PbP Gameday VII | PFS# 7-17: Thralls of the Shattered God, with GM Picatrix (Inactive)

Game Master into the aether

maps, visual aids, etc.

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5-9.

After two years of blood and bravery, the Fifth Mendevian Crusade has struck a terrible blow to the Worldwound’s demons and reclaimed lost territory. The Pathfinder Society, as one of the crusade’s partners in this endeavor, has earned the right to explore and salvage what it can of the lost Sarkorian sites under Mendev’s control, and it has identified one ruin as a priority. In fact, the site seems to actively call to one agent in particular, a scarred survivor of abyssal experiments. Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury has asked the PCs to accompany this agent into the wasteland, where perhaps she might learn how to control her demonic half—or purge it completely.

Content in “Thralls of the Shattered God” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Silver Crusade faction.

The Concordance

Ooo, pick me!

Liberty's Edge

I have a level 9 fighter/hunter if you need other players. I may have to update the character sheet.

Hello, I do not have a character in tier but if you do not mind iconics I would like to join. ;-)

Kije, Michael, and Enora: welcome. You've all got a spot.

Grand Lodge

tentative dot....might play my skayer/rogue...2/5 or 3/4...havent decidex yey...just kvled

Great! Thanks!! Looking forward to the game!!


I am the friend! I am here! Just found out that my Inquisitor of Ragathiel just barely hit 10, so I can't bring my Silver Crusade (and I'm upset!) so my options are a 9 warpriest/sentinal of Calistria (Dark Archives), a 5 magus who's still recovering from a TPK in the Gloomspire (Exchange), a 9 necromancer (Dark Archive), and an 8 negative-energy cleric of Sun Wukong (Sovereign Court) (I'm planning on playing the cleric in an IRL scenario on October 6th, so I'm mostly mentioning him here for thoroughness and honesty).

Dark Archive

Still have room? Paladin 5 (Silver Champion), Occultist 2, Ranger 1 (Dungeon Delver)
I'm interested in playing.

Jowie, yep, there's room. Go ahead and sign in on the Discussion thread.

Dark Archive

This is my 1st PbP on the Paizo site... What am i looking for on the Discussion thread? (looked and can't find)

Oh okay. Welcome to PFS PbP! At the top of the Discussion thread there's a post by me with some standard info I need. Your name, character's name, etc. Also, are you familiar with the specifics of how PbP works? Check this post for the info you'll need to get playing.

Sovereign Court

I have a level 5 Paladin (Reach) or a Level 5 sacred huntsmaster (Large Cat companion, Ranged)- I would be happy to play whatever fits in the party better.

@Ischell welcome! Right now there's a blaster sorcerer, fighter/hunter, iconic arcanist, whip warpriest, and paladin/occultist/ranger. Play whichever character sounds fun to you! Go ahead and sign in on the discussion thread.

Silver Crusade

Got room for a level 7 bloodrager?

Scarab Sages

How about a(n):

Pending latest Chronicle:
Scarab Sages Occultist 5

Pending end of present adventure (these are iffy):
Exchange Cleric 6
Liberty's Edge Sorcerer 8

Ready to go:
Dark Archive Alchemist 9
Grand Lodge Monk 8


@Aagh and I'm Hiding: looks like we have six already. If anyone drops I'll contact you.

Grand Lodge

This is Screech, I'm working on setting up a "page" for him, but I can't add a picture

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