The Orona Colonies (Inactive)

Game Master Medvejonok

Players will take on the roles of characters in the young colonies on the continent of Orona, recently settled by the mostly human island nation of Veda. The continent's previous civilizations collapsed nearly a thousand years ago after nature went on a rampage. Brave colonists are attempting to retake the land, unsure of many of the challenges that will face them. Will give special consideration to a good scholar/archaeologist character concept who will then get a say in what other characters are selected.

More information about the setting here: overview of setting.

Be ready to communicate. If I have to put in work hounding you about getting ready for the campaign or posting regularly, I will get grumpy. I will of course be available to answer questions and help people prepare.

Character Creation:


  • Any paizo classes, no guns (not for balance, but for story reasons)
  • Core races only, please. If you can present an interesting story why they would be in a mostly human, xenophobic settlement then I might also be open to standard races.
  • 20 point buy
  • Level 1, average starting wealth for your class
  • 2 traits (anything other than the rich parents thing)
  • Background Skills: Yes

Alignment: I don’t demand that every character be a total saint, but this is a campaign about a group of like minded people voluntarily making a group with time to consider whom to trust, so I will expect your characters to lean a little more towards the good and heroic side of things. Anything else would be a character the others couldn’t trust and would have no reason to team up with.

Disruptive players will be replaced - I don’t like putting up with difficult people, and I don’t like making good players put up with difficult people.

Will make final choice of players by the 31st of Dec 2018.

Current status of applications can be viewed here: applicants spreadsheet