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I dont think you are recruiting or looking for potential new members/add-ins but would it be okay to drop a character concept or two incase you start pulling more in?

I'm not sure how long it'll be before I have any room to add new players (and, of course, I'm rather hopeful we don't).

Go ahead if you'd like and toss your ideas in. You might be in for a wait, but I'll be interested in seeing what your concepts are.

Oooh, very interested. I got one that can fit several molds too. Basically a girl who through cosmic accident became a nuclear generator. Luckily her body also became a semi controllable nuclear containment unit.

I don't want to give anyone the wrong idea. I'm not opening up this game for recruitment at this time. We're plenty full at 6 active players (plus GM).

Though, maybe if there's enough interest for another Masks game, someone should open up another recruitment. It's a fun game! I have a blast playing it!

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Sucks that I came late to this party. I had a killer idea for a character concept.

I've been all giddy about the system since i found thid thread and started reading both the books and thread only about 20 pages into your story so fsr but omg i love everyone's characters. Didn't figure to actually get in, but running another game would be kinda neat might look into that. I'll see about tossing my ideas down later just to get dome critique.

Oh g%&!*$it Azil, couldn't you have just sent him a personal message instead of necroing the thread? I got excited damn you.

Wow, this looks like a really fun system. Wish I had seen it when it first went up.
If it ever pops up again I will definitely have to toss my hat in for consideration.

Well it looks like there is at least the three of you interested so maybe one of you should throw up another interest check thread.
(when I read that it sounds super passive aggressive, but it is a sincere suggestion)

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I own the game, but never really looked at it, but it looks like a fun system. Can't afford to have yet another game I'm GMing, however. Now, if someone else were to offer...

Click HERE for Interest Check/Discussion of another Masks game

@wilhim sorry didn't mean to necro x.x

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