Wrath of the Righteous

Game Master Vinsomner

Dare you confront the Abyss?


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I've reached my decision on party composition after two days of agonizing over who to accept. I wish I could have taken more, There were a lot of really good submissions. Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable trying to balance more than one campaign at this point.

The party I have selected does have some interesting hurdles to overcome. There are no characters with trap finding, for example. I trust the players will work together to address their weaknesses.

That said, The following players should report to the gameplay thread as they recover from their fall:

  • Laris D'Vagne - Human Skald
  • Verim Pharae - Human Fighter
  • Mia Rumsfield - Halfling Witch
  • Luciana Moretti - Tiefling Paladin
  • Tallina Kapok - Half-Elf Druid
  • Maxwell Lionheart - Human Warpriest

Congratulations to those I selected. My sympathy to those I did not. I know how it feels. Should the campaign develop any holes in the future I will try to contact people from here. As I stated before, I truly enjoyed many of the characters submitted, I just don't have room for everybody.


*cracks knuckles* this is going to be a weird campaign.

Sympathy to those that didn't make it. I truly apologize. If it makes you all feel any better, though, I'm 12/12 on failed attempts to join Rise of the Runelords.

Congratulations to all that were chosen! I wish you all good luck in kicking those demons back to were they belong!

It doesn't show, but Gameplay thread is up. I'm saying this so no one dots it. That's always bothered me a little. Here we go~

You can dot a gameplay thread, and then delete the dot. It will still add the thread to your campaigns.

Contests guys. Have fun!

Thank you very much, let's have some fun.

Have fun guys! Congrats!

Ugh wirk got the best of me before I could finish the submission, oh well.

Have fun everyone :3

Good luck to all who were selected! While hopefully there will never be a need, it does look like you have a decent stable of eager candidates should an opening be created in the future.

I thank you all for you good sportsmanship... I hope especially the couple gains a game for them both with some of the others.

Congrats to those who made the cut.

Is there a way to un-dot a thread, btw?

Thanks GM.
Good luck to the others finding and getting into the next WotR.


Congrats to all.

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