP:26|AC:17[T:11 FF:16]|F:+7|R:+2|W:+1|Init:+1 Percept:+6|Great Sword:+6[2d6+4],Trident:+5[1d8+3]Daggers:+5[1d4+3]Cestus:+5[1d4+3],Bite:+5[1d4+3]Ranged:Javelins+3[1d6+3]|Spells: 1-,2-,3-,4-
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Aspis Agent
Caiorus Tanase

Male Human Archivist Bard 1
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